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    Currently killing myself by adding ANOTHER character wHEN I'M NOT EVEN DONE WITH THE OTHERS


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      Ayyy guess who's alive? This kid! Ahahaha....

      it's been like 6 months but the part of the first path for Charon is out hooray.


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          I have here a character with only their backstory and character system developed.

          His placeholder name is Oro, from the war god in Polynesian Mythology.

          He is a warrior from the Sunken Continent, the land that sunk to the sea when the El exploded long ago. With the restoration of the El, the Sunken Continent once more rises to the surface, bringing with it a people and culture that developed far differently from the rest of the world. Curious and wary, Oro's people decided to send him outside and see how the world has changed, and to check for any threats that might threaten their homeland.

          Oro uses flails as his main weapon of choice, one for each hand. His is a unique style of combat that almost looks like he's dancing, twisting both his flails and his entire body in dangerous circles around him.

          Isolated away from the El for a very long time, Oro's people turned to another source of power, Henir energy, and their mastery over it has allowed them to produce feats of engineering rivaling even that of the Debrians. Oro's flail is one such example; the head of the flail contains a conduit through which Oro can channel Henir energy into it for various effects.

          Oro's character system is called Momentum.
          • There is a gauge underneath his MP bar where his momentum is collected.
          • Using commands and active skills fills this bar, special and hyper actives consume it.
          • Oro does not need to hit anyone to fill the bar, just using commands and actives are enough.
          • Commands also replenish Oro's MP by 2 per command (.5 in PVP).
          • Each point in the gauge increases his damage by 0.4%. The default amount is 100, but later job classes can increase this number.
          • Once the gauge is filled, Oro will gain increased attack and movement speed, 100% Critical on his commands and actives, and his next special active will cost no MP.
          Reviews and critiques are welcome!



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            OC Character Sheet Part 1 - Character Selection Base

            (Name: Rein) (Age: ??) (Race: Human-Demon) (Gender: Male)

            Weapon: Greatsword

            Classes: Knight
            (1st Path) - Heroic Knight - Sword Dancer - Grand Knight
            (2nd Path) - Elemental Knight - Aether Knight - Red Knight
            (3rd Path) - Knight Prince - Shatter Knight - Sole Survivor
            (4th Path) - Blood Knight - Fury Dancer - Bloody Ruby
            (5th Path) - Aura Knight - Void Fighter - Henir Knight

            =====Base Story=====
            Rein appeared near the Tree of El, sent by his Goddess from another Universe to both recruit Heroes and gain any Magic abilities within. While making his way to the Tree of El, Rein approaches Ain from behind, and witnessing Elsword's battle with a Demon. Rein jumps into action and forces the Demon to flee, attempting to obtain the El. Feeling a connection to Elsword, Rein assists the group in retrieving the El to learn more of the world and the heroes.

            Special Storyline, showing a ''What if'' scenario if Rein assisted the Heroes.
            (Yes I had this Fanstory planned out.)

            =====1st Path will be discussed later, since text limit=====

            i hope you all like this little OC here.
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              OC Character Sheet Part 2 - Character System and 1st Path Description

              =====Specialization and Awakening=====
              - Base - Specialization is locked until 1st Job Advancement. 3rd Stage Awakening is locked until 2nd Job Advancement (Same as Ain).

              =====1st Path Description=====
              The 1st Path focuses on Both Close and Medium Range Combat.

              Specialization gauge will cause a sword to appear and follow each attack. (Does not cause opponent to flinch)
              3rd Stage Awakening will cause an attack to have a 20% chance to cause double damage.

              =====Heroic Knight and Sword Dancer Description=====
              Rein decides to train alongside Elsword and Rena in both Swordsmanship and Unarmed Combat. Although Rein worries of his skills to be weakened, he finds himself start to become sloppy with his attacks. Rein now puts his own life in danger recklessly to better himself and learn from his mistakes in battle.

              =====Grand Knight Description=====
              After seeing Elsword nearly losing his life, Rein starts to question himself if he has forgotten his training with his friends and family. Losing his own confidence from his guilt, Rein is approached by everyone he has assisted being called and selfish and cowardly child. Realizing he has only cared for running from every painful moment, he lost his reason to fight. During his time in the Elrian Sanctum, Rein is approached by his own spirit, mixed with both his World's magic and Henir. Rein decides to not longer hold back his power to protect everyone and to accept every painful memory.

              =====Base and 1st Path Skills will appear later=====

              I hope you all like my OC. I'll try to put images for the description of skills and paths. Might take some time.


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                STILL ALIVE!!!! Anyway, I update my previous work with several changes. Will be updated again in the future
                “Get out from my way…”
                • Basic Job: Lost Closer
                • Weapon: Fist and Kick, Drakreid brace
                • Job Advancement:
                  • Martial Closer → Force Master → Demi-God
                  • Dragon Closer → Dragoon Fighter → Cross Draco
                  • Inverse Closer → Rogue Punisher → Karma Evolution
                Shira had once controlled by evil demon general before he got released by sudden turn of event that end with that demon general’s death. He’s a close range fighter, able to deliver amount of punch and kick in single time to deal a rapid damage to his enemies. Combine with his Drakreid brace, its further increases his power by his dragon power comes from it, leaving his foes under his mercy.

                Special Ability
                Dragon Force: The dragon power reside in his brace is unleashed to further increase his overall power as time passed by. Once it reaches certain limit, he can access the stronger version of it, Dragon Over-Rage for short amount of time.

                He was once a part of mercenary group after he left his homeland for seeking his true self. His combat ability and friendly manners has made him respected among people in his group, gain him a second-in-command position for short amount of time. With his strength, he helps his group into its highest glory of their age. However, it isn’t last for long when his mercenary group join hand with demon subjugation army against the threat of demon. The army was annihilate along with his group and he was taking in as prisoner of war, before he got brainwashed by a demon general who interest to his hidden power. But that doesn’t hold for long too after the demon general tried to seek an ancient power hidden in temple he found, before he got killed and thus release Shira from his clutch.
                Remember all bad things he does when being brainwashed, he got attack by guilt and decide to disappear deep inside the temple. In here, by luck he found a strange old brace that has been eaten by time but unfortunately a group of demon who seeks it attack him. In desperation and fear, he prays to be able to overcome everything he would face and fortunately his pray has been answered by voice comes from the old brace. It release a bright light as it turn into its former form and by using it, Shira defeat those demons.
                Gaining a new power from the brace, he decides to overcome his sense of guilt and move forward once again to find his truest self, as he annihilates everything that stand on his ways, whoever they are.

                Move Lists
                • ZZZZ (charge): Deliver two punch and continue with light uppercut before finishing with one straight punch (last Z can be charged).
                • ZZXX: Deliver two punch before connected by two reversal hook kick.
                • XXXX (charge): Deliver side kick and continue with double roundhouse kick and end with axe kick (last X can be charged).
                • XX: Deliver side kick before do an upper kick while leap backward.
                • →→ZZ: Dash and do double elbow punch.
                • →→ZZZ: Dash and do an elbow punch before step back and deliver straight punch.
                • →→XXX: Dash before do double flying spinning kick and end with axe kick.
                • →→X (hold): Dash and do flying kick.
                • Z: Do straight punch.
                • X: Do drop kick.
                • →→↑ZZZ: Do a series punch before end with fist slam.
                • →→↑XX (charge): Do a dive kick before end with axe kick from air (last X can be charged).
                • →→↑XZ~Z: Do a dive kick twice. If second dive kick connect can be continue by rapid flying kicks (up to 10 hit).
                Skill Lists
                • Fist Combo (MP: 100 [Special Active])
                  • Deliver powerful punch up to three times. Each punch can be charged for extra power (extra MP: 10).
                • Stance (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Activate “Stance” mode. Damage from enemy decrease by 30% and have chance to evade damage entirely. Press Z for single punch and X for single side kick (each attack cost MP: 30). “Stance” can be cancelled by pressing the skill button again or mana completely depleted.
                • Discharge Blaze (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Using power of dragon, unleash a powerful flame attack. The flame ball will travel forward the skill headed.
                • Impact (MP: 60 [Active])
                  • Crash into enemy and stagger them.
                • Ground Crusher (MP: 150 [Special Active])
                  • Kick toward ground to create shockwave.
                • Imperial Rage (MP: 300 [Special Active])
                  • Do series furious punches and kicks before do a charged punch and end with discharging explosion attack. Can be charged before being unleashed.
                • Focus Armor (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase overall defense.
                • Shira’s sanity is questionable as sometimes he just laughing rather than say something in his winning dialog or starting dialog in dungeon/pvp.
                • In the past, his martial arts is actual technical martial arts, but after the event of his brainwashed, it becomes more brawler-like techniques.
                • As he swore to not use any bladed weapon as the pact of his martial arts, he refuses to use any bladed weapon even after his downfall.
                  • However, he break his swore when achieve the 3rd path of Job Class (Inverse Closer and Rogue Punisher), as he used variation of bladed weapons in his combo.
                • His homeland in eastern region and his name is actually reference to the real world country “Japan”

                [1st Job Change]
                Martial Closer

                “Ready for round two?”

                The Martial Closer is more focusing on use his advance martial arts combined with his new weapon Kagutsuchi, unique shape big nunchaku to attack. With a new way to deal his enemy, he doesn’t let go any chances they give to him and would use all their weakness to it fully.

                As his journey to defeating his enemies in front of him going on, he keeps train himself to his limit, come up with more advance style of his early martial arts. However, with only his fist and kick alone, he realizes that it wasn’t enough for upcoming battle, which become more intense and difficult for him. And so, he seeks a weapon that can help his arts to higher realm. Then, by chance he founds an old temple inside a volcano, which sealed an artifact Kagutsuchi for very long time. Defeating guardian that protect that place, he have proving himself to be worthy of using that artifact, who seeks a master for long time. Reaching a new realm of his arts, he then called Martial Closer, the master of blazing chi.

                New Move Lists
                • ZZZZ~Z: After second punch, summon Kagutsuchi to hit once before deliver continuously hit toward enemy (up to 10 hit) (replace old move).
                • →→ZZZ / →→ZZX: Instead of second elbow punch, summon Kagutsuchi and do two horizontal swing attack or finishing with vertical spinning strike.
                • →→↑ZXX: Instead of second punch, summon Kagutsuchi and do triple spinning strike before slam to ground.
                • (Any combo) Z / X: In any last hit, slide back before launch single hit from Kagutsuchi or kick.
                New Skill Lists
                • Three-Point Crash (MP: 120 [Special Active]).
                  • Do three consequence palm strike to enemy. Each strike can be charged for extra damage.
                • Advance Stance (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Added new move in “Stance” mode. Z and X command would use Kagutsuchi, which Z will launch quick strike while X will launch series strikes.
                • Knock it out! (MP: 30 [Active])
                  • Deliver overhead strike. Stagger enemy in contact.
                • Shooting Star (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Jump high to sky before crashing down to ground and create shockwave.
                • Steel Head (MP: 30 [Active])
                  • Headbutt enemy and stun them.
                • Blank Fist of South Star (MP: 300 [Special Active])
                  • Stun enemy with Kagutsuchi before delivering several quick hit at enemy, before the effect of attack off afterward.
                • Flame God’s Will (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase likehood of burning status at every attack. Added burning effect of every attack by small chance.

                Dragon Closer

                “Two in one spirit…” –Shira
                …will bring your destruction!” –Dragon Spirit

                With his power being unleashed, Dragon Closer will bring his power out to its highest. With his dragon power at his arsenal, he can break any enemy on his sight, regardless how much they are.

                New Mechanism
                Dragon Phantom: By pressing (V) button when prompted after some combo, will be followed by attack from dragon phantom.

                When he went to his journey, Shira notices that his dragon power become stronger as time passed by. When he went to meditation, he got contact with Dragon Spirit that resides inside his greaves. Sensing his power, the dragon admit that he got interest on him and was searching for worthy user of his power. Before he can use his power, the dragon gives him a battle trial to see if he is really that worthy enough for his power. Even if the battle end with draw, the dragon laugh as he never felt so exciting like this, and Shira feels the same. In agreement, the Dragon Spirit bestow him with his power as Shira can felt it combine with his soul. With now a two soul becomes one inside one body, he has been called Dragon Closer as he got closer to being a dragon.

                New Move Lists
                1. ZZZX (charge) (V): After the first uppercut, deliver second stronger uppercut engulfed in dragon aura that send enemy fly (last X can be charged).
                2. XZ~ZX (V): Rather than leap backward, do spinning kick engulfed with dragon aura continuously forward. Can be end with X, which deliver front roundhouse kick that send dragon phantom forward.
                3. ↑↑: Do double jump with help of phantom dragon wing.
                4. ↑↑Z/X (charge) (V): After double jump, Z for diagonal dive kick or X for straight kick down to ground (can be charged).
                New Skill Lists
                • Wyvern Flare Impact (MP: 100 [Special Active])
                  • Charging dragon energy at both hand before unleash it as burst strike.
                • Soul Synchronization (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Faster filling Dragon Force second gauge.
                • Bite off! (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Summon Dragon Phantom head and bite enemy once, stagger them.
                • Inferno Way (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Charging one hand with dragon aura before strike the ground and drag it forward, leaving fiery trace on the way.
                • Trust Link (HP: 10% [Active])
                  • Sacrifice bit amount of health to charging Dragon Over-Rage gauge.
                • Dragon Force Form (Dragon Over-Rage gauge: 100% [Special Active])
                  • Unleash true power of Dragon Phantom by become one with it. Skill last for 30 second.
                  • DFF skill combo:
                    • ZZZZ: attack with claw two time before do rising claw attack and end with ground slam.
                    • X / X (charge): quick single fireball / charging fireball with bigger and longer range of attack.
                    • Roar of Ancient Dragon (Specific Active Skill): Roaring with all might and call upon blazing pillar that damage enemies around, before transform back to normal form.
                • Soul of Ancient Dragon (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase the duration of DFF by 5 seconds.

                Inverse Closer

                “Don’t worry, I’ll shoulder all of your grudge and hatred.”

                With dark power come from Dark-El assimilate into him, Inverse Closer would bring the fast end toward anyone who’s become his target. By become one with his shadow, no one can escape from his sentence.

                New Mechanism
                Brotherhood of Fallen Soul: Calling his death comrade’s souls to assist him in combat. By pressing Z or X in certain middle of combo or skill at right timing (known as ‘flashing’ in frame), Shira will call Fallen Brothers to assist him in attack, give extra damage into his combo.

                Over his journey, Shira has been haunted by sense of guilt by being only one who survive at that event, believe that he doesn’t deserve to live for long. At the end of his madness, when he almost suicide by drowning himself in a strange black lake, he felt like drown deeper to something else. In the middle of darkness, he saw his fallen comrade looking toward him from far away. He wants to reach them, but has stopped as they said, “This isn’t time for you to join us, but we will always beside you.” Encourage by his new determination, he burst out from his subconscious and from lake as the unknown energy flowing inside him as he can saw his fallen comrades on his side. He knows that he isn’t alone again, as they will move forward and face the challenge in front of them together, life or death.

                New Move Lists
                • ZZZXX: After second punch, summon a sword out from shadow and stab ground, before unleash two more strike with the sword. [Last Z will summon Fallen Soul that slash forward without knockdown in ‘flashing’. Last X will summon Fallen Soul to launch enemy before falling down in ‘flashing’]
                • X↓XZ~Z: After leaping backward, throw several shadow knife toward enemy (up to 15 hits).
                • →→XXXX: Rather than flying kick after dashing, do slide kick before do spinning handstand kicks. [Last X will summon Fallen Soul that stab ground with great sword in ‘flashing’]
                • →→↑ZZX: Rather than fist slam, strike down with phantom sword. [Last X will summon Fallen Soul that do circular slash in ‘flashing’]
                New Skill Lists
                • Soul Crack (MP: 120 [Special Active])
                  • Grab enemy before blast them to air with dark energy attack. ‘Flashing’: press skill button once again in right time will summon two Fallen Soul that will strike enemy down in X shape.
                • Grudge Flowing (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase attack power of Fallen One and decrease the chance of knockdown by its attack.
                • Dark Hazard (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Spread out black smoke that will slow down enemy and damage them overtime.
                • Shadow Mark (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Throw a shadow dagger to enemy to mark them. Press the skill button again to teleport toward the marked enemy.
                • Breakdown (MP: 300 [Special Active])
                  • Unleash all dark energy and fallen souls into big vortex that damage the surrounding enemy. ‘Flashing’: press the skill button once again in right time will unleash a second stronger vortex.
                • Phantom Mirror (MP: 250 [Special Active])
                  • Duplicate oneself with shadow. Added double attack as the HP decreasing as long as the skill active. Press the skill button once again to unleash burst of dark energy and end the skill prematurely.
                • Possession (MP: 0 [Passive]
                  • Strengthen all flashing skill and added mana burn in every flashing attacks.

                [2nd Job Change]
                Force Master

                May the heaven with you.”

                With Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami at his hands, Force Master is able to unleash more powerful technique and be able to reach enemy far from him. There’s no one who can escape from him as their fate has been determined.

                After defeating every force that have come to him, Shira realize that the Kagutsuchi is still not in its true potential. He then return to the temple where he found it to search a clue about its history. He then found that Kagutsuchi is actually separated into two piece, a nunchaku and the third part which belongs to real form of it. He then goes to travel to search off where it is from the clue he got in temple. After long journey, he finally found where it was, as the opposite of previous temple, it keep hidden inside a temple covered in endless blizzard that not let anyone got close to it. Thanks to Kagutsuchi’s fire power, he’s able to force himself toward the temple, which actually the first trial. Goes deeper into temple, he met the final trial to see if he really worth to wield the true form of Kagutsuchi, by defeating the previous use spirit that has protecting the temple for over hundred years. Proven with all of he can, Shira has defeating the spirit as it accept him as the next successor of second part of Kagutsuchi, Kuraokami. And thus, he become the next Force Master, the one who balancing the force of nature.

                New Move Lists
                1. ZZX~X: After second punch, summon Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami to deliver continuously strike before ending with circular shockwave (replace old combo).
                2. →→ZXXX: After elbow punch, summon Kuraokami to deliver couple strike before strike the ground and create small ice shard forward.
                3. (Any combo) ↓Z / ↓X: In any last hit, using Kuraokami to either strike down the enemy or create ice pillar forward.
                New Skill Lists
                • Force Stance (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Added continuation of skill attack. Z button: press Z button again to summon Kuraokami to quickly strike once and alternately between Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami continuously. X button: Kagutsuchi now will launch flame strikes and then alternately switch to Kuraokami that will launch ice strikes.
                • Freeze Out (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Strike the ground to create ice pillar with Kuraokami before kick it and send it forward. Enemy who got hit by ice pillar have high chance to get freeze status.
                • Balance of Blaze and Blizzard (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Every hit by Kuraokami will have chance to give freeze status on enemy as well as Kagutsuchi’s burning status chance.
                • Point Blank (MP: 40 [Active])
                  • Strike enemy with strong shockwave. The closer the enemy, the higher chance to stun them.
                • Convert Mind (HP: 5% of remaining HP [Active])
                  • Transfer certain amount of HP to recover MP. Skill can’t be use f HP is lower than 30%.
                • Naraka Ascending (MP: 150 [Special Active])
                  • Using Kagutsuchi to launch enemy into air before shoot them with couples of fire ball.
                • Winter Descending (MP: 300 [Special Active])
                  • Swing Kuraokami while slowly float to the air before dive down and create countless ice pillar around.
                • Balance Breaker (MP: 300 [Hyper Active])
                  • Use Kagutsuchi and Kuraokami to create twin tornado of flame and ice before fuse them together and explode into devastating force of blaze and blizzard.

                Dragoon Fighter

                Ignition On! Let’s blaze them up!

                As Dragoon Fighter, he’s now able to unleash his dragon power more effectively along in his progress into a dragon-like being. With his numerous strength of dragon and now his partner is literary become a part of him, nothing would dare to stand on his blazing road.

                As his journey become longer and his enemies become stronger too, he found that the side effect of become one of Dragon Spirit has slowly turn him into a half-dragon half-human-like being. Even though he was ready to abandon his humanity in search for more power, his partner warn him that his current body would be break out due massive amount of power he got after for so long using his dragon power. However, it say that there’s a way to prevent it by creating a secondary catalyst aside from his body and the brace to hold the surplus of power without damaging his body further. Later, he found a strange ancient Nasod unit that has been forgotten for might be hundreds of years, but after he check it, most of part is still intact and can be usable for other way around.
                Let’s use it as part of catalyst.
                After stripping down any usable component and part and reverse-engineering it with his only known knowledge of Nasod technology, he’s able to upgrade his brace and gain more armament that would act as catalyst of his power. Not only that, it was surprising that the Dragon Spirit is able to possessing the newly unit body and able to act independently out from his body.
                Even with this freedom, I still respect you as my partner. The only human I acknowledge for so long.
                Together, they’re now stepping on fiery road, a way that no one ever dare to cross into them. Together, they’re known as Dragoon Fighter.

                New Move Lists
                • ZZXX~X (charge): After second punch, engulf the fist with fire before launch several flame fist forward. Last X can be charge.
                • →→↑XZ~Z (new variant): The upgrade of previous combo. The rapid flying kicks now engulfed in fire and last Z change into back leap while summoning Armored Dragon Phantom to spit single fire blast to enemy.
                • →→→: With help of (improved) dragon phantom wing, able to make second dash.
                • →→→Z: After second dash, do a spinning wing attack forward.
                • →→→X: After second dash, do wing slam forward.
                New Skill Lists
                • Improved Phantom Dragon (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase all attack, active and special active power that use (improved) phantom dragon parts by 10%.
                • Combustion Trail (MP: 200 (Special Active)
                  • Summon (improved) phantom dragon head on front before continuously shoot out laser-like flare forward and slowly rise it up.
                • Draconic Match! (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Shira and the Dragon’s bond are unbreakable! Decreasing any damage come toward Shira by 5% and have 3% chance to summon (improved) dragon phantom to block all incoming attack completely.
                • Tail Back (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Using (improved) dragon phantom tail to catch enemy and pull them over.
                • Hyper Link (♥♥: 10% [Active])
                  • Instead of own health, charge Dragon Over-Rage with ♥♥ point.
                • Ignition Burst (MP: 150 [Special Active])
                  • Catch enemy with (improved) phantom dragon claw before burst them with powerful explosion. Press the skill button again (MP: 50) to throw enemy forward and make them explode afterward.
                • Your Wrath, My Wrath (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • When HP is below 30%, increase the overall attack power by 150% but lower overall defense by 50%. Dragon Over-Rage gauge also increased faster.
                • Infinity Dragon Mode (MP: 300 + Dragon Over-Rage gauge at 100% [Hyper Active])
                  • Unleash the more powerful form of Dragon Force. Enter and increase all stats in Dragon Force Mode by 300% for 30 seconds (this skill didn’t affected by Soul of Ancient Dragon skill).

                Rogue Punisher

                “You won’t be able to understand… the deep of this darkness…

                As his darkness has evolve to new level, Rogue Punisher have more focusing on quick but deadly attack while trusting his back to the soul of his fallen comrade who will always beside him. No one know they’re not facing a single assassin but the whole army of death.

                Over his journey, Shira has found that his power over darkness and death has increasing as the death souls of his comrades also become stronger. Every time he took life, something is gone from him, but his death comrades are there to fill the hole. As his power on his peek, he finally understood that he is no longer walk besides living alone, as he is now also walks beside deaths as well. He have become a being between life and death, taking but accepting the souls of death. Now, no one would safe when he’s around to punish what he sees wrong, as he is now a Rogue Punisher.

                New Move Lists
                • ZZZZX (New combo, old one isn’t possible anymore): After stabbing the ground, do a double circular slash forward. [The X will summon Fallen Soul to do another circular slash forward in ‘flashing’]
                • X↓XX (hold): rather than leaping backward, staying at air before delivering powerful eagle dive slash (attack can be charge for extra power)
                • →→ZX~X: After first elbow punch, summon a phantom scythe and do dash slash forward (the direction can be change by pressing either direction button before the X)
                New Skill Lists
                • Death Tell No Tale (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Increase the overall attack power of Fallen Soul (stacked with Grudge Flowing). Chance of instant death toward any enemies that got hit by Fallen Soul with HP below 30% (excluding boss and PVP).
                • Dead Harvest (MP: 150 [Special Active]
                  • Summon Phantom Scythe before delivering powerful slash with it. Chances of activating Mark of the Death, which automatically kill enemy with HP below 25% (excluding boss, PVP will took 10% of player HP)
                • Dead Trap (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Summon Hands of Fallen Soul in ground. Decrease enemy movement and chances of staggering enemy.
                • Chain of Rebellion (MP: 200 [Special Active])
                  • Throw several Phantom Chain forward and bring any enemy caught by it toward Shira. Enemy will continuously taking damage until they are in front of him.
                • Kill Count (MP: 50 [Active])
                  • Mark enemy with Phantom Scythe and give them debuff. The more got marked, the stronger the effect is.
                • Orchestra of the Fallen (MP: 300 [Special Active])
                  • Shira summon countless Fallen Soul that will attack anything around him. Chances to instigate Fear debuff and defense broken toward enemy.
                • Grim Contract (MP: 0 [Passive])
                  • Have 5% chances of avoiding death when HP reach 0. Return 15% of full HP afterward but decrease overall defense.
                • Till Life Pull Us Apart (MP: 300 [Hyper Active])
                  • Shira absorb every single Fallen Soul into himself. Increase overall stats by 500% for 30 second. Leave HP at 1% after the effect is gone.


                • Class: {{esusrinfo_class382359}}
                  Level: {{esusrinfo_level382359}}
                  Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild382359}}

                  OC Character Sheet Part 3 - Base Class
                  ''The magic here, it is something we need...''

                  Rein has centuries of training under his Goddess and his friends. Specialized in many combat techniques, he always uses his favorite Greatsword, Hikari, named after his Mother. He as well uses many forms of magic, even using the aura to his advantage. Although his talents with magic is overwhelming, Rein only relies on his skills instead of his power, never wanting them to rust.

                  Going through many resets and obtaining new forms of magic throughout many universes, Rein and his allies are at war with a darker version of his Goddess and in a battle that cannot be won. The Goddess, Ivris, has Rein to travel to other universes to gain and give new magic he discovers to his allies to fight against their enemy. While looking through many universes and dimensions, Ivris senses new magic abilities and sends down Rein. Before they can pick an appropriate location, Rein and his allies were suddenly attacked. After having Ivris to flee, Rein's allies prepare to send him to a random location. Now unable to return until his mission is complete, Rein prepares himself of any dangers he may encounter.

                  Move List
                  • ZZZZ: Swing twice at the enemy, then swing your weapon down and deliver a final blow.
                  • ZZXX: Swing twice at the enemy, then use your magic to strike the enemy and enchant your sword to deliver the final blow.
                  • XXX: Use your magic from a distance twice then enchant your sword to blow your enemy away.
                  • XXZ: Use your magic from a distance twice then throw yourself towards the enemy and strike them down with your sword. (Z can be charged)
                  • >>ZZZ: Swing your blade once, then kick them after the attack, ending with a strike of your sword to pass your enemy.
                  • >>X: Hop up in the air and swing your sword down on the enemy.
                  • ^Z: Swing your blade while in the air.
                  • ^X: Hover in the air and launch a magic attack at your enemy. (X can be charged)
                  • >>^ZZ: Jump into the air and swing your sword twice, sending your enemy down to the ground.
                  • >>^XX: Swing your sword upwards and end with a kick, sending your enemy higher into the air.

                  Skill List
                  Level 1
                  Blade Rush [Active] MP: 30/Cooldown: 6 Seconds
                  • Rush forward and swing your sword, striking the enemy multiple times.
                  Magic Blast [Special Active] MP: 100/Cooldown: 14 Seconds
                  • Pierce your enemy with your sword, then overload your magic to push the enemy away.
                  Level 5
                  Shattered Lance [Special Active] MP: 150/Cooldown: 20 Seconds
                  • Create a Lance from a shattered dimension and strike your enemies to the air.
                  Level 10
                  Crimson Ripper [Special Active] MP: 250/Cooldown: 29 Seconds
                  • Use the enemies blood and cause it to rip anyone to shreds nearby.
                  Level 15
                  Element Strike [Special Active] MP: 100/Cooldown: 13 Seconds
                  • Toss a concentrated magic ball and have the magic release on the enemies.
                    • Fire - Sets enemy on fire for 3 seconds
                    • Ice - Freezes enemy for 3 seconds
                    • Nature - Poison enemy for 3 seconds
                    • Lightning - Stun enemy for 3 seconds
                  Level 20
                  Grand Assault [Special Active] MP: 300/Cooldown: 30 Seconds
                  • Swing your sword at the enemies multiple times, ending with enchanting your blade and send your enemies away.
                  Battle Ready [Active] MP: 50/Cooldown: 20 Seconds/Duration 8 Seconds
                  • Increase all of your attacks. (Excluding Special Actives)

                  • Although it is not mentioned, Rein's left arm is an android's limb, made by one of his closest friends.
                  • Rein is the only character to have Heterochromia, his left eye being blue and right eye being red.
                    • His red eye also signifies his Demon side.
                  • Despite everyone losing their memories of Ain, Rein is the only person to have his memories of Ain intact, even as well seeing and communicating with him.
                  • During his travel, there are many demons that respect Rein for the amount of power he holds and able to hold his own against him. Even Hennon smiled proudly at him.
                  • Rein acts as an older brother to Lu because she reminds him of his sister.
                    • Rein even sometimes mistakenly call Lu ''Little Sister'', instantly correcting himself with either ''Luciela'' or ''Kid''.


                  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class383933}}
                    Level: {{esusrinfo_level383933}}
                    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383933}}

                    OC Character Sheet Part 4 - 1st Path = 1st Job

                    Heroic Knight
                    ''I can't let everyone down...not after everything.''
                    Training alongside Elsword and Rena, Rein starts to go under pressure of defeating his enemies very quickly. Not wanting his skills to become weaker, he decides to throw himself into battle recklessly. Now putting his own life in danger, Rein starts to feel like he is losing himself. Rein decides to better himself through his mistakes, putting his friends' safety first before his own.

                    Heroic Knight
                    1. Eliminate the following monsters in 2-2 Banthus Cave.
                    • 5 Big Brothers
                    • 1 Giant Brother
                    2. Clear 2-3 Underground Waterway once.
                    3. Collect William's Sword from William Phoru in 2-4 Suburbs of Wally's Castle.
                    4. Clear 2-5 Wally's Castle once.

                    Level 15
                    Cross Slash [Special Active] MP: 200/Cooldown: 17 Seconds
                    • Slice through your enemies swiftly, turning back to them and slice them again.
                    Halberd [Active] MP: 30/Cooldown: 6 Seconds
                    • Summon a halberd and toss it forward, causing damage to anyone near it.
                      • 10% to cause bleed effect for 5 seconds.
                    Hero's Destiny [Passive]
                    • Mana Gain 10%
                    • 10% chance to turn Fire/Freeze/Poison debuff into Determined Buff (5 stacks max)
                    • Determined: Increase Damage by 10% each stack.
                    Level 25
                    Blade Assault [Special Active] MP: 100/Cooldown: 11 Seconds
                    • Surround yourself with multiple bladed weapons, pushing your enemies away.
                    Level 30
                    Metal Breaker [Active] MP: 35/Cooldown: 7 Seconds
                    • Kick your enemies, breaking their armor.
                    • Lowers Enemy's Defense by 25% (Stacks 2 Max)
                    Deadly Blow [Active] MP: 40/Cooldown: 8 Seconds
                    • Slice your enemies with an enhanced blade.
                    • Causes Bleed Effect for 5 seconds.
                    Level 35
                    Triple Slash [Special Active] MP: 300/Cooldown: 30 Seconds
                    • Stun your enemies with the 1st Slash, Slicing through your enemies with the 2nd Slash, then charge your final slash behind the enemy.
                    Level 40
                    Sword Master [Passive]
                    • 5% chance to enhance your damage by 5% while using Command/Active Skills. (Stacks up to 6 max)

                    Additional Combos
                    >>ZZXX: After the >>ZZ combo, continue by summoning a sword and pierce your enemy, finally slicing your enemy away.
                    >>^ZXX: After slicing the enemy in the air, kick your enemy then send your enemy down with two summoned swords.
                    XZ~Z: After striking your enemy once with magic, charge forward and repeatedly strike your enemy with your sword.

                    Author's Notes
                    Although I like to continue, my legs are feeling really really sore and I haven't posted in a while, so I decided a little teaser for the 1st Path. I promise the next one will show 2nd job, Transendence, and 3rd Job.


                    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class383977}}
                      Level: {{esusrinfo_level383977}}
                      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild383977}}

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