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10/11 KR Patch

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    10/11 KR Patch

    regen 2 is a flat 50% chance to reduce cd by 60% across all the skills with the trait now
    windslicer x-axis reduced, damage lowered from 5.8k to 5.2k, 2 second cd added, proc chance reduced from 50% to 45%
    thinking outside the box mag attack increase lowered from 2k to 1.6k
    new height's runes damage lowered from 600% to 480%
    memory of sword conwell damage lowered from 1.9k, to 1.5k, 2 second cd added
    fitness physical attack increase lowered from 2k to 1.6k
    dw awakened will def decrease calc method changed
    all rena awakened wills get +13% special active damage when at 5 nf
    swift kicks phys atk increase lowered from 3k to 2.4k
    vibe shot damage lowered from 4.2k to 3.4k, 2 second cd added
    grand arrows 1 second cd reduction for blessed bow skills changed to 10% reduction
    soul memory additional attack damage lowered from 1.1k to 900, energy lowered from 5.2k to 4.2k, 2 second cd added
    focus strength is now 14% damage increase to the higher phys/mag stat and 7% damage decrease to the lower phys/mag stat in awk
    final strike (cbs) has more homing on reactive, and fusion fields
    energy enhancement mag atk increase lowered from 2k to 1.6k
    awakened will YR spirits damage lowered from 1.8k to 1.5k
    sage spirit sacred spirit energy damage from 656 to 524
    target elimination's blood explosion damage lowered from 3k to 2.4k, cd lowered to 3 seconds
    windslicer procs, new heights runes, memory of sword procs, vibe shot procs, and soul memory procs (erendil energy only) are all treated as commands and won't be boosted by all skill damage anymore

    normal patch notes
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    maybe the "커맨드 판정으로 변경" part means that it will scale with basic commands modifiers ?


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      New heights's runes didn't really need that damage nerf, as it is still a garbage DPS lol.


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        focus strength is now 14% damage increase, 7% damage decrease in awk

        This one is really weird out of everything else lol
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          it says "각성 상태일 때 물리/마법 공격력 중 더 높은 공격력의 효과를 증가시키고, 더 낮은 공격력의 효율은 감소하도록 변경" above it but i'm not good enough with korean to make straight sense of what it means

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          An increase to the highest attack power (mag or phys) when awakened and decreases the power of the lowest attack power (mag or phy), idk if this is correct

          i.e. Furious Blade awakens, +14% boosted damage to phys attack and decreases magic by 7% (?)

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          Confirmed by 2na that it is that way
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        "Extreme Virtual's Fusion mode induction range increased"

        I think a vein popped in my head when I saw that CBS change...



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          LOL i get 13% skill dmg

          It's the rise of Rena patch


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            Memory of the Sword nerf really doesn't bother me that much. The afterimage itself is just an indicator that you have 10% more damage for the duration of the after image(5 seconds).
            That Wind Slicer nerf is more like a scratch than an actually thing 45% and that damage is something to be feared. 2 sec cooldown between Wind slices is fair though.

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              If you're going to make wind slicer and mots both have 2 sec cooldowns and both count as command damage, why doesn't mots do 5k too?


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                Hoorayyyyy Anemos gets more damage. Who knew she needed more? I don't know if KoG even realizes anymore how lopsided they've made Anemos be in terms of raw damage #s on paper. It's so absurd that you would think she's the best class, but she's far from it. But yeah, if this is what KoG wants to do, be my guest. I was already more than happy after the previous patch giving actual utility buffs.

                The Regenerating (2) change makes it so that the trait is basically a RNG Haste trait (Average CD- is 20%). That sucks haha. They should've made it so that it's a 50% chance for a 50% Cooldown, giving it a 25% average. More CD on average, but bad RNG makes it worse than Haste. Maybe there was an active skill abusing the current trait %s as actives could reset their CD fully, but only Quick Thrust comes to mind currently (High Speed used to be a thing for stacking, but not anymore).

                I don't agree with the internal CD on the passive proc attacks. As someone who still whines and moans about how limiting Creeping Terror is to stack, seeing other passives being hit w/ the same type of limitation sucks. 2s is forever, and if you're planning to proc your passive in-between your other skills, that's just impractical because it's randomized. On top of that, it creates some bad scenarios in Wind Slicer where if you proc it just before the 10s internal CD on the skill CD- ends, you'll be locked out of proc'ing it for some time. If there needs to be an internal CD on these proc attacks, it needs to be low like 0.5s or 0.67s where you'll still get significant damage out of them w/o being abused by things like Siege w/ Vibe Shot, platform drop attacks w/ Wind Slicer, etc.... I think that I would've preferred a damage % nerf to them instead of adding an internal CD so that people can still try some cheesy builds with it. Changing them to command-based attacks was a big enough hit though, so maybe this is just overboard.

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                  I am looking at Rena and keep thinking. "The higher you climb, the farther you fall."
                  Hopefully that won't happen.

                  I always wonder why KOG thinks damage solves everything.


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                    Ya was expecting them to touch Windslicer in a way.
                    Hope the X-axis isn't to detrimental.


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                      They need to stop just blanket buffing Rena in general and start focusing on the issues of each individual class. While I'll take the 13% skill dmg increase, it doesn't really solve any of the serious problems my class actually has (STILL waiting for them to do something about her horrendous base attack speed and ending lag / lack of i-frames).

                      The 2 second cd on procs should not be a thing. That is way too long. A 0.5 second cd at most would have been more than sufficient to stop certain abuse cases. The change from skill dmg to command based further hurts it, and they dropped the base damage on all of them as well. This is way too much. A few of those passive will still be kinda usable, e.g. KE's since he'll still get cdr from the proc, but for a class like DB it literally kills the passive since outside of the super lack luster proc it doesn't do jack ♥♥♥♥ now (the mp gain increase on proc was pretty much non-existent to begin with and the part about it making arrows strong arrows when it procs is pretty much useless now because of the ridiculously long cd).

                      Change to Grand Arrows is ... interesting. It's actually overall a nerf I would say. Sure it lowers the cd of Ace even more now, but her actives' cd get reduced a lot less. This hurts her mainly in PvP since it means she'll have to wait a lot longer for her tools to come up which sucks since all she really has in PvP is utility. Can't quite tell if it's a nerf or a buff in PvE, but I'll say it's a very, very, practically inconsequential, marginal buff since, outside of 11-3, you aren't actually spamming actives to reduce Ace's cd. Well, this is assuming the reduction is based on max cd. If it is based on the current cd left on the skills then lmao it's a nerf through and through.

                      Aside from that, rest of the patch seems ok.

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                        They'll never do anything about her lack of iframes. The only way it would happen would be if there's a rework of the character or more skills added.
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                      will gladly take rena buffs.
                      hope we get the latest patches in NA next week.


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                        so the wind slicer nerf finally came boys.

                        but it's still super broken in terms of damage. k

                        edit: nevermind, i just read the part that they are no longer affected by all skill damage.


                        tho LK's still is hella stronk.
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                          Compared to Empire Sword, who's the better PVE character?

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                          Coronax-gaia- I would say KE is stronger since his clearing is better and bossing should be just about on par. Mod Arma and Mod Windmill really helps him out, and the changes to God of War and Wind Slicer (specifically the cdr part) from a few patches ago are small but nice.
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                        really? Pushing DaB further into using the command Seige as main tool, as well as pushing us to use xx commands more....

                        That 13% ASD I'll gladly take though I hate that it has to be full NF to make sure I get that boost.....

                        Please tell me I'm reading Vibe Shot right.... v-v I honestly don't want to change how I play to maximize my damage. Especially since it's a style I really hate..

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                          Not the Command attack seige. There is no CD on it :/

                          [XXXXX Seige, >>XX seige, ZZX seige ]

                          It can't really count as an active if you go into with command attack
                          Slow as F, but it's the strongest way to keep up command attack things.

                          As for the NF, I think it should have been a +x% like 2.5% for each NF bar :/

                          But at the same time, if we get 5 bars in awakening at all times of awakening, I shouldn't have any issues since I have to stay in it due to Vine Crown. I just don't like the concept of it needing it to be at 5nf bars for that kind of the thing.
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                          CD as in Vibe Shot I'm assuming not Siege.

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                          oh, I read that wrong.
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