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Where to find the official character portraits package?

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  • Where to find the official character portraits package?

    First things first, SORRY if this isn't the place to ask for this, I was going to ask in the QTDDTOT thread, but then I thought that this was kinda a KR-only event, so it belonged to Off-Topic probably. If I'm wrong please close the thread and I'll remake it elsewhere.

    Anyway, the thing is that a few months ago (March~April?) someone here posted a link to a KR event page where they allowed you to download a .zip with all of the official portraits of the character you chose. I've searched everywhere I could think of (3/22 update thread, KR official page, Elwiki) without success, so I had to ask here in case someone remembers it. I hope they're still available too.

    Thanks for the help everyone~

  • GreenGreens-gaia-
    you've probably already got the link but I thought I'd just let you know it's still available here: link

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  • AllIAskOfYou-solace-
    commented on 's reply
    If you don't mind, then yes please!! Do you have all of them there? I already had Ain's and Raven's. Thank you!!

  • Nalucire-solace-
    I have it downloaded and relabeled, I can DM the drop box link to you if you want it?

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