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    The Crow Mercenary Knights Company:

    Warcry: Victorus aut Mortis.
    Motto: Freedom is not free.
    + Coat of arms:
    _ Type 1: Black colored background, at the center is a gold colored Velder state symbol.
    _ Type 2: Black colored background, at the center is a silver colored raven spreading wings, its head facing toward the left.
    + Composition (not counting the number of non-combatants accompanying the Company):
    _ About 25% is cavalry.
    _ About 15% is crossbowmen, bowmen and skirmishers.
    _ About 5% is artillery crew/siege engine operators.
    _ About 5% is military officers.
    _ The rest is foot infantry.

    Notable members:

    Name: Raven Cronwell.
    Nickname/also known as: Deliverer of Bethma.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Captain.
    Occupation: leader of the Company.
    + Armaments:
    _ Arming sword.
    _ Short sword.
    _ Shield.
    _ Lance (used virtually on horseback only).
    + Abilities:
    _ Sword & lance fighting (mostly sword).
    _ Commanding (extremely skilled tactician, passable strategist).
    _ Fingerspitzengefühl and coup d'oeil.
    _ Equestrian skills.
    _ Giving speeches.
    _ Rabble-rousing.
    Background: Came from House Cronwell, after having graduated, Raven worked hard together with some close friends such as Seris and Owen to fight and protecting the people. Later on they found what would later become the Crow Mercenary Knights Company. In contrary to the overwhelming majority of the Velder military forces at the time, Raven recruits, promotes and rewards soldiers based on their merits and talents, rather than the soldier's place on the society's hierarchy.
    Personalities: a diligent and thoughtful leader, caring for the welfare of his subordinates and troops. Raven is an excellent combatant and skilled tactician. He does not speak much, but when he wants to, he can inspire devotions bordering zeals from people to agree with and following him, under the means of giving speeches.

    Name: Owen Felford.
    Nickname/also known as: Architect of Victory.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Commander.
    Occupation: de facto second-in-command, chief strategist.
    + Armaments:
    _ Sword.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword fighting.
    _ Commanding (excellent tactician and strategist overall).
    _ Negotiation & striking deals.
    _ Training.
    Background: Coming from a family of imporverished aristocrats, House Felford, Raven’s colleague and close friend, after having graduated joined Raven and Seris to establish what would later become Crow Mercenary Knights Company. His strength and personal combat abilities are below average, but he’s a walking military and history encylopedia, combined with his high intellect making him an excellent strategist.
    Personalities: a soft-spoken, cunning and knowledgeable prodigy regarding military knowledge. Can be non-cooperative and intolerant toward people he considers inferior in knowledge regarding military tactics.

    Name: Seris.
    Nickname/also known as: N/A.
    Gender: female.
    Rank: Camp Prefect.
    Occupation: chief of logistician & recruitment departments.
    + Armaments:
    _ Sword.
    _ Rapier.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword fighting.
    _ Managing logistics and budgets of the army.
    _ Calculating & estimating.
    _ Recruiting.
    Background: Coming from a family of low nobility, Seris was Raven’s colleague and close friend, after having graduated she joined Raven and Owen to establish what would later become Crow Mercenary Knights Company. Her combat performances are good, however she doesn’t often fight on the frontline as her roles demand her presence at the rear of the army.
    Personality: she is cheerful, kind and optimistic. However secretly she also has great perceptions and something akin to a sixth senses regarding people’s hidden agendas.

    Name: Yves de Croix-Rivière.
    Nickname/also known as: N/A.
    Gender: female.
    Rank: Lieutenant .
    Occupation: in charge of cavalry detatchment, as well as horses used to pull cannons.
    + Armaments:
    _ Lance.
    _ Rapier.
    _ Shield.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword & lance fighting (mostly lance).
    _ Commanding the cavalry.
    _ Conducting cavalry charges.
    _ Equestrian skills.
    Background: a noble from House Croix-Rivière, she joins the Company to make a name for herself and bringing honors to her family, enriching its traditions (and treasury). She is a skilled combatant and knowing something about tactics, and also someone who leads by example. However she's also prone to underestimate her enemies and can act recklessly, preferring the direct frontal charge and brute strength to settle the result of the battle.
    Personalities: having high esprit de corps, a flamboyant and gallant soldier.

    Name: Frank Castor.
    Nickname/also known as: The eye that sleepeth not.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Corporal.
    Occupation: in charge of reconaissance teams.
    + Armaments:
    _ Short sword.
    _ Mace.
    _ Crossbow and bolts.
    _ Sling, small rocks and/or lead ammunitions.
    + Known abilities:
    _ Sword and blunt weapons fighting, sniping with crossbow, slinging with sling.
    _ Commanding the recon teams to conduct missions.
    _ Scouting & infiltrating.
    _ Interrogation.
    Background: before joining the Company, Frank Castor led the remnants of a light infantry mercenary band which had been decimated. The Company later absorbed Frank together with his brother in arms. They helped form the backbone of the reconaissance and skirmisher formations of the Company. It's said that almost nothing can sneak past his keen, prying eyes. He's very experienced and employing many uncoventional stratagems.
    Personalities: a morbid, bitter and cynical man, who avoids talking about his past at all cost. His heart is cruel, hard and unmovable against the enemies.

    Name: Lysander.
    Nickname/also known as: Schwerpunkt.
    Gender: male.
    Rank: Siegemaster.
    Occupation: in charge of building siege engines.
    + Armaments:
    _ War hammer.
    _ Wooden staff.
    + Known abilities:
    _ War hammer and staff fighting.
    _ Designing and directing the works of building siege engines.
    _ Math & engineering.
    Background: a talented but impoverished artist and engineer who decided to join the military for a living. The middle aged man doesn’t fight much, his main role is a specialist who builds siege engines such as siege towers, catapults… to use mainly in siege warfare. He can recluctantly defend himself when in combat in a pinch, but don’t expect much from him, especially when pitted against seasoned soldiers.
    Personality: a strict and quite OCD man, he strive to finish his tasks perfectly and timely.
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    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild397101}}

      OC's Sheet Part 2


      Force Master: Transcendence
      “The Path of Balance is farther than you though.”
      Skill Lists
      • Zero-Phase Arts: Rising Beast (MP: 50 [Active])
        • Deliver powerful rising strike with both Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami. Send enemy to air.
      • Zero-Phase Arts: Rage Incarnation (MP: 100 [Special Active])
        • Creates a rising tornado attack before slamming Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami to ground and made pillar of cold-fire. Skip to ground slam when used mid-air (Can be used mid-air)
      • Zero-Phase Arts: Invisible Fortress (MP: 200[Special Active])
        • Calming one’s mind to increase one’s defense. Goes into super armor when the skill is active and immediately counter any attack received in this state (each counter consume 20 MPs)
      • Zero-Phase Arts: Force Splitting (MP: 300 [Special Active])
        • Unleash a devastating shockwave followed by pillar of cold-fire. The shockwave can be charged for extra damages.
      • Awakened Will: Force Master (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Stance’s attacks are only uses half of MP usage, and burning and frozen debuff have longer effect on enemy.
      • Awakened One (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Enhances the body even further
      • Cold-Fire Release (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • The burning and frozen debuff can easily inflicted.

      Dragoon Fighter: Transcendence
      “Kahahaha! Can’t even handle that much fire?”
      Skill Lists
      • Volcanic Buster (MP:20 (chargeable) [Active])
        • Engulf one hand with (improved) dragon phantom’s fire, sends a strong straight punch. The longer it charged (use extra 10 MP/ charge level (max: 5)), the stronger the attack power.
      • Rising Combo (MP: 100 [Special Active])
        • Strikes 2 times with (improved) dragon phantom’s claw before launch enemy to the air. (pushing the skill button will make the character goes to the air as well for further air combo)
      • Incinerator (MP: 200 [Special Active])
        • Engulfs enemy in front of character in fire’s prison. (Enemy will taking damage overtime as long as skill button is pushed (uses MP: 30/sec)
      • Like a Dragon (MP: 300 [Special Active])
        • Strikes 3 times with (improved) dragon phantom claws followed by reverse upward swing of (improved) dragon phantom’s tails. Then, shot up toward enemy (in air) with the claw before unleashing a powerful shockwave mid-air.
      • Awakened Will: Dragoon Fighter (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Increase (improved) Dragon Phantom’s attack while gains resistance toward elemental attacks.
      • Awakened One (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Enhances the body even further.
      • Dragon Aura
        • Increase DF’s charging rate and DFF’s time limit by 10 sec.

      Rogue Punisher: Transcendence
      “There’s a beauty… even in death.”
      Skill Lists
      • End of Time (MP: 50 [Active])
        • Summon a pillar made from souls to slow down enemy. Enemy will gradually move slower until they’re stopped (cost 5 MP/sec).
      • Last Embrace (MP: 100 [Special Active])
        • Dash toward the enemy and grab them. Successfully grab the enemy will blast them with dark energy attack. (Return half of MP if failed to grab the enemy).
      • 1 X 0 = Nothingness (MP: 200 [Special Active])
        • Slash-dash forward with Phantom Scythe. Enemy with HP below 50% (excluded boss and PVP) will activated Mark of the Death.
      • Dead Walk (MP: 300 [Special Active])
        • Summon Trace of Deadly Hollow (a long black scarf made by thousands of dead souls) that will automatically attacks any enemy around the character for 50 seconds. Press the skill button again to end it prematurely with powerful shockwave of darkness.
      • Awakened Will: Rogue Punisher (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Further increase the attack power of Fallen One and chances to deal double damage by it.
      • Awakened One (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Enhances the body even further.
      • One Step Further (MP: 0 [Passive])
        • Chances to deflect 75% of enemy’s attack back to them and 5% to activate Mark of the Death.


      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class401386}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level401386}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild401386}}

        The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force:

        Warcry: N/A
        Motto: Nemo mea poena effugit.
        Note: The members of the privateers other than Raven had forgotten their names, they were referred under the codenames comprised of numbers and letters by the Nasods (e.g G-01A89X...). The human names below were actually given to them by Raven.

        Notable members:

        Name: Raven Cronwell.
        Nickname/also known as: Test subject 137, The First.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Captain.
        Occupation: leader of the privateers.
        + Armaments:
        _ Nasod arm.
        _ Mechanical sword.
        _ Grenades.
        _ Binocular.
        _ Radio.
        + Abilities:
        _ Sword & Nasod arm fighting.
        _ Commanding (extremely skilled tactician, skilled strategist).
        _ Piloting, orperating airships, coordinating and calling airstrikes.
        _ Fingerspitzengefühl, coup d'oeil, counducting boarding activities, ambushing, hit-and-run military operations, combined arms warfare.
        _ Raiding and acquistioning of resources.
        Background: After Raven and his Mercenary Knights Company were betrayed and slain to a man, Raven was found by the Nasods. They took him to Altera and at there Raven was reborn into a transhuman by King Nasod. He was controlled and forced to follow the orders of King Nasod against his own wills. The Nasods also captured other humans and lobotomized them, they had lost their memories and being controlled by the Nasods, fighting under Raven's command.
        Personalities: He's prone to burst into angers because of memories in the past and the influences of his Nasod Arm and other implants. King Nasod also exploited the fact that the Nasod Arm would become stronger if being fed with anger emotions, so King Nasod would trigger memories which can make Raven become angry and in turn becoming more effective in combat. However Raven was conscious what he were forced to do were wrong, he tried his best to limit the collateral damage inflicted upon his force's victims and concentrated on acquistioning of resouces while limiting bloodsheds.

        Name: Slashu.
        Nickname/also known as: The Alpha.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Commander.
        Occupation: sub-leader of the privateers.
        + Armaments:
        _ Great sword.
        _ Pistol.
        _ Radio.
        + Abilities:
        _ Sword fighting and pistol maskmanship.
        _ Commanding (average tactician).
        _ Raiding and acquistioning of resources.
        Background: One of the greatest swordsmen of the Black Crow privateers, who was among the first to join the force and climbed the rank to become the second-in-command. He’s often seen at the frontline fighting alongside other privateers.
        Personalities: A short-tempered and gung-♥♥ soldier who is always itching for combats. He absolutely despises and will punish insubordinations and cowards who flee without orders. He’s the most dreaded person in the whole force.

        Name: Tercio .
        Nickname/also known as: Hotshot.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Private.
        Occupation: Sharpshooter & maskmanship drillmaster.
        + Armaments:
        _ Rifle(s).
        _ Pistol(s).
        _ Smoke grenades.
        + Abilities:
        _ Rifle & pistol maskmanship (top grade).
        _ Room breaching.
        _ Small arms usage training.
        Background: He’s extremely good with guns and can score accurate hits with them, whether it’s single shots or bursts. He helps training other privateers in maskmanship.
        Personalities: A gun nut who’s obssessed with both technical aspects of small arms and their performances in combat. He managed to secure a sizeable collection of guns which he acquired beside the standard-issues granted to him. The majority of those small arms were actually scratch-built from spare parts and things which when patched together somehow worked just right.

        Name: Igor.
        Nickname/also known as: Top gun.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Ship master.
        Occupation: Piloting airship.
        + Armaments:
        _ Pistol.
        _ Binocular.
        _ Maps.
        _ Radio.
        + Abilities:
        _ Pistol maskmanship.
        _ Piloting, navigating and oprerating airships.
        Background: One of the soldiers whose tasks are mainly piloting the airship. He's better than all other privateers in that task and offering little else in other field of talents.
        Personalities: Outside of work he’s lazy and can choose to stay on The Black Crow for weeks on end without feeling the needs to leave it.

        Name: Tukha.
        Nickname/also known as: Marshal wannabe.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Chief warrant engineer officer.
        Occupation: Leader of the force’s engineer corp.
        + Armaments:
        _ Pistol.
        _ Pocket calculator.
        _ Tools.
        _ Radio.
        + Abilities:
        _ Pistol maskmanship.
        _ Repairing, maintaining, assembling and improvising machineries.
        _ Excellent memories.
        _ Maths, geometries and engineerings.
        Background: a privateer who’s excelled in applied engineerings. He is also a great theorist in combined arms tactics in modern warfare and advised Raven when they set the frameworks for it.
        Personalities: he’s a strict person when working and fighting, and seems to be easily lost in thoughts when in free time, striving to complete his theories of a mechanized and modern warfare.

        Name: Shrike.
        Nickname/also known as: N/A.
        Gender: male.
        Rank: Quartermaster.
        Occupation: managing logistics.
        + Armaments:
        _ Rifle.
        _ Pocket calculator.
        + Abilities:
        _ Rifle maskmanship.
        _ Math & accounting.
        Background: He manages the logitical issues of the force. He usually deals with the Nasods and Ponggos, exchanging goods and securing supplies for the force. He monitors the storage of equipment, armaments and materials which the force needs, and issuing those stuffs to the ones who will make use of them.
        Personalities: He’s a careful person, very honest and blunt. Prone to make lengthy and detailed reports regarding logistics. Stinky in private life.
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        "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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          Bumping this in case it's seen as a necro
          [No longer playing Elsword] Warframe IGN: Nalucire


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            Hearts of Man, Beast and God Characters

            Figured I go ahead and post information and art on the characters that are present in my current fan fiction, Hearts of Man, Beast and God. Art is drawn by an artist friend of mine that used to play Elsword. PM me if you would like to commission them. I'll get you in touch.



            Quote: "I have nothing else to give... save these words... I'm sorry..."

            Information: Will be revealed in time~


            Quote: "If we are gods, we must be better... than this..."

            Information: Will be revealed in time~

            The information on these characters will be shared once I get the first narrative chapter up!
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              Btw the "The Meritorius Service" part in "The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force" was not invented by me, it was based on lore ingame:


              I also think it's high time we change how we call the creatively named™ The Black Crow, as that name is redundant and confusing since the force utilizing it is already named "Black Crow". I suggest changing the airship's name to Bendigeidfran instead.
              "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                  Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild408970}}

                  This is the source where I got the "Nemo mea poena effugit" phrase mentioned above in Black Crow force's motto: "Warhammer 40000 - War Zone Damocles : Mont'ka" (supplementary Codex), page 110:

                  House Cronwell:

                  Founding: ~500 years ago.
                  Heraldry: Head of a dark horse and a white colored tower below the horse's head, with red colored background .
                  Colors: Red, white and black.
                  Motto: Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.

                  + Allegiances:
                  _ Velder state.
                  _ House Ilych.
                  _ House Grevan.
                  _ The Order of Feita (Feita knights).
                  _ Kinaz school.
                  _ Crow Mercenary Knights Company (before it was destroyed).

                  + Vassals:
                  _ House Williams (cadet branch of House Cronwell).
                  _ House Croix-Rivière.
                  + Rivals:
                  _ Lord Wally of Elder.
                  _ House Felford (after betrayal).

                  House Cronwell is said to be already around at the time of the foundation of what would later become Velder and amongst its oldest and most major Houses of the country's aristocracy, although they themselves have also claimed to be descendants of a lineage which stretched hundreds of years before El Explosion, however that claim couldn't be verified.

                  House Cronwell have maintained a reputation of distinguished services backed by their powerful and robust military mights throughout a large part of their history, most notably their contributions in the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th Velder Civil war, having extinguished many rebellions, participated in many conquests and reconquests of regions in Lurensia...

                  Over the years they have developed, refined and maintained their devastating cavalry units, and House Cronwell's cavalries are among the finest in the entire nation. House Cronwell is so proud of their cavalries, the dark horse has eventually been incorporated into their House Heraldry.

                  Their motto, "Beat your plowshares into swords and pruning hooks into spear" stemmed from a real event when Sir Gregor Cronwell told his peasants and servants to literally hammer their farming and gardening tools into weapons, then led them who were armed with such weapons to achieve a surprising victory, winning through the skin of their teeth.

                  Outside of House Cronwell, the motto has became a widely known, quoted and debated in Velder's military, denoting situations when the armed force has to mobilize properties and manpower originally intended for civilian's usages to try to win in war, no matter the cost.
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                  "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild411522}}

                    Black Crow Force:

                    Nickname(s)/also known as: The Black Fleet, Sentinels of Altera.

                    Warcry: The Black Fleet is the strongest.

                    Motto: There are decades when days happen, and there are days when decades happen.

                    _ Black colored background, at the center is a silver colored raven spreading wings, its head facing toward the left. Inside the silver colored raven symbol there is a black colored cogwheel, and the raven on the banner also has three legs compared to the usual two, 2 legs on its left and right sides, and an extra leg between its left and right legs.

                    _ As least 2 known battleships, named the Bendigeidfran and the Guntram.
                    _ Rifle platoons.
                    _ Shock troop squads (mélee).
                    _ Engineer corp.
                    _ Aircraft crew cadres.
                    _ Special operation unit (classified).

                    After having defeated King Nasod and his forces, Raven Cronwell reformed the The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force into the Black Crow Force. When Raven departed together with El gang, he told the Black Crow Force that one day he would be back to lead them, and arranged a deal so that in the meantime the Black Crow Force would be employed by the Ponggos at Altera, protecting and transporting the Ponggos while in turn the Ponggos would provide them with food, spare parts and supplies.

                    Raven also changed the name of The Black Crow battleship to the Bendigeidfran, though people still occasionally refer to the vessel under its original name when mentioning the vessel from time to time.

                    Notable members:

                    See "The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force" above.
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                    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


                    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class413556}}
                      Level: {{esusrinfo_level413556}}
                      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild413556}}


                      Below I will explain and list inspirations or sources of references which I used to create the characters/institutions/organizations above. These are stuffs I think need explaining:

                      _ The Crow Mercenary Knight Company's warcry "Victorus aut Mortis" is a Latin (technically a language called High Gothic in Warhammer 40000's universe) quote which translates to "Victory or Death" in English, source: I chose that quote because of the foreshadowing meanings of its content (when at the end the CMKC didn't win, they were slaughtered to a man).

                      _ Raven's abilities of Fingerspitzengefühl and coup d'oeil are German and French loanwords, which describe natural abilities of commanders which are intuitive. Source: and , respectively.

                      _ Esprit de corps : French for morale (of military units).

                      _ Equestrian skills: skills of the riders on horseback.

                      _ Lysander's epithet of "Schwerpunkt" is a German term which has no English equivalent, its rough translation is the "center of gravity" or "crucial point", which is an extremely important concept in Germany's military doctrines and military science.

                      _ The motto of The Meritorious Service of Black Crow Privateers Force, "Nemo mea poena effugit" is a Latin (again, High Gothic in-universe) quote, with meanings explained below:

                      "...And the name of the Order shall be the Death Bolts, and their Forge World shall be Esteban VII. The Colours of the Death Bolts shall be red over gold. Their banner shall be quartered, gold against chequered blue and silver, bounded red. Their badge shall be a crossbow bolt ordinary, over an inverse triangle gold. The Grand Master of their founding shall be Maxen Vledig, and their motto shall be "nemo mea poena effugit" - None may escape my vengeance."

                      — From the foundation charter of the Legio Honorum Titan Legion, Collegia Titanica.

                      _ House Cronwell's motto "Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears" is a line in Book of Joel (Joel 3:10 - KJV). Reference source:

                      _ The Black Crow Force's battleships are named so that they still retain the theme naming senses (having crow, raven and overall avian themes in it ) of forces led by Raven:

                      + Bendigeidfran is Welsh for "Blessed Crow" or "Holy Raven", which follows the patterns of its original name (The Black Crow), source:

                      + Guntram is ancient German for "War Raven" or "Battle Raven", source:

                      Simple as that, folks. If there is anything else you don't understand please feel free to ask, I will help you with it. xD
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                      "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


                      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class415618}}
                        Level: {{esusrinfo_level415618}}
                        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild415618}}

                        Really gotta get back to working on my dorks


                        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class416149}}
                          Level: {{esusrinfo_level416149}}
                          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild416149}}

                          Louie, The Guard

                          Lore: A young dark elf living in Varnimyr. When war threatened to come to their lands, he joined Chloe in the invasion of Elrios. But the invasion failed. His own bow destroyed, his allies dead, and his commander missing, Louie only has a scavenged shield and bow as his weapons. Now, trapped in another world and with only enemies around him, he sets out to find a way home.

                          Appearance: Just take your standard dark elf, but make him a male teenager with a slightly customized uniform and wears shoes. The picture above is Griff from Recettear. Take off the glasses, make him a little younger, remove the claws, and change the color of his shirt into gray, and there you have it!

                          Special Ability: Possessing no magic at the start, Louie only has his supply of arrows and his grim determination to see him through, and this reflects in his Vanguard system. He has two things to keep track of, his Arrow Supply and his Bulwark. Being in the military, Louie knows the value of efficiency, and his system lets him use less MP for his skills than other characters.

                          Arrows are needed to fuel Louie's arrow combos and skills. His arrow supply is 20 by default and regenerates by standing still. Bulwark takes the form of a bar underneath Louie's MP bar and is used for his shield combos and skills. The bar has 100 points by default and regenerates 5 points per second. When in Awakening, the consumption of Bulwark and Arrow Supply is halved for all associated skills and combos.

                          Job Paths:

                          Heavy Guard -> Huscarl -> Varangian Guard

                          Shadow Guard -> Janissary -> Secret Service

                          Scout Guard -> Hussar -> Cataphract

                          Weapon: Louie primarily uses a shield, along with a bow. The base form uses a round shield with a composite bow, and this continues in the Scout Guard path. The Heavy Guard path uses a heater shield with a longbow. The Shadow Guard path uses a buckler with a short bow, signifying the path's use of more covert tactics.


                          zzzz - Swipes with the shield three times, the fourth attack is a bash that knocks down.
                          xxxx - Three hits with the bow, followed by shooting two arrows that knock down.
                          zzzxx - Two hits with the shield, followed by a bash that pushes enemies away and shooting two arrows.
                          xxz - Two arrow shots, then a quick step into a swipe.
                          ^z - single jump swipe..
                          ^x - single jump arrow
                          >>zz - dive into an uppercut that launches.
                          >>xx - roll behind target and fire an arrow
                          >>^z - While in midair, bash with the shield
                          >>^xxxx - While in midair, shoot three arrows then three arrows at once.
                          >>^xx - While in midair, backflip upwards and shoot an arrow


                          Shield Bash (Tenacity): Two-hand your shield and smash it forward. Stuns enemies for 2 seconds. 1900% damage. Consumes 10 Bulwark. 90 MP. CD 10 seconds.

                          Triple Shot (Tenacity): Ciel's Triple Shot. Works more of less the same way. 2400% damage. Consumes 4 Arrows. 90 MP. CD 6 seconds.

                          Tangle Shot (Active): Shoot an arrow wrapped in rope to immobilize an enemy. 900% damage. Uses 2 Arrows. 40 MP. CD 5 seconds.

                          Vault (Active): When attacked, jump backward while leaving behind a trap. 450% damage. 30 MP. CD 30 seconds.

                          Shield Charge (Bravery): Take the shield and charge forward. 7500% damage. Consumes 20 Bulwark. 280 MP. CD 25 seconds.

                          Fortify (Buff): Attacks Ignore Defense and gives Damage Reduction to all nearby allies for 10 Seconds. Consumes 5 Bulwark. 50 MP. CD 20 seconds.

                          Piercing Shot (Strength): Aim a powerful shot that ignores defense and pierces enemies. 3600% damage. Uses 6 arrows. 180 MP. CD 15 seconds.
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