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    Fan Skills/Commands/Passives.

    A place where anyone can post their fantasy skill.

    I made some skills as an idea of what the Re:boot could be. There was no point in holding on to these since the re:boot is already out. Now they're just what my ideas are for what skill the third job could have if they have their own skill tree, meaning not just having an HA as a new skill when you advance, instead you get 2-3 braveries/strengths or something of that sort. and some command changes
    I'm a raven main but I'm thinking about making one for MP and FP too later down the line. only a few have skill icons.
    Furious Blade:
    SPOILERInfinite Slash
    Infinite Slash.png

    Become one with time, striking enemies in a blind flurry of attacks in unimaginable speeds.

    [The skill is a lesser version of Extreme Blade, Furious Blade is the next stage of Blade Master meaning a skill like this isn't so taxing to him, he would already be able to do it more frequently without much trouble. That's the idea behind this skill, it lacks the black hole effect with a trade of him launching himself further away, the skill execution is much shorter than Extreme Blade being on the same length as Hypersonic Stab awaken.
    Each Slash does 320% slashes in total does 20 hits with the final slash doing 2050%]
    [Bravery] Final Enhanced Skill
    Damage is increased by 1.2 times.
    Level Required Endless beatdown Slash Max hit
    Level 99 320% 2050% 20 1
    [Enhanced] 432% 2460%

    Relativity Strike

    Track strong enemy down with light speed blink attacks. Targeting boss/miniboss prioritized.

    [Furious Blade will hold his blade with both his human arm and nasod arm and perform a back and forth assault to the strongest enemy in the skill search range. If the enemy dies before the skill finishes, he will move to the next appropriate target or end prematurely. This skill will always target stronger enemies depending on their overall stats and HP, meaning that all the damage will go in unless that target dies regardless of how far the target is. While this skill only stays to one target, the afterimage stream attacks have a further enough range to damage anything surrounding it aswell. Search Range is a massive ovaloid shape that extends furthers on its X-axis and Z range to prevent it from stopping on warped maps and can be used to shortcut certain section (as long as the enemy is strong enough to be a target if present with others).
    NOTE: if the more than one enemy has the same stats then it will pick the closest one and pvp range is reduced significantly]
    [Bravery] Final Enhanced Skill
    Skill Execution Speed Increase
    Cooldown 27 sec
    Level Required Stream Storm Assault Max hit
    Level 99 190% 870% 1~16 1~14

    Rage Hearts

    SPOILERArchenemy - Magpie
    Rage Offspring Magpie.png
    122312321 Drone w123.png
    Open a crude dimensional door to summon and construct Magpie.
    Attacks nearby enemies and will do a special attack once Core launches.

    Summon this thing along with archenemy and Nasod Core up then watch the chaos ensues. The Special Attack would be the same type of attack the Core launches, Magpie will change shape and launch itself to the enemy who was hit by the Core instantly reviving the core, it will come back but be under internal CD. When its HP reaches a certain point it will grant a 30 second buff to the user giving them 10% Attack damage increase, once it dies itself-destruct damaging anything around it.
    Stats are N/A at this time but it's a Strength skill.
    I'll make fannon-lore for this little guy later. All you need to know is that it's a Nasod that has only one legit emotion: Anger.
    The image below the top one shows its normal mode

    SPOILERGiga Impaler

    Giga Impaler.png

    Reworked command


    Fatal Claws.png
    This command really needs a visual rework in the worst way. Valak ain't that interesting, he's just a recolor.
    Yes maybe I did ripped off Ashura but does she really care, she knows her claws slash are sexier than the bitmap file that stretches out on my screen that is zzzx.

    There's still more to go so reserving this for NI since I did the most with him but still got a few fan skill for RH so expect more for him feel free to give feedback, yes some of these do look like they need to be HA my bad if my effects are a bit overwhelming or the range is too large..

    I would like to see some of your ideas for your mains so pls feel free to post on here.

    1. Well, the obvious if you're gonna repost someone's works ask first and give credit.
    2. The fan Skill can be just a Skill Icon it doesn't have to be as nearly as detailed as an actual 3d image of the skill or animation. it can be just text either.
    3. Requires some good level of calc and math when making a balance passive skill so do take that in mind.
    4. Balance isn't always key here, you can make whatever you want just let others know your intentions,
    5. Skill description has to have an idea of what the character is doing, something KoG failed at doing at times.
    6. Never go full KoG on your skill for your mains.
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    Rage Hearts: Active Skill
    Dark Dive.pngDarkness Dive
    Dark Dive.png
    (White Slash act as the hit indicator)

    RH uses his nasod arm to slash forward and back in quick succession. (I was gonna call it bloodbath or Terror Raid) but decide to save that name for Elesis and Lu fan skills I'm designing right now.
    Rage Heart will launch himself through enemies slashing them 3 times consecutively the travel speed is almost the same as ALS_3.png, you can press the skill repeatedly for him to slash back and forth. The skill has a vacuum effect in the center where the giant claw slashers are.
    The reason for this skill is to link to combos and an easy catch skill.

    Stats will be out soon when I'm done with it.

    Furious Blade's Relativity Strike Image:

    Relative Strike.png
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    This is my struggle


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      Nova Imperator:

      Skills: Bravery/Strength+

      Crow Raid
      blCrow Raid.png

      HTML Code:
      Skill Type: Bravery
      Level Requirement: 99
      MP cost: 300
      Cooldown time: 20 sec
      Damage: Magical
      Fire 3 large rounds from your nasod arm, then summon a cyborg crow to ride and slice them causing them to explode prematurely onto your enemies in a massive chain of explosions.

      [The idea behind this skill is to give NI some mobility, a skill that moves him around a bit to connect with his combos of skills to use afterward, Take on the front wave, then finish the rest with a skill like Ignition Crow was this skill intention. I thought it would be cute for him to have a giant robot crow of his own that he rides around, I mean it's not safe riding a crow made of actual fire.]

      He shoots three large rounds, they pierce, then quickly gets on a giant crow that catches up to the rounds allow him to slice them up in midair causing them to explode leaving a chain of destruction in his path. By saying his explosion are unnecessary is insulting.
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      This is my struggle


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        one more Reserve okay done now!

        This is my struggle


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          You made those photos how?

          Also, just a command or 2 off the top of my head:
          >>XZXZ~Z [x6]

          Rose fires 2 shots and jumps past her target, performs a low kick and binds them with her chain (lasts .7s) then proceeds to lash the blazes out of them with the razors under her gun barrel. Has a chance to inflict bleed per slash (taken from her passive).

          >>ZZXZ [hold] (changes her base combo from a launch kick)

          Perform a sliding kick and use the chain blade to flip your target around then perform countless kicks while restraining them. (Chain hits with this command have a chance to inflict bleed from her passive)

          I only say this cause since she's so reliant on making her targets suffer and draws energy from it, she should have at least one way to inflict the necessary debuff without having to use a [specific] skill to get it (and then fail to apply anything because everyone and everything is either debuff immune or has wind resistance stacked out the wazoo).

          Of course once the binding on the first one ends, it can be mb'ed like normal (or before that part), the 2nd one if restrained won't allow it, but since she has no kick passives I don't see anything wrong with it.

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          I still don't like you.
          당신을 찾을 날 게 하지 마십시오. 당신은 그것을 후회 합니다.


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            cant really explain it well but i'll try:

            new strength/bravery skill code sariel ~ eve fires a beam from each hand(photon flare animation) to her sides, on each side is an el spectrum that splits the beams in a circular radius

            to get a visualization, picture eve firing a beam into mirror ball on both sides of her.

            each side covers 270 degrees, the hitbox is unified on each side so no damage loss, can be activated in the air.

            additional effect added to one of the passives: energy needles give all things hit a debuff which makes all beam attacks do 50% more damage to them

            spinning spiral spectrum active changed to mini photon trackers. remains an active stats and mp cost slightly increased


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              How about this:

              Dreadlord Tenacity skill: Dark Chain. Ciel throws a knife connected to a chain that pierces several enemies. Pressing the skill key again drags those enemies back to you (or you to them if they're too big). Could be good in PVP, but just another Ciel switch option in PVE.

              Noblesse Bravery skill: Spear Blast. Lu sticks her spear into Ciel's blaster and he fires it with extreme prejudice. When used with souls, the spear will ignore defense by 20% per soul.

              Royal Guard Tenacity skill: Nutcracker. Ciel two-hands his gunblades and fires two shots. Does not pierce. These shots are highly accurate with 100% critical hit rate and additional 10% critical damage, and can be used in midair. Mostly a bossing tool.

              Storm Trooper Bravery skill: Particle Cannon. Shoots her laser rifle up into the air to bounce off a satellite and into the enemies below, Nasod Carrier style. This fixes some of her problems in curved maps.
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                All for NI:

                Last Resort: Now has a toggle option. It can either have the resurrection function that it has now, or:

                When reaching 20% HP, attack speed increase by 15% and damage +40% for 10 seconds (+10% damage in PvP). After 10 seconds, gain a debuff for 5 seconds that burns 10% max HP per second (NI cannot die from this HP loss). This effect has a CD of 60 seconds.

                New passive: Uncontrollable Heating (can be toggled on or off):

                Mercenary Behaviour's effects changed: No overheat recoil damage below 40% -> 10% HP, Overheat recoil reduction removed. Permanently decrease max HP by 20% and increase damage taken by 40%, but Overheat buff effect increased from 5% -> 15% (Overheat Mode Activated applies as normal) and skills that can be Overheated gain even more additional damage when Overheated.

                Not quite sure what to do with these passives in PvP, only took PvE into account.
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                  New Lu Strength (to replace the god awful Descent Spear KoG decided to add in Re:Boot)

                  Steel Queen's Decree

                  - Harkening back to her days as the Steel Queen, Lu takes her recovery into her own hands to help Ciel bear the burden, fighting alongside him at the front line. Cooldown of 20 seconds
                  Summoning animation: Pulls out a soul spear and does a large circular swing (can be performed in midair), deals 4500%.
                  Buff effect: The Soul Spear remains on the field, hovering behind you (yes, quite like Descent Spear, but not as useless). The spear attacks whenever you use a command attack, dealing an additional 200% Magical Damage per hit. Combination Skill animation speed is also increased by 20% for the duration. Lasts for 15 seconds.
                  Traits: Haste / Killing Blow (1)

                  Passive adjustment:

                  Communication - Duet

                  Effect revamped entirely. Soul effects (Crit Damage/Defense) moved to be part of new Spiritual Enhancement.

                  - When chaining Demonic Breath into Eschaton, Ciel will appear during Demonic Breath's animation and fire Eschaton immediately, rather than both doing the combination skill afterwards. (Similar to Double Cast on AeS)
                  - Tapping the skill key during FI-1 will cause Lu to appear and slash enemies with a Soul Spear near Ciel, protecting him from harm up to 3 times. Ciel cannot be damaged for 1s every time Lu is summoned. FI-2 will only chain if the third slash is performed.
                  - Allows Steel Queen's Decree to chain into Rain of Chaos, even when performed in the air. If performed in the air, Ciel will crash down into the ground as he sets up the magic circle to summon the large spear for the combination skill, independently from Lu's animation again, just like the Demonic Breath/Eschaton chain.


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                    Editing a comment
                    Looking at Descent Spear again. It could have been Spectral Spear's mod version and no one would notice.
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                  ZZZZ - Revamped to Ain using a void blade.

                  XXXX - Revamped to El bullets are replaced with bigger void fragments that fire from slightly behind. Void Spears Pierce. Last Z turns into a sped-up void hole that summons small void spears to stab into it (basically the last part of the >>ZZZ[X ]combo, only faster). Void Hole only activates once target has 3 'Encroaching Choas' debuffs and uses up the debuff.
                  Henir mode burns -1 MP from targets on last X. XXX become Void Spears
                  XXX<X becomes a black flame, keeping the original effect.
                  XXX^X becomes a torrent a henir energy followed by an explosion that launches up.

                  XXZZ - Revamped to fire 2 Void fragments, throw scythe forward then last Z has Ain summon a small void hole in his hand that draws in targets.
                  Henir mode has last Z, Ain phases towards the target and do 2 hits.

                  >>^ZZZX - Revamped into Ain does his slashes then teleports down and leaves a area of choas that does 10 hits in front of him, only 3 hits have hitstun. Cost 7 MP. Super Armor.
                  Henir mode has area of choas radius bigger.

                  Hölle von Gott
                  300 MP, 20 CD
                  Ain Summons 5 giant void fragments on an diagonal from about and fires them down onto the area in front. Spears Either stay into the target or ground, then Ain summons a void hole in his hands, throws it in the area in front then makes it expand then explode. Henir Release Summons One more spear. ENCHANCED EFFECT- Spears are bigger.
                  Spears -1700 x 5
                  Void Hole - 2310

                  Spears would have their own hitboxes so would take positioning on small-medium sized targets. Void Hole has a slight black Hole effect upon expanding and hits 2 platforms above and below. Can be used in Air.


                  New Belief

                  Added Effect to replace all the goddess weapons with the power of Henir. Changes all combos cosmetically.
                  Sword->Void Blade
                  El bullets-> Void Fragments
                  Also effects
                  Sakrosankt Zertreten, Erst · Bohren, and Explosion to become henir themed while keeping their damage and effects the same.
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                    MAD PARADOX


                    200MP, 27 CD

                    Add Floats and grabs his head causing the screen to crack in a medium area around him, then winces into himself and the screen cracks more and a little further. Then Add Yells and the cracks explode dealing big damage and launching targets. Use DMP 1 - increase damage by 10%. Use DMP 2 - Causes groggy on each hit. Enhanced- Shortens Cooldown by 5 seconds.
                    1st crack- 2000%
                    2nd crack-2300%

                    targets freeze during the first and second hit but then launched in different directions when hit with last hit.


                    Time Interference

                    Adds 'Stop', recoveres 150 DP and 50MP in non awaken and 150 MP and 50 DP in awaken if last hit hits. (pvp 10 MP/DP)
                    tbh i think this would help with DP/MP management a bit.

                    Awakened Will-

                    Added Additional 60% Chance to gain 2 extra DMP.
                    Would help with his damage output since all his skills need at least 2 DMP to be decent.


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                      DreamKR just gave me inspiration for a new Noblesse Trans skill.

                      Soul Burst: Strength skill. Lu charges up souls into her fist and grabs the nearest enemy. Said enemy explodes from the energy and damages all other nearby enemies. The damage on the target that was grabbed goes through defense. Damage increases per gathered soul. Useful for enemies that have high defense (like the Freak Guardians while charging).

                      Fantasy Impromptu 1st Rework: Ciel summons a shadow who will do FI-1's gunblade attack, while he uses the blaster. The shadow will copy Ciel's movement. Invincible for the duration of the skill.

                      Freyja skill:

                      Air Burst - Bravery skill, can only be used in midair. Throw a bomb that releases highly explosive gasses over a large area. Press the skill again to detonate the gasses. The mod version just detonates the gasses immediately over a smaller area, but with greatly increased damage.



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