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    Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post

    House Cronwell:

    Founding: ~500 years ago.
    Heraldry: Head of a dark horse and a white colored tower below the horse's head, with red colored background .
    Colors: Red, white and black.
    Motto: Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.

    + Allegiances:
    _ Velder state.
    _ House Ilych.
    _ House Grevan.
    _ The Order of Feita (Feita knights).
    _ Kinaz school.
    _ Crow Mercenary Knights Company (before it was destroyed).

    + Vassals:
    _ House Williams (cadet branch of House Cronwell).
    _ House Croix-Rivière.
    + Rivals:
    _ Lord Wally of Elder.
    _ House Felford (after betrayal).

    House Cronwell is said to be already around at the time of the foundation of what would later become Velder and amongst its oldest and most major Houses of the country's aristocracy, although they themselves have also claimed to be descendants of a lineage which stretched hundreds of years before El Explosion, however that claim couldn't be verified.

    House Cronwell have maintained a reputation of distinguished services backed by their powerful and robust military mights throughout a large part of their history, most notably their contributions in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th Velder Civil war, having extinguished many rebellions, participated in many conquests and reconquests of regions in Lurensia...

    Over the years they have developed, refined and maintained their devastating cavalry units, and House Cronwell's cavalries are among the finest in the entire nation. House Cronwell is so proud of their cavalries, the dark horse has eventually been incorporated into their House Heraldry.

    Their motto, "Beat your plowshares into swords and pruning hooks into spear" stemmed from a real event when Sir Gregor Cronwell told his peasants and servants to literally hammer their farming and gardening tools into weapons, then led them who were armed with such weapons to achieve a surprising victory, winning through the skin of their teeth.

    Outside of House Cronwell, the motto has became a widely known, quoted and debated in Velder's military, denoting situations when the armed force has to mobilize properties and manpower originally intended for civilian's usages to try to win in war, no matter the cost.

    House Cronwell (continue):

    Incomplete list of distinguished Cronwells:

    Name: Nika Cronwell.
    Nickname: The icebreaker.
    Gender: Female.

    _ Famous military leader who's most remembered for the achievement of conducting an epic offensive which breached and collapsed the so-called invincible defensive line in Second Velder civil war: the Leopard-Wotan Line, breaking the stalemate which had lasted for years, contributing greatly to the war effort and the eventual victory of the war for the faction she sided with.

    Name: Gregor Cronwell.
    Nickname: Gregor the redemptor.
    Gender: Male.

    _ Gregor and House Cronwell were intertwined with the major chains of event which would shape and influence the continent for centuries to come - the War of the Lurensian succession. The conflict broke out when a self-proclaimed claimant and scions of the ancient Elrian Kingdom's throne stepped out of the shadow, declaring their agenda: the restoration of the aforementioned ancient nation - with claimed domain of which would encompass the majority of all nations and sub-nations existed at that time in Lurensia. Needless to say that wouldn't sit well with many powers in Lurensia, to say the least.

    The war was a huge struggle to decide the fate of the entire continent, between the Pan-Lurensian Coalition (PLC) which sought to preserve the new order which had arisen after the El Explosion, and the ultra-reactionary Dominion of Elrian Secundus (DoES) which sought to restore the Elrian Kingdom, at the expense of the current presiding powers which were ruling over Luresnia. The conflicts saw the entire continent torn apart because of the wedge it drove between the powers which came from both sides, and even among the existing nations there were many splits and schisms which saw break away and defections to the other side - with scales ranging from elements of an fighting force to whole noble houses - and unfortunately House Cronwell was no exception.

    When the war had raged on for a while and the Coalition was having a slight upper hand, the infamous turncoat Vidkun Cronwell suddenly decided to drop all pretense and struck against PLC which House Cronwell initially sided with, the act which tipped the tide of war effort in DoES's favor. Vidkun led the backbone force of House Cronwell together with him to come to the service of his new allegiance - the Dominion. The rationale for this decision was because in the past, ancestors of House Cronwell used to swear an oath which offered their loyalty to the ancient Elrian Kingdom's throne, and so to honor the ancient oath which predated even the nation House Cronwell was serving at the time, and was further promised a higher position should DoES success, he effectively defected to DoES's side, bringing with him a large portion of House Cronwell's personnel.

    The part of House Cronwell which stayed loyal to the Coalition faced dangers of being punished because of the turncoats from their house, and needless to say they were looked at with suspicions, furthermore many loyal Cronwellian commanders were relieved of the ranks and positions they held in PLC's force. Wanting to redeem for the loss which the defectors had caused, the remaining Cronwells - led by Gregor, had resorted to a last ditch effort to get rid of the traitor, who was defending the Estellion fortress - House Cronwell's bastion which guarded a choke point with very high strategic values.

    Gregor mustered every force remained at his disposal, and further mobilizing his servants and peasants to join the storming of Estellion fortress. They were shorthanded and ill-equipped for such a daunting mission, but that was everything they had, since none of the allied forces were willing to join force with them. When they began to assault Estellion fortress, the majority of the fighting force was tasked with the role of frontal assault, serving as distraction for a second, much smaller elite force to secretly infiltrate Estellion. The infiltrating force split into two teams which infiltrated the fortress by scaling the walls and through secret tunnels underground, respectively.

    In short, the plan was a success, due in no small part to the cadre of 7 Kinaz swordmasters which formed the spearhead of the infiltrating team. They found and then kidnapped Vidkun and most of the turncoat force's honcho, and Gregor urged the captured people to order the soldiers under their command to surrender and throwing open the fortress's gates. Then most of the turncoat soldiers were pardoned and absorbed into loyal House Cronwell's ranks, but the turncoat's leaders were given to Pan-Lurensian Coalition's high command for trial.

    House Cromwell was partly vindicated and regained back some of the trusts from the Coalition.

    Name: Wolfhall Cronwell.
    Nickname: N/A.
    Gender: Male.

    _ A lawyer and chief minister who served in the court of the monarch of Velder. Later on in his life he was wrongly accused, stripped of his occupations and titles, and was subsequently executed under the order of his liege - the king of Velder. Later on Wolfhall was vindicated when the true culprits of the conspiracy were detected and found guilty, and having had his honors restored, post-mortem.
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    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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      Name: Shin Lee
      Gender: Male
      Age (Base): 22
      Weapon: Knuckles

      A monk of a renowned martial arts school from a remote part of Northern Fluone. During the demon invasions, his prefecture were ones affected later in the chaos but had many advantages being in its remote location. Otherwise I don't got much in the way of backstory yet.

      He is martial arts based character so his movement primarily focuses on an array of punches and picks. He's let floaty than Laby virtually none of his commands are multi hit. His Z attacks mainly focus on punches while his X attacks are mainly picks. A trait of his commands is that they are very easy to cancel, he is able to cancel out of practically any and every single one of his grounded attacks effortlessly.

      System: Chi
      His character system will be a Chi system. His gimmick is that you are able to activate Chi Power by pressing V, while this is activated you will be able to cycle between three different abilities. You can increase attack at the cost of defense, increase defense at the cost of speed, or increase speed at the cost of attack, the buff/debuff is typically +20%/-5%. However, in order to activate Chi in the first place, you need to build up Chi Energy. Much like Ara, Shin is able to cancel skills, doing so will typically net his +1~3 Chi Energy, for each energy you have, when activating Chi Power, it will last 6 seconds, up to a max of 5 energy or 30 seconds.

      Double on top of this, similar to Ara he too has a Secret Art system attained during job advancements. How these work is that some skills instead of gaining Chi Energy when canceled will take Chi Energy instead. If you chain certain skills and have enough Chi Energy to chain them, you will activate their Secret Art. 1st job arts will typically consume 3 Chi Energy and 2nd job will consume 5 Chi Energy.

      So Chi is a system which allow you to either buff yourself of consume it to perform Secret Arts.

      Job Paths:
      Monk > Combat Monk > Headmaster > Dragon Fist
      Type: Physical
      The hand to hand combat based class focused on melee attacks and inner Chi. This class is the one which furthers the use of Chi Power and increases its potency. One such way is that performing Secret Arts will activate a full powered version of Chi Power where all effects apply. This class has an animal based theme to its martial arts attacks.

      Monk > Spiritual Monk > Earth Rider > Great Sage
      Type: Physical
      This path takes a different approach and goes into he art of elemental attacks. This will be the more ranged oriented class. However these are elemental attacks tied into martial arts, like say Avatar the Last Airbender style. Despite being an elemental based class, it is still physical. No real advancement with the character system.

      Monk > Wrathful Monk > Dark Shaman > Death Master
      Type: Magical
      This class is a close range based magic class which focuses on Chi Energy, but in relation against opponents. This class hits hard but a lot of stuff revolves around consuming Chi to unlock their full potential. A main feature of the class is drawing in Chi Energy from enemies either through skills of combos. Additionally Chi Power in this class is more extreme with the benefits being higher but the debuffs also being higher.

      Name: Null
      Gender: Male
      Age (Base): ?
      Weapon: Mask

      Once a normal demon roaming the barren wastelands of the Demon Realm, he came upon what appeared to by a mysterious masked corpse in the wastelands. Soon after investigating the decayed body he found what appeared to be a circus of some kind. Intruding the place in order seek refuge, he finds himself headed with the troupe's leader. An unsettling demon who bids him a contracts for immortality. In doing so, his soul was taken from his body and embedded into a single gem as his mind lied within the realm of dreams and nightmares. A primordial realm which bound subconsciously bound the living things of the Demon Realm beyond their understanding. This gem he has placed at the crown of his mask. Though his body still moved, it was merely a puppet husk. Imprinted into his soul was the desire to enact the will of the troupe, to seek through the material world to find places where the troupe may harvest souls to perpetuate their cycle.

      In his form, he is a showman. The backside of the mask if an empty void of darkness which is able to fire out tendrils to strike enemies. He is able to performs fits of magic, either with crimson red fire of the ability to bend reality with illusions.

      System: Nightmares
      As a being that exists within the realm of dreams and nightmare, he feasts off of the dreams of others. When successfully performing attacks, he is able to consume dreams and gradually becomes stronger, if felt idle, his powers slowly fade. When achieving certain checkpoints, he will receive various increases to his performance ranging from varying stat increases.

      Job Paths:
      Husk > Smiling Husk > Ringmaster > Nightmare King
      Type: Physical
      This path focuses on the use of his more circus like magic tricks and illusion attacks. This path features a lot of spikes creates from his cloak and reality distorting attacks.

      Husk > Laughing Husk > Earth Rider > Crimson Soul
      Type: Magical
      In this path he is still just as much a showman as his other, however he has a distinct focus on the crimson fire based attacks. This class is all about barrages and spectacle. This class also features Flame Kin, familiars born from fire which assist it.

      Husk > Broken Husk > Void Marionette > Given Form
      Type: Physical
      In this path, his body deteriorates and the shadows which comprises his soul's form fill in the cracks. The body becomes a vessel for the dark void and with it, it becomes a weapon in itself which can expel the darkness is wild uncontrolled fits.
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        Was the name of your Shin Lee character inspired by Lee Sin from League lulz?

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        Not at all. Don't even play or keep up with League other than the occasional outsider looking in.
    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class427617}}
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      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild427617}}

      Samar, The Guard

      : A young dark elf living in Varnimyr. When war threatened to come to their lands, he joined Chloe in the invasion of Elrios. But the invasion failed. His own bow destroyed, his allies dead, and his commander missing, Samar only has a number of scavenged chakrams for weapons. Now, trapped in another world and with only enemies around him, he sets out to find a way home.

      Appearance: Your standard dark elf, but make him a male teenager with a slightly customized uniform. And wears shoes. The picture above is Griff from Recettear. Take off the glasses, make him a little younger, remove the claws, and change the color of his shirt into gray, and there you have it!

      Age: Younger than Rena, he's just reached adulthood in Dark Elf society. Still much older than the rest of the human cast.

      Character System: Much like Rena, Samar has a close connection with the spirits, leaning more towards the more nocturnal and dark side of nature. Alongside this, his time with the Glitters has taught him the value of discipline with his resources and movements. His Midnight system is a reflection of these two characteristics.

      Samar's system is represented by a bar underneath the MP bar. Using actives or special actives fills this bar with Spectral Energy. When the bar is filled, a spectral owl manifests that circles around Samar, dealing damage to all enemies without knockdown or hit stun. The owl recovers a lot of MP per hit. Samar's attack speed, critical chance, maximize, and MP gain are increased during this time. The bar will slowly drain while the owl is active.

      During Awakening, two owls will appear and circle much faster, and the bar drains much more slowly.

      Job Paths:

      Heavy Guard -> Huscarl -> Varangian Guard

      In which Samar finds his chakrams too small for bigger foes, so he forges a bigger set of chakrams and later, chakrams set on demonic fire.

      Shadow Guard -> Janissary -> Secret Service

      Where Samar decides that stealth is the best way to protect his allies. That, and a lot of dark magic.

      Scout Guard -> Hussar -> Cataphract

      Where Samar trains for long-ranged combat, and later finds a baby Nephilim that he raises with love and care. Translation: It becomes a killing machine.

      Weapon: Samar primarily uses chakrams, partly modified to have handles in the center so he can use them in melee. The Heavy Guard path adds a few very large ones. The Shadow Guard path sticks to the normal chakrams but makes them extra sharp. The Scout Guard path also uses normal chakrams, but he fights alongside a young Nephilim named Dot.


      zzzz - Slash three times, the fourth attack is a downward slice that knocks down.
      xxxx - Three throws with the chakram, followed by throwing two chakrams that knock down.
      zzzxx - Two slashes, followed by a swipe that pushes enemies away and throwing two chakrams.
      xxz - Two chakram throws, then a lunge.
      ^z - single jump swipe..
      ^x - single jump throw
      >>zz - running dive into a slashing uppercut that launches.
      >>xx - roll behind target and throw an chakram
      >>^z - While in midair, slash with the chakram.
      >>^xx - While in midair, backflip upwards and throw a chakram diagonally forward.

      Base Skills (to be updated)

      Discus Sweep (Tenacity): Whirl three times, dealing damage to nearby enemies. 1900% damage. Gain 30 Spectral Energy. 90 MP. CD 10 seconds.

      Triple Shot (Tenacity): Ciel's Triple Shot. Works more of less the same way. 2400% damage. Gain 30 Spectral Energy. 100 MP. CD 6 seconds.

      Angled Throw (Active): A downward disc throw used to trip an opponent and immobilize them. 900% damage. Gain 15 Spectral Energy. 40 MP. CD 5 seconds.

      Vault (Active): When attacked, jump backward while leaving behind a dark curse. 450% damage. Gain 15 Spectral Energy. 30 MP. CD 30 seconds (PVP 180 seconds).

      Heavy Throw (Bravery): Take the time to focus then throw a huge chakram forward. Up to 8500% damage. Gain 70 Spectral Energy. 300 MP. CD 25 seconds.

      Mantle of Darkness (Buff): Attacks Ignore Defense and gives Damage Reduction to all nearby allies for 10 Seconds. Gain 15 Spectral Energy. 50 MP. CD 20 seconds.

      Piercing Shot (Strength): Aim a powerful throw that ignores defense and pierces enemies. 3600% damage. Gain 50 Spectral Energy. 180 MP. CD 15 seconds.
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        Level: {{esusrinfo_level428662}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild428662}}

        Vinca Inore

        "Hmph. You can't match me."
        ⚜ General Information
        SPOILERName: Vinca Inore (pronounced: vin-kah ee-noh-ray)
        Color: Periwinkle
        Weapon: Relic Sceptre, Advanced Magic

        Age: 18(base) → 20(1st class) → 21(2nd class) → 23(3rd class)
        Birthday: December 1st (
        Blood Type: O+
        Height: 5'6" (167.6cm)
        Weight: 120lbs (54.4kg)

        [A young scholar who's mastered his family's Arcane Magic.]
        A young magician who can sweep enemies with intricate displays of advanced magic, including the “Arcane Arts” of the noble Inore Family.

        Special Ability/System: Arcane Wisdom (W.I.P)
        Having mastered the Inore Arcane Arts at the young age of 13 proved that Vinca was more than capable of wielding them responsibly. Much like Ara and her Skill-Chaining abilities, Vinca can link his spells together so long as the second spell is cast before the first one ends. Doing so allows for Vinca to overwhelm his opponents with a continuous stream of spells (so long as his MP allows for it), all while preventing KD. Casting certain spells together in a specific order also allow Vinca to perform an “Arcane Art.” A shortcut to this would be the have the first stance of an Art by registered into Vinca’s skill slots and repeatedly press whichever skill key it’s set to so long as Vinca has already learned all the necessary stances. Naturally, some Arts prove to be stronger than others, but some Arts remain undocumented from the Inore Family’s records, meaning that Vinca can improvise and perform an Arcane Art that is “unrecorded” and, therefore, one of his own making. The only downside to performing unrecorded Arcane Arts is that they can’t be chained together through the aforementioned shortcut of repeatedly pressing whichever skill key the first stance had been set to. The only way to activate an unrecorded Art that way would be if Vinca doesn’t know all the steps for the officially documented Art but knows all the steps for the unrecorded one.
        Using his Relic Scepter, Vinca can store a bit of magic from the spells he casts inside of it to power up others at a later point. Stored magic can be seen in a third bar that runs under his MP bar which is segmented into 11 points. Stored Magic Points or SMP are accumulated each time Vinca successfully performs a spell and lands a hit and is depleted by casting either an Arcane Art, a spell which automatically depletes some to power up, or a spell specifically designed to release it all. The Relic Scepter will also become fully charged with magic upon Awakening but, during this time, Vinca can only use skills that use the stored magic.
        His hyperactive skills also remain unaffected by any magic boosts they’d otherwise receive from depleting SMP.

        Vinca is an incredibly prideful and cold young man. Being the first in a generation to be successful in casting the Inore Family’s Arcane Arts and having mastered the act by a young age has caused Vinca to develop a deeply-rooted belief that he is superior to those around him; his own family included. He views bonds—familial, platonic, romantic—and the people they’re tied to all as “tools” that exist solely to help propel him towards greater and greater successes, and he has maintained this view ever since he was but a child. Though he can hold respect for some, can think of others as “less expendable,” and can generally mask this view from those around him, Vinca genuinely fears this strange detachment he has and believes that it’s the one thing he can admit to being a mistake—something he’s missing. In the few instances where Vinca allows himself to struggle with that part of his personality, he’ll often question the feelings that spring up from such distress.
        Because casting arcane spells requires perfect pronunciation and precise movements, and will backfire horribly if either is done wrong, Vinca has become a stickler for correct pronunciation, even with things outside of his studies. He’ll critique and belittle people for mispronouncing words and terms but does very little to correct his own mispronunciations unless he’s stuck trying to pronounce a word he can’t seem to get it out, like with the word “watermelon.”
        Vinca also holds a distinct disdain for the Landar Family, who are hailed as the most impressive group of magic-users to ever exist. He sees them as nothing more than roadblocks to his own personal success, especially since many magicians idolize the Landars and strive to be like them rather than to break the mold they had set. Just hearing someone mention the Landar Family name can make Vinca enraged, causing him to be harsher and more condescending than he typically is, and he’s set to become even more vicious whenever he’s stuck in the presence of a living Landar themselves. The only other person to set Vinca off this much is his step-father, Forrim, whom he views as “a being below leeches and pests.”


        Vinca was born into the Inore Family, a relatively wealthy and fairly respected family of magic-users in Velder, as the only son to his parents Ron and Cea Inore. Though Vinca’s family consisted of many impressive magic-users, none compared to that of his grandfather, Catharan Inore, who stood as one of the most skillful and powerful wizards in the Velder region in his day. Both the family’s reputation and the legacy left behind by Catharan made Vinca believe that he was destined for greatness—that he was born to surpass his grandfather and stand above all other magic-users in the whole of Elrios. Though he respected his parents for being competent spell-casters, Vinca, at his core, saw them as stepping stones to his peak.
        And so, at a very young age, Vinca began studying all the magical tomes, books and scrolls his family could offer, and took off at seemingly astonishing speeds. He excelled at nearly everything he studied and practiced to the point where his parents, peers and anyone else who was aware of the Inore family name was convinced that he could become a powerful magician. As he received praise and encouragement from his parents for his continued excellence, Vinca’s beliefs were further cemented into his being.
        He was meant for greatness.
        He was meant to surpass Catharan.
        He was meant to soar beyond his family name and become the personification of excellence with his name and his name alone. Even with rising tensions and the destabilizing of Velder’s upper class as a result of the ensuing civil war, Vinca remained absorbed in his studies, during which he uncovered his family’s “Arcane Arts”: powerful spells performed through precise movements in very specific sequences that his grandfather was the last to use.
        As Vinca moved on to mastering these “Arcane Arts,” his father, Ron, had volunteered himself in the war effort and left behind his wife and child. Vinca didn’t understand why he would choose to do such a thing but respected his father enough to not belittle his decision. Sadly, the next time Vinca would see his father would be in a casket as one of the many casualties of the civil war. Though Vinca didn’t let his father’s death deter him from his studies, him continuing to close himself off in pursuit of mastering the family’s Arcane Arts left his mother, Cea, all alone with no one else to help her grieve.
        By the time he had turned thirteen, Vinca had managed to master casting pieces of the intricate spells and could seamlessly chain-cast them together. However, his successes were hampered by another terrible force: a sleazy man with no useful skills named Forrim Coetann, who had begun to romance Cea as she stood as nothing more than a shell of her formerly vibrant self. Vinca could tell from the start that Forrim was a detestable man who only wished to take his mother’s hand in marriage to become an Inore and “gain” all the respect and prestige the name still carried. Unfortunately, about a year later, Forrim was successful as Cea had chosen to marry him. To make matters worse, news of a young prodigious magician began circling the kingdom.
        Vinca could tell immediately that he was starting to get nowhere. Though he learned more and more of his family’s Arcane Arts, this prodigious little upstart’s name kept reaching his ears, and Forrim kept attempting to worm his way into his good graces. It was becoming clear that his home stood as nothing more than a distraction—a hamper to his success—so Vinca made the decision to leave the kingdom for the faraway territory of Elder to continue his studies in peace.

        ⚜ Combos
        SPOILERZZZZ: Vinca swings his scepter, jabs at his opponent twice as if it were a rapier and knocks them back with another more forceful swing.
        ZZZ↑Z: Vinca swings his scepter, jabs at his opponent twice as if it were a rapier and sends them upwards into the air with a forceful swing slightly boosted by magic.
        ZZZ→Z: Vinca swings his scepter, jabs at his opponent twice as if it were a rapier and sends them farther back with a forceful swing boosted by his magic.
        ZZZXX: Vinca swings his scepter, jabs at his opponent twice as if it were a rapier and launches 2 white magic waves. The last shot can be charged up to increase its size and damage output by holding down the X key, but it’ll send his opponent even farther back as a result.
        XXXXX: Vinca launches up to 5 waves of white magic at his opponent in rapid succession.
        XXX↑XX: Vinca launches up to 3 waves of white magic at his opponent in rapid succession before casting another wave from below with a magic circle to knock his opponent up into the air. Vinca then bats them away with a stronger white magic wave directly backed by his scepter before they hit the ground. This last strike can be charged up to increase its damage output and the size of the white magic wave by holding down X.
        XXX↓XX: Vinca launches up to 3 waves of white magic at his opponent in rapid succession before aiming the last 2 at their legs. The final wave can be charged up to increase its damage output and travel distance by holding down the X key.
        →→ZZ: While running, Vinca swats at his opponent’s head with his scepter twice. In the process of swatting at them a 2nd time, Vinca will motion himself behind them.
        →→XX: While running, Vinca casts his magic over himself as he leaps behind his opponent and releases it in a wave once he’s safely made it behind them.
        ↑Z: Vinca swings his scepter down diagonally while in midair.
        ↑X: Vinca twirls, releasing a white magic wave, while in midair.
        →→↑Z: While running, Vinca leaps into the air and propels himself a short distance forward with a magic circle being cast underneath his feet.
        →→↑XXX: While running, Vinca leaps into the air and launches 2 white magic waves followed by a larger magic blast all at a 55° angle.

        ⚜ Skills
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          →→ → → Prime Magus → Grand Savant → Grand Savant: Transcendence → Soter
          Magus → Dire Magus → Dark Disaster → Dark Disaster: Transcendence → Calamity Master
          →→ → → Electric Magus → Storm Bringer → Storm Bringer: Transcendence → Chaos Monsoon

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          →→ → → Prime Magus → Grand Savant → Grand Savant: Transcendence → Soter
          Magus → Dire Magus → Dark Disaster → Dark Disaster: Transcendence → Calamity Master
          →→ → → Electric Magus → Storm Bringer → Storm Bringer: Transcendence → Chaos Monsoon

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          ⚜ FUN FACTS
          SPOILER※ Vinca's main job path within his story would be the path to Soter.
      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class431461}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level431461}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild431461}}

        Originally posted by Tyrannicide-solace- View Post
        Black Crow Force:

        Nickname(s)/also known as: The Black Fleet, Sentinels of Altera.

        Warcry: The Black Fleet is the strongest.

        Motto: There are decades when days happen, and there are days when decades happen.

        _ Black colored background, at the center is a silver colored raven spreading wings, its head facing toward the left. Inside the silver colored raven symbol there is a black colored cogwheel, and the raven on the banner also has three legs compared to the usual two, 2 legs on its left and right sides, and an extra leg between its left and right legs.

        _ As least 2 known battleships, named the Bendigeidfran and the Guntram.
        _ Rifle platoons.
        _ Shock troop squads (mélee).
        _ Engineer corp.
        _ Aircraft crew cadres.
        _ Special operation unit (classified).

        After having defeated King Nasod and his forces, Raven Cronwell reformed the The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force into the Black Crow Force. When Raven departed together with El gang, he told the Black Crow Force that one day he would be back to lead them, and arranged a deal so that in the meantime the Black Crow Force would be employed by the Ponggos at Altera, protecting and transporting the Ponggos while in turn the Ponggos would provide them with food, spare parts and supplies.

        Raven also changed the name of The Black Crow battleship to the Bendigeidfran, though people still occasionally refer to the vessel under its original name when mentioning the vessel from time to time.

        Notable members:

        See "The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force" above.
        Black Crow Force (continue):

        Black Crow Force's Special Operation unit:

        Official name: Alfa Libertadores.

        Codename: The revolutionary sword.

        Motto: Where Alfa arrives, compromise ends.

        _ The most elite unit of Black Crow force, composed of veteran troops primarily drawn from the rank and file of frontline combat soldiers (rifle and shock troops) who have distinguished themselves in battles, and then given further special trainings. Troops who have passed all of those requirements will be introduced into the unit.

        _ They are equipped with the special equipment reserved only for the unit, with the Mechanized power armors as the centerpiece of them all.

        Raven and Black Crow force found out about the armories in Wally's secret facility - the underground complex at Elder. They looted for usable equipment and war materials, including several mechanical exoskeleton suits, called the Mechanized power armor. Raven and his force sought to put them into good use, which further augmented the strength of Black Crow force.

        A new military detatchment was formed, named the Alfa Libertadores, with members chosen from the most excellent troops among the force. The Mechanized power armor provided excellent power-to-weight ratio, great protection and enhanced strength. Not only it could shrug off damages which would have killed a soldier several times over, it also allowed soldiers wearing it to carry with them a huge weight, far higher than the amount they could carry in normal conditions.

        The application of the Mechanized suits made Alfa Libertadores the pinnacle of heavy infantries, who could carry and employ heavy weaponry individually, and at the same time would be extremely well protected compared to the more conventional infantries who went without advanced protections from power armors, all the while retaining the mobility and flexibility of foot soldiers.

        _ The Alfa Libertadores soldiers could fight together in the same unit as a whole, which would form a nearly unstoppable formation which excelled in both offense and defense.

        _ Alternatively the Alfa soldiers could serve as a force multiplier, fighting alongside other types of troops, and boosting the total effectiveness and survivalbility of the whole force; moreover different types of troops would be able to cover the disadvantages of each others.

        _ Alfa soldiers could also operate in the manner of small units with 3 soldiers each - called a cell. The cells would be expected to carry out, in secrecy, the much more demanding missions than ordinary, operating with much greater autonomy and over a quite lengthy duration. Usually the harder and more daunting the mission is, the more Alfa cells would be dispatched to ensure the mission could be completed.
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