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    Unrelated but I still want KoG to make some change for FI 1st and the benefit when chained into 2nd, give something more to the passive Spiritual Enhancement, and at least GIVE SOME DIFFERENCES to all luciel's awakened will


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      a patch spent literally going backwards and reverting practically all of the interesting changes is always going to suck.

      if you were to look at the previous patch, you would think: "wow, maybe we can have a more diverse set of classes and playstyles with classes heavily focused on chaining skills, classes that weave in commands and skills, or classes that just use commands mainly and manage risk/reward that way"

      ok that's reading far too deep into it, but the point is that this was at least an interesting path to explore, and the entire route just got obliterated and now we're back at square one.

      not a fan


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        Because 33 of the other classes will have a word with the top 4, either you throw the other 33 a bone, or the 4 have to be nerfed. KoG is trying to cover up their garbage bias between old and new characters' passives, while actively avoiding revamping the entire passive kits lol, must be because the amount of programming workload lol.

      • AngelXapham-solace-
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        I m still waiting for KoG to revamp Herrscher's passives because they are all conditional and/or underwhelming.
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      focus strength is now 7% damage increase during awk and 10% awk duration increase (at level 4)


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        >No Elesis nerfs this time.

        Good! Leave Elesis alone, bunch of degenerates
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            GUILD CUSTOMS ssssss
            Elsword Fan Art Discord:
            [CoffeeHouse] Discord:
            Bring Raven's Body Pillow to NA streams:


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              They really want to push that M do they? Futile, but keep trying.


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                I feel like they missed the mark with the guild mini-games on the intention of boosting guild coins. From the developer talk about guilds:

                Since the problem of single player guilds and guild coin acquisition are closely tied issues, will try to increase amount of guild coins acquired somehow.
                So, why did they make it at least 2 players? It's gonna widen the gap between single player and multi player guilds.

                I'm happy about the rest of the patch though. Being able to finally customize guild base, more banner looks, reworked guild skills, and guild skill pages are all pluses.

                My Anemos, Apsara, Doom Bringer, Catastrophe, Bluhen represented by Yunocchi
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                  You can't just play bumper cars alone with AI, you know how easy the AI is to see through lol

                  Probably later in the future there's going to be solo mode minigames, but for now it's probably a dumb idea to further the guilds into isolationism

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                  Yeah, I can't imagine bumper cars being competitive w/ AI. It's only good for simple things like RPS at Hot Springs. It's just that since these mini-games have unlimited entries, you could have one person farm all the guild coins while a 2nd person afks. It's easily exploitable to the point where GC might not even be the best of getting guild coins anymore if you don't reach a high enough stage.

                  I can only hope that they'll add solo guild things in the future.
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                New customs

                Guild customs

                Guild skill page costs 3000 guild coins.
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                  No %s yet for the guild passives?
                  Elsword Fan Art Discord:
                  [CoffeeHouse] Discord:
                  Bring Raven's Body Pillow to NA streams:


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                    the last guild customs is so pretty ♥♥♥

                    i want it now

                    162/200 erp, lazy grind |s>et3 eve 4/4


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                      Glad to see the Guild to have more customization.
                      More things to work towards.
                      ふわふわり ふわふわる




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                        Passive (level 5):
                        • awakening charge attack/attacked 10%
                        • awakening duration 15%
                        • EXP 15% (PvE)
                        • Potion recovery 25% (PvE)
                        • MP gain attack/attacked 10%
                        • attribute progs 2.5% all resistances 25
                        • ED gain 10%
                        • Droprate 10% (PvE)
                        • 5% chance to not use up an item (PvE)
                        • When collecting ED increase jump and movement speed by 0.5% (stack 50 times, PvE)
                        • 3% chance when attack/attacked to gain a buff of 100% critical chance for the next 15 attacks
                        • 5% chance to recover HP when attacked (in 3 intervals)
                        • P/M ATK increased by 1.5%
                        • Damage against bosses increased by 2.5%, damage received from bosses decreased by 2.5%
                        • When dying party member will recover 30% (PvE), 10% (PvP) HP when with 1500 (whatever that is measured in)
                        • 2% chance to gain 50% (PvE), 15% (PvP) damage reduction for 3 seconds when attacked.
                        Taken from this German post and loosely translated:


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                          Okay so I'm lost, where exactly is that second guild house supposed to be?

                          The basic one is in Ruben
                          The first custom is obviously Hamel
                          The third custom is the Velder Academy

                          But what is the second? Like, the outside areas make it look like some sort of oasis in Sander with palm trees and a clear blue sky everywhere, but then the building is far too bright, like it's from Hamel.

                          Am confuse.


                          • ISISonline-solace-
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                            It's called White King's Garden if that helps.

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                            The first thing that came to mind was the palace from Halted Sun. Just a gut feeling.

                          • Coronax-gaia-
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                            Mm, I'm thinking Elrianode, if there weren't any palm trees.
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