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    Hello, i tried to join but i don't think the official elsword discord invitation link is still valid.


    • Peper0chan
      Peper0chan commented
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      I'll PM you an invite shortly, we had to disable all links for at that time due to constantly being raided by random strangers who never even heard of Elsword x:

    • Jochira-solace-
      Jochira-solace- commented
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      ... how did they even get the invite link in the 1st place...?

    • Chunghie-gaia-
      Chunghie-gaia- commented
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      Jochira-solace- maybe their friend try invite them to play Elsword but not in correct way.
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    made another server for the sake of social activity:

    CoffeeHouse is one of those other general Elsword groups that's open to all players whether they apply to the guild or not, the main focus is socializing with other players / forumers


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      Elrianode Party Finding (EPF) recently changed to Endgame Party Finding since the admins decided to include Varnimyr and other end game content, so I'd like to request the following edit to our description:

      Endgame Party Finding (EPF) Discord - Discord server focused around finding and organizing more efficient farming parties for various endgame dungeons such as Elrianode and Varnimyr, with support for players from both the NA (Solace) and INT (Gaia) servers.
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      Endgame Party Finding | Unlimited Siege Works
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