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    .·´`·.+*´°★Seto's Art Dump★°`*+.·´`·.

    A place for me to Dump my Art really.
    I guess my Elsword related FanArt Content on here.
    I don't really have a place for my Art to ever be noticed anyways.

    **Important Notice**
    Do not Steal My Art, Ask My Permission to use.
    If I gave you my permission,--

    Do not claim it is yours, & don't forget to Credit Me as the Original Artist.

    My Elsword OC for this Elsword RolePlay I'm in with a few of my friends.
    Her Name is Qroze Houseki.

    This is my Dream Maid outfit for my CBS, I want all of my precious babies to look kyuute. urg other fanarts.png

    I Simple Doodled Semi Thicc Chibi Ara Haan in her Ruler of Time n Space IBSet. hhhhh.jpg

    Flat Colour + Chibi Doodle of my Favorite Ara Class ~ AS eating korean fishcone ice-cream.
    oue oh.jpg

    This is a FanArt of CN that I did. I love her a lot.

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    more art logs//i haven't posted for like 3-4 yrs now? I use a tablet instead of mouse now for about 1/2 years or two. so you can guess i may have improved? [i draw at my own pace btw. so sudden criticism for ppl idk that well i will not be taking. let me take my time lol]. will I be doing art commission? I actually already have an art commission shop [not my old one that i made 4 yrs ago in forums; no]. usually = pay by real cash though. my customers usually contact me through discord or instagram. ^^; if to open here... i'll uh... think about it.
    ~ Setoshi Kunn

    SPOILERUntitled.png that's a self-toon portrait of me lol

    Some shippy stuff of my own OTP Akira Kurusu x Seito Shiba [OC]*
    something I painted using other weird brushes in mind all on 1 layer :^]


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