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    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
    The Crow Mercenary Knights Company:

    Warcry: Victorus aut Mortis.
    Motto: Freedom is not free.
    + Coat of arms:
    _ Type 1: Black colored background, at the center is a gold colored Velder state symbol.
    _ Type 2: Black colored background, at the center is a silver colored raven spreading wings, its head facing toward the left.
    + Composition (not counting the number of non-combatants accompanying the Company):
    _ About 25% is cavalry.
    _ About 15% is crossbowmen, bowmen and skirmishers.
    _ About 5% is artillery crew/siege engine operators.
    _ About 5% is military officers.
    _ The rest is foot infantry.

    SPOILERNotable members:

    Name: Raven Cronwell.
    Nickname/also known as: Deliverer of Bethma.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Captain.
    Occupation: leader of the Company.
    + Armaments:
    _ Arming sword.
    _ Short sword.
    _ Shield.
    _ Lance (used virtually on horseback only).
    + Abilities:
    _ Sword & lance fighting (mostly sword).
    _ Commanding (extremely skilled tactician, passable strategist).
    _ Fingerspitzengefühl and coup d'oeil.
    _ Equestrian skills.
    _ Giving speeches.
    _ Rabble-rousing.
    Background: Came from House Cronwell, after having graduated, Raven worked hard together with some close friends such as Seris and Owen to fight and protecting the people. Later on they found what would later become the Crow Mercenary Knights Company. In contrary to the overwhelming majority of the Velder military forces at the time, Raven recruits, promotes and rewards soldiers based on their merits and talents, rather than the soldier's place on the society's hierarchy.
    Personalities: a diligent and thoughtful leader, caring for the welfare of his subordinates and troops. Raven is an excellent combatant and skilled tactician. He does not speak much, but when he wants to, he can inspire devotions bordering zeals from people to agree with and following him, under the means of giving speeches.

    Name: Owen Felford.
    Nickname/also known as: Architect of Victory.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Commander.
    Occupation: de facto second-in-command, chief strategist.
    + Armaments:
    _ Sword.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword fighting.
    _ Commanding (excellent tactician and strategist overall).
    _ Negotiation & striking deals.
    _ Training.
    Background: Coming from a family of imporverished aristocrats, House Felford, Raven’s colleague and close friend, after having graduated joined Raven and Seris to establish what would later become Crow Mercenary Knights Company. His strength and personal combat abilities are below average, but he’s a walking military and history encylopedia, combined with his high intellect making him an excellent strategist.
    Personalities: a soft-spoken, cunning and knowledgeable prodigy regarding military knowledge. Can be non-cooperative and intolerant toward people he considers inferior in knowledge regarding military tactics.

    Name: Seris.
    Nickname/also known as: N/A.
    Gender: female.
    Rank: Camp Prefect.
    Occupation: chief of logistician & recruitment departments.
    + Armaments:
    _ Sword.
    _ Rapier.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword fighting.
    _ Managing logistics and budgets of the army.
    _ Calculating & estimating.
    _ Recruiting.
    Background: Coming from a family of low nobility, Seris was Raven’s colleague and close friend, after having graduated she joined Raven and Owen to establish what would later become Crow Mercenary Knights Company. Her combat performances are good, however she doesn’t often fight on the frontline as her roles demand her presence at the rear of the army.
    Personality: she is cheerful, kind and optimistic. However secretly she also has great perceptions and something akin to a sixth senses regarding people’s hidden agendas.

    Name: Yves de Croix-Rivière.
    Nickname/also known as: N/A.
    Gender: female.
    Rank: Lieutenant .
    Occupation: in charge of cavalry detatchment, as well as horses used to pull cannons.
    + Armaments:
    _ Lance.
    _ Rapier.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword & lance fighting (mostly lance).
    _ Commanding the cavalry.
    _ Conducting cavalry charges.
    _ Equestrian skills.
    Background: a noble from House Croix-Rivière, she joins the Company to make a name for herself and bringing honors to her family, enriching its traditions (and treasury). She is a skilled combatant and knowing something about tactics, and also someone who leads by example. However she's also prone to underestimate her enemies and can act recklessly, preferring the direct frontal charge and brute strength to settle the result of the battle.
    Personalities: having high esprit de corps, a flamboyant and gallant soldier.

    Name: Frank Castor.
    Nickname/also known as: The eye that sleepeth not.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Corporal.
    Occupation: in charge of reconaissance teams.
    + Armaments:
    _ Short sword.
    _ Mace.
    _ Crossbow and bolts.
    _ Sling, small rocks and/or lead ammunitions.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword and blunt weapons fighting, sniping with crossbow, slinging with sling.
    _ Commanding the recon teams to conduct missions.
    _ Scouting & infiltrating.
    _ Interrogation.
    Background: before joining the Company, Frank Castor led the remnants of a light infantry mercenary band which had been decimated. The Company later absorbed Frank together with his brother in arms. They helped form the backbone of the reconaissance and skirmisher formations of the Company. It's said that almost nothing can sneak past his keen, prying eyes. He's very experienced and employing many uncoventional stratagems.
    Personalities: a morbid, bitter and cynical man, who avoids talking about his past at all cost. His heart is cruel, hard and unmovable against the enemies.

    Name: Lysander.
    Nickname/also known as: Schwerpunkt.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Siegemaster.
    Occupation: in charge of building siege engines.
    + Armaments:
    _ War hammer.
    _ Wooden staff.
    + Known abilities:
    _ War hammer and staff fighting.
    _ Designing and directing the works of building siege engines.
    _ Math & engineering.
    Background: a talented but impoverished artist and engineer who decided to join the military for a living. The middle aged man doesn’t fight much, his main role is a specialist who builds siege engines such as siege towers, catapults… to use mainly in siege warfare. He can recluctantly defend himself when in combat in a pinch, but don’t expect much from him, especially when pitted against seasoned soldiers.
    Personality: a strict and quite OCD man, he strive to finish his tasks perfectly and timely.
    The Crow Mercenary Knights Company (Continue):

    Nickname(s)/also known as: The Revanchists.

    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
    Black Crow Force:

    Nickname(s)/also known as: The Black Fleet, Sentinels of Altera.

    Warcry: The Black Fleet is the strongest.

    Motto: There are decades when days happen, and there are days when decades happen.

    _ Black colored background, at the center is a silver colored raven spreading wings, its head facing toward the left. Inside the silver colored raven symbol there is a black colored cogwheel, and the raven on the banner also has three legs compared to the usual two, each leg on its left and right sides, and an extra leg between its left and right legs.

    _ As least 2 known battleships, named the Bendigeidfran and the Guntram.
    _ Rifle platoons.
    _ Shock troop squads (mélee).
    _ Engineer corp.
    _ Aircraft crew cadres.
    _ Special operation unit (classified).

    After having defeated King Nasod and his forces, Raven Cronwell reformed the The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force into the Black Crow Force. When Raven departed together with El gang, he told the Black Crow Force that one day he would be back to lead them, and arranged a deal so that in the meantime the Black Crow Force would be employed by the Ponggos at Altera, protecting and transporting the Ponggos while in turn the Ponggos would provide them with food, spare parts and supplies.

    Raven also changed the name of The Black Crow battleship to the Bendigeidfran, though people still occasionally refer to the vessel under its original name when mentioning the vessel from time to time.

    Notable members:

    See "The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force" above.

    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
    Black Crow Force (continue):

    Black Crow Force's Special Operation unit:

    Official name: Alfa Libertadores.

    Codename: The revolutionary sword.

    Motto: Where Alfa arrives, compromise ends.

    _ The most elite unit of Black Crow force, composed of veteran troops primarily drawn from the rank and file of frontline combat soldiers (rifle and shock troops) who have distinguished themselves in battles, and then given further special trainings. Troops who have passed all of those requirements will be introduced into the unit.

    _ They are equipped with the special equipment reserved only for the unit, with the Mechanized power armors as the centerpiece of them all.

    Raven and Black Crow force found out about the armories in Wally's secret facility - the underground complex at Elder. They looted for usable equipment and war materials, including several mechanical exoskeleton suits, called the Mechanized power armor. Raven and his force sought to put them into good use, which further augmented the strength of Black Crow force.

    A new military detatchment was formed, named the Alfa Libertadores, with members chosen from the most excellent troops among the force. The Mechanized power armor provided excellent power-to-weight ratio, great protection and enhanced strength. Not only it could shrug off damages which would have killed a soldier several times over, it also allowed soldiers wearing it to carry with them a huge weight, far higher than the amount they could carry in normal conditions.

    The application of the Mechanized suits made Alfa Libertadores the pinnacle of heavy infantries, who could carry and employ heavy weaponry individually, and at the same time would be extremely well protected compared to the more conventional infantries who went without advanced protections from power armors, all the while retaining the mobility and flexibility of foot soldiers.

    _ The Alfa Libertadores soldiers could fight together in the same unit as a whole, which would form a nearly unstoppable formation which excelled in both offense and defense.

    _ Alternatively the Alfa soldiers could serve as a force multiplier, fighting alongside other types of troops, and boosting the total effectiveness and survivalbility of the whole force; moreover different types of troops would be able to cover the disadvantages of each others.

    _ Alfa soldiers could also operate in the manner of small units with 3 soldiers each - called a cell. The cells would be expected to carry out, in secrecy, the much more demanding missions than ordinary, operating with much greater autonomy and over a quite lengthy duration. Usually the harder and more daunting the mission is, the more Alfa cells would be dispatched to ensure the mission could be completed.
    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
    Black Crow Force (continue):

    Black Crow Force's RAID unit:

    Official name: Rapid Airborne Insertion & Deployment.

    Codename (newly set after King Nasod’s death): The revolutionary bayonet.


    _ Composed of Black Crow's best shock troops who are armed with and utilizing melee weapons, and also a smaller portion of the soldiers armed with firearms. They are specialized in close combat, conducting ambushes, stealth and mobility.

    _ Beside standard melee weapons such as swords, bayonets, falchions... and small arms, they are also equipped with non lethal explosives such as smoke grenades and flash bang grenades. Their gas masks make them immunized to the smokes generated by smoke grenades, as well as effects from their flash grenades.

    _ RAID also possessing soldiers and engineers who are well trained in machineries, so that they can control, repair and piloting the vessels which they have managed to capture.


    _ The unit called the RAID (acronym of Rapid Airborne Insertion & Deployment) was the first specialized infantry unit of the Black Crow Meritorious Service, and then later the Black Crow Force.

    _ RAID's main functions are performing raids and conducting boarding activities, taking control of and/or crippling enemy's vessels, guarding Black Crow's vessels from hostile boarding forces...

    _ Because of the main combat environments which RAID operating in (inside flying vessels), they are primarily equipped with melee weapons, simply because utilizing firearms can cause much collateral damages to the surrounding interiors of the ships which they are on, which in turn can cause the machines inside the ships to break and malfunction, and may even leading to those ships losing control and then crash landing.

    _ At the time Raven and Black Crows were under control of King Nasod, RAID was established by Raven as the force's boarding unit, which directly carrying out raiding activities of vessels and then robbing goods which those vessels carry, for the rest of the force.

    _ Beside tasks such as assisting other units, guarding and boarding flying ships, RAID is also highly effective in enclosed combat environments with lots of obstacle, and observations are generally limited, such as dense forests/jungles... which are where they can stalk and ambush their enemies effectively, or simply closing in before enemies could detect them.
    Black Crow Force (continue):

    Black Crow Force's Capital Ships:

    Specification: Elrianode-class Battleship.

    Main Armament:

    _ Rotating artillery turrets: 380 mm Nova cannons.

    _ Broadsides: 190 mm Basilisk howitzers.

    _ Missile launching system: Ballista guided missile weapon system, with a small variant of missiles being employed, mainly the Pilum missiles and Harpoon missiles.

    _ Point Defense: Testudo CIWS (close-in weapon system), with assets comprised of the network of 20 mm Bellows machine gun turrets.

    _ Boarding devices: Corvus hydraulic breaching and grappling chain hooks.


    The Elrianode-class was the workhorse of human's airforce in Nasod War, and was designed with only one thing in mind: killing the enemies. This class of battleship sacrificed much in terms of ergonomics in favor of extra military capabilities, which reflected the hard-pressed situation humanity had to face which forced them to cut corners. The Elrianode-class took its namesake from the Elrianode city, reflecting the common practice of naming classes of flying warships after mankind's major cities.

    In the final major offensive against Nasod force, two Elrianode-class battleships (namely battleship Ireton and battleship Wille zur Macht) were suddenly disabled and losing control when they were bombarding Altera island's defenses - the result of electronic warfare attacks unleashed by the Nasod Adam. The aforementioned vessels were forced to crash landing on Altera island, albeit remained much more intact after their landings when compared to other warships which were directly shot down, or exploding in the air.

    The surviving troops and crews - mainly elements of 17th and 33rd Elrian Guards - onboard the Ireton and Wille zur Macht by then quickly abandoned the broken ships, regrouped and then continued their assault on foot...

    After centuries, the hulls of wrecked vessels on Altera island since the time of Nasod War were finally salvaged and repaired by King Nasod. Then ironically the restored warships were given to the augmented humans of Black Crow Merritorious Service Privateers Force who employed them to fight for the sake of Nasods.
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      Name: Michele

      Age: Unknown, but appears to be about ten years old

      Gender: Male

      Class Tree: This character is supposed to have only one class tree. I could make more, but he's more suited for one, and only one line. In compensation, you can learn more skills at each levels rather than the fixed amount of skills per level.

      Conservator (Base) -> Blazing Striker (1st job) -> Soulbinder (2nd job) -> Heaven Soulbreaker (Transcendence!) -> Resonator (3rd job)

      Speciality: Short to long range, depending on the configuration.

      Special Ability: His Awakening is different, in that there's not 3, but seven awakening phases. Base Job has 2 phases, and then with the first job advancement you can reach phase 4. The second job allows you to reach phase 5; gaining transcendence puts you at phase 6. Final, and third job, allows you to reach the absolutest seventh phase.

      With each awakening, the damage dealt increases by 2.5%, and it stacks exponentially, which means you could deal about 30% more damage by the time you get phase 7.

      Phase 1 and 2 increases attack and magical attack by respectively 5% and 5%, as well as increasing element damage of fire and water by respectively 5% and 5%.

      Phase 3 and 4 increases defense and magical defense by 5% respectively. Same with wind and earth. The fourth phase increase Max HP by 10%.

      Phase 5 and 6;

      Phase 5 increases Critical and Maximize by 5%, Additional Damage by 15%, and gives 3% chance for double attack with command based attacks. 5% to light elements.

      Phase 6 increases Critical Damage by 3%, Ignore Defense by 3%, ASD by 10% and attack speed by 5%. 5% to dark element.

      Phase 7 is the final, but strongest forms. In addition to these previous effects, it increases MP recovery by 10%, decreases all cooldown by 5%, decreases MP cost by 5%, and greatly improves the awakening charge/duration, adding 20% to it. It also reduces damage taken by 5% further (not the defense stat) and increase general move speed by 5%. Finally, it increases the damage of all elements by a further 5%.

      The most notable system he'll have is the soul life force. It is consumed when using certain skills; it regains over time, but will regain with skills or same as Awakening (hitting, or being hit). If you don't have enough, then you can't use certain skills unless you regain it back. The cap for base job is 20.


      Hoooo boy. Here we go.

      -- Level 01 --

      Power Punch:
      100 MP cost. Send a power punch to your enemy in front of you. Physical normal damage. Enhanced: Damage x1.2.

      Flurry Kick: 30 MP cost. Spin yourself around and raise your leg, distracting and damaging enemies. Physical normal damage. Enhanced: Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.

      Summon: Ign: 50 MP cost/10 Soul Force (10% HP). Michele can summon the Fire Spirit, who will attack enemy close to it and have a small chance to give Burn status. Stats depends on player's Combat and Defensive Power; the higher power, the stronger the spirit is as well as how long it can live before being defeated. It can be desummoned for usage of certain skills. Enhanced: MP cost reduced by 20%.

      Passive. Standing still will allow you to focus and charge the Soul Force, as well as regaining a little of your MP. Enhanced:

      Couple Skill:
      Obviously you know it, no?

      -- Level 05 --

      Mija: 50 MP cost/10 Soul Force (10% HP). Summon the Water Spirit, who will shoot small water guzzles for Water damage when it gets closer. Enhanced: MP cost reduced by 20%,

      Uppercut: 150 MP cost. Sends a uppercut to your enemy by punching them while jumping at the same time. Enhanced: Range increased by x1.2. Can cause Confusion.

      Water Bubbles: 100 MP cost/3 Soul Force (3% HP). Summon some water bubbles and fire them at the enemy. They may seem harmless, but they sting if they pop! Water magical damage. Enhanced: Size of bubbles and damage increased by 10%. Slowdown effect by Mija last 2 seconds longer.
      + Mija: Desummon her in order to summon a big water bubble at the end. It can slow down enemies.

      Damage Will: Passive. Permanently improves damage by 2%. Enhanced: 1% DMG increase.

      More to come soon... well, if I'm not lazy that is.


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        JANUS Program:


        The JANUS Program was an effort to study, incorporate and replicate the unique strength of humans for the Nasod faction. The program was first initiated during the Nasod War when Nasods captured strong human combatants alive to research their techniques. The most prominent subject they managed to capture was Ng. Long - who later on would become the leader of the famous Killing-Nasod Zealots unit itself. But not only Ng. Long was able to escape his captivity soon after, but many data archives of the program were also sabotaged by him in process and because of that, the program stagnated.

        After King Nasod went online again for the first time since Nasod War on Altera island, the JANUS Program was one of the unfinished projects being re-activated, it was assigned the designation of Experiment 137. One particular individual (an adept in Kinaz techniques) was chosen as a subject for the program - captain Raven Cronwell from Velder Kingdom...


        _ Waging a protracted proxy war in which transhumans were employed to conceal the true identities of the belligerent and benefactor - Nasods.

        _ Looting for El shards, El energy, and materials to fuel the war efforts.

        _ Collecting data to replicate Kinaz school's (successor of Killing-Nasod Zealots unit) techniques.

        _ Weaponization of human's rage emotion - something which all Nasods lack.

        _ Developing and perfecting mind-control technology, giving humans a taste of their own medicines.

        _ Combating the threat of Alterasia spores more effectively.


        The human subjects of JANUS Program would be primarily enhanced under the form of mechanical augmentations of the subject's organic body. The mechanical augmentations housed a Nasod A.I (artificial intelligence) implant which controlled the host and receiving commands as well as updates directly from King Nasod. Augmentations and A.I would be able to access the human host's nervous system as well as memories, it could employ the host's knowledges and experiences to complete their given tasks.

        The A.I could stimulate the emotions of the host, making them feel more wrathful and subsequently the augmentations would then convert their anger into a very destructive form of energy which would be unleashed in combat.

        The A.I also collected combat data while controlling the host and then sending it to King Nasod, which helped developing new battle Nasods based on collected data.


        So far thanks to the shortages of suitable human subjects as well as resources, only a single unit was created for this JANUS program: captain Raven Cronwell of Crow Mercenary Knights company. He was infused with the Nasod A.I created by King Nasod which having the codename of Kane.


        + Nasod A.I "Kane":

        An advanced and highly intelligent Nasod created by King Nasod. Because of his nature as a Nasod A.I, Kane could outlive his human host, so King Nasod planned to extract the A.I and then implanting him on a different human host to control them every time his human host was dead before him.

        + Augmentations:

        _ "Kane's Wrath" module: the part which was responsible for converting the host's rage emotion into energy which was used in combat as well as the manifestation of the Nasod Core weapon system.

        _ "Gandhi" module: the part which was responsible for the development and employment of fire as well as nuclear-powered attacks.
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          Black Crow Force (continue):

          Black Crow Force's Capital Ships (continue):

          Main Armament (continue):

          Crow's Nest: Radar which doubles as lookout point. Allowing one person to climb inside it and observing through the lens on the upper part of the Crow's Nest.

          Ram: Created specifically for ramming.


          _ The Corvus boarding device was named after the boarding device of ancient Roman warships - the Corvus:

          The corvus (meaning "crow" or "raven" in Latin) was a Roman naval boarding device used in sea battles against Carthage during the First Punic War.
          Though in this case, it's a combination of both the Corvus and another type of boarding device of Roman warships which utilized a catapult to propel the grappling hook which was attached to a rope, called the Harpax:

          _ Crow's nest is named after a type of structure on ships (and trains) called the crow's nest:

          A crow's nest is a structure in the upper part of the main mast of a ship or a structure that is used as a lookout point.
          Btw, I think at this point you guys could have already figured out why I deliberately chose such names in the first place - crow/raven theme naming, what else lol?
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            Black Crow Force (continue):

            Black Crow Force's Emblem:


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              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild454874}}

              The Dark Shadows


              The Dark Shadows is a secret society founded hundreds of years ago. It sought to take control of a huge chunk of the world: Velder, Feita, Senace... - which in essence, the territories that used to constitute the long-defunct Elrian Kingdom. Generations of leaders of the Dark Shadows claim that they are the true inheritors of the Elrian Kingdom's throne, and they have attempted to subvert and overthrow the contemporary states, taking over all of the the territories that used to belong to the ancient kingdom. The Dark Shadows was behind The War of the Lurensian succession which served as part of a larger strategy to achieve their agendas.

              The inner circle of the Dark Shadows is filled with nobles of Elrios. Most of those nobles claim lineages which could be traced back to noble houses of the ancient Elrian Kingdom. However the fact that an aristocrat joining the Dark Shadows does not always mean that the rest of the family of that person also joining it, for example Vidkun Cronwell and some other members of House Cronwell were members of the Dark Shadows, while the rest of the House didn't even know of the organization's existence.

              In the aftermaths of the War of the Lurensian succession, House Cronwell had determined to wash away the stains on their family's reputation and prestige. House Cronwell took part in a large proscription campaign, persecuting and punishing the ones who were found guilty of supporting the Dominion of Elrian Secundus (DoES) - the faction created by the Dark Shadows. Since then, the Dark Shadows had considered House Cronwell to be its enemy, and sought to inflict as much damage on the House as possible. Wolfhall Cronwell (Velder's chief minister) was the first member of House Cronwell who fell victim to the Dark Shadows.

              Over the years, the Dark Shadows had expanded its influence considerably, having already recovered from losses since the Lurensian war and the subsequent proscriptions, and later even gaining footholds in the Fluonne continent. However it should be noted that outside of the aristocracy and clergy classes, the Dark Shadows having little in terms of direct influence on the classes with lower social status such as the common people, serfs, merchants, bourgeoisie...


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                I accidentally deleted my previous post with identical contents, so I had to re-upload it.
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              Bumping this.


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                Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild458231}}

                Black Crow Force (continue):

                Black Crow Force's CORVUS:

                Official name: Conspiracy of Ravens, Vigilant Undercover Service.

                Codename: The revolutionary shield.


                _ The composition of CORVUS is much more diversified compared to other sub-divisions of Black Crow Force, employing a wide array of personnel with different specialties such as Black Crow technicians, Ponggos scientists, recruited ordinary humans, accomplish its shadowy agendas.


                CORVUS is the most obscure and secret sub-division of the whole force - not only to outsiders but also to the rest of the army. It also possess an unusually high level of autonomy within the Black Crow Force, allowing it to take actions and mobilizing resources when it deems necessary, often not requiring clearance from the upper echelon of the force.

                Officially CORVUS is the intelligence gathering and counter-espionage service of Black Crow Force, however in reality its activities extend far beyond those more conventional tasks. It can also conduct psychological operations (PSYOP), as well as seizure of technologies through various means, such as reverse-engineering captured equipment, stealing technologies and researches...

                It should be noted that CORVUS's task having little to do with reconnaissance/scouting - that's the job of Black Crow Force's reconnaissance unit, though those two sub-divisions often ended up cooperating closely thanks to the nature of their roles in the army.


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                  Bumping this.


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                    Bumping this.


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                      Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post

                      Below I will explain and list inspirations or sources of references which I used to create the characters/institutions/organizations above. These are stuffs I think need explaining:

                      SPOILER_ The Crow Mercenary Knight Company's warcry "Victorus aut Mortis" is a Latin (technically a language called High Gothic in Warhammer 40000's universe) quote which translates to "Victory or Death" in English, source: I chose that quote because of the foreshadowing meanings of its content (when at the end the CMKC didn't win, they were slaughtered to a man).

                      _ Raven's abilities of Fingerspitzengefühl and coup d'oeil are German and French loanwords, which describe natural abilities of commanders which are intuitive. Source: and , respectively.

                      _ Esprit de corps : French for morale (of military units).

                      _ Equestrian skills: skills of the riders on horseback.

                      _ Lysander's epithet of "Schwerpunkt" is a German term which has no English equivalent, its rough translation is the "center of gravity" or "crucial point", which is an extremely important concept in Germany's military doctrines and military science.

                      _ The motto of The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force, "Nemo mea poena effugit" is a Latin (again, High Gothic in-universe) quote, with meanings explained below:


                      "...And the name of the Order shall be the Death Bolts, and their Forge World shall be Esteban VII. The Colours of the Death Bolts shall be red over gold. Their banner shall be quartered, gold against chequered blue and silver, bounded red. Their badge shall be a crossbow bolt ordinary, over an inverse triangle gold. The Grand Master of their founding shall be Maxen Vledig, and their motto shall be "nemo mea poena effugit" - None may escape my vengeance."
                      — From the foundation charter of the Legio Honorum Titan Legion, Collegia Titanica.
                      _ House Cronwell's motto "Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears" is a line in Book of Joel (Joel 3:10 - KJV). Reference source:

                      _ The Black Crow Force's battleships are named so that they still retain the theme naming senses (having crow, raven and overall avian themes in it ) of forces led by Raven:

                      + Bendigeidfran is Welsh for "Blessed Crow" or "Holy Raven", which follows the patterns of its original name (The Black Crow), source:

                      + Guntram is ancient German for "War Raven" or "Battle Raven", source:

                      Simple as that, folks. If there is anything else you don't understand please feel free to ask, I will help you with it. xD
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                      Trivia (continue):

                      Continuing explaining stuffs and my references/sources of inspirations:

                      SPOILER_ First, let's start with the House Cronwell. It was heavily inspired by the 5-star Cronwell Resort Sermilia in Psakoudia, Greece - oh, who am I kidding - what else can it be other than the historical House Cromwell:

                      You can find the heraldry of House of Cromwell in this list:

                      (But you should have already figured that out by yourselves, maybe as early as back when Raven's side story was released since years ago - like me... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

                      Of course the inspirations didn't merely stop at the namesakes. The character who was named Wolfhall Cronwell for example, his name was inspired by the title of a BBC's tv series named "Wolf Hall" which featured Thomas Cromwell as the male lead character.

                      So yeah you got the idea, my character Wolfhall's backstory was heavily inspired by Thomas's backgrounds. House Cromwell irl also having a member named Gregory (son of the aforementioned Thomas Cromwell), but I came up with the name of my character Gregor Cronwell indepedently, and my Gregor character didn't share the story with the Gregory guy irl.

                      Regarding the character Nika Cronwell, initially I intended for the character to be male named Nicholas/Nikolai instead. Then after having done writing 3 characters above, I suddenly wanted to add a female character, but the backstories of Wolfhall and Gregor didn't fit a female character at all, so I changed Nicholas to Nika and changing the character's gender to female.

                      Why Nika you ask? Nika (Nίκα) is a Greek word and name which means "winning, victory". The names Nicholas (meaning "victory of the people") and Nika are both originated from the name of an ancient Greek goddes named Nike.

                      _ Next, the name of the self-proclaimed successors of ancient Elrian Kingdom (having long defunct) and their faction: Dominion of Elrian Secundus. Secundus is a Latin word which means "the second".

                      There is also another Cronwell which I forgot to mention - Vidkun Cronwell. The character was based on Vidkun Quisling - an extremely infamous collaborator of the Axis in World War 2 who was head of Norway's government and cooperated closely with Germany in the war.

                      _ Next we would examine the Alfa Libertadores. Alfa is the equivalent of the letter A in NATO phonetic alphabet which was also based on the first letter of Greek alphabet - Alpha (of course). Libertadores (plural of libertador) is a Spanish word which means "liberators".

                      _ Finally the Kinaz School. Tbh at first when I wrote about the Kinaz School since years ago, it was just a shout out to the Ginaz School in Dune series, while I have only came up with the true meaning behind the name Kinaz recently. My fanfictions also have many Dune references as well, kudos to you if you can find them.

                      Ginaz was a planet made famous for its Swordmasters.
                      [...]The world had long been inhabited by a small but ferocious culture of warrior humans. These people played an important role during the Butlerian Jihad, where they fought as mercenaries in close combat against the thinking machines.

                      _ Roboticide means "the killing of a robot". I first learned of it from Isaac Asimov's "The Robot of Dawn".

                      _ Risorgimento is an Italian word which means "rising again".
                      Trivia (continue):

                      Continuing explaining stuffs and my references/sources of inspirations:

                      _ Elrianode - class Battleship was named after a city, which also reflects a common practice of military forces in real life.

                      _ Nova cannons were named after the Nova cannons in Warhammer 40000.

                      _ Basilisk howitzers were named after Basilisk self-propelled artillery pieces in Warhammer 40000.

                      _ Ballista, Pilum and Harpoon were named after ranged weapons of ancient Roman Empire.

                      _ Testudo CIWS was named after the Testudo formation of ancient Roman infantry (which effectively forms a mobile wall of shields), also as a way to pay homage to the Phalanx CIWS (which was named after an ancient Greek infantry's formation, duh!).

                      _ Corvus: see explanation above.

                      _ Wille zur Macht (German for "Will to Power") is a concept in Nietzsche's philosophies.

                      _ JANUS program was named after the god Janus in ancient Roman religion and mythology, who was the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. Janus has two faces, one looks at the future and the other looks at the past:

                      _ Crow's nest: see explanation above.

                      _ Black Crow Force's emblem was inspired by the Three-legged Crow in mythologies of East Asia countries such as China, Japan and Korea. It represents the Sun:

                      _ Proscription is euphemism for a 'decree of condemnation to death or banishment’ (Oxford English Dictionary).

                      _ Conspiracy of ravens is a term which is used to describe a flock of many ravens.
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