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A Teaser of What's to Come

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    A Teaser of What's to Come

    Hey all! I've been busy working on... 4 I think it is now? Four different projects right now. Most of them are related to my huge 'Elrios Project' and I needed to post something. So here is a piece of what I am working on. If you need context on this, read the following stories I've made:

    A Bright Bond

    Also, listen to the clip I am providing as you read. Adds to the experience I'd say. Enjoy!

    I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. Edith said the spirits here could… make this hunk of Dark El remember my words. But since when do the spirits ever listen to me…? They’ve never listened to me. They never listened to me on the other side; why would they here? I don’t have Rena’s…


    Even after all this time I still think of her. That frie-

    Can I even still call her that? After all that’s happened? After all those years of standing in her shadow, being a mere shade in front of everyone else. And all because she was just lucky! Lucky to be born with the gift to speak to the
    eolin-i! What if it was me!? What if it just wasn’t her!?

    Our people al- No, what were my people… Always said that jealousy, anger, hatred, violence… All such feelings were to be shunned. That to be hateful, angry, jealous… Was to reject the very bond we had with the El. Those that were taken by these emotions were to fall into the darkness and be taken away. And yet despite that, I couldn’t help what I felt when I looked at her…

    How could I
    not be jealous? How could I not feel small next to her? How could anyone!? And I… for the longest time… Thought I… I…

    Hated her for it…

    But then I realized something. I didn’t hate Rena. It made no sense. It’s not like she rubbed it in my face, fed that feeling of inadequacy. No, I didn’t hate Rena. I couldn’t. But I did hate. Oh, how I hated…

    Myself. I hated myself for feeling envious of Rena. For… rejecting that bond with the El. I despised myself for being the thing they dreaded. And I locked it away, that shame. Locked it behind a smile, blood, and sweat. I held onto a fleeting hope that maybe - just maybe - I could be something in the eyes of everyone. But it was never enough. I remember stifling the urge to scream into my pillow every night because I was afraid they’d all know.

    And all it did was lead the
    suchwiin to me. I knew the moment I saw it. I knew it had come for me. To take me away. Take me away to a place I belonged. A dark place.

    I don’t know how long it’s been since I was taken. I know it has been long enough for my body to acclimate to this world. This… dark world. Varnimyer they call it. Well, better than The Dark Continent.

    The process of adapting to this place was… painful. I was once a denizen of Elrios, a place of light. Varnimyer is a place of darkness. The world itself hates the light of the El. I can remember bundling up at all times because the light of the dark sun burned my skin. Elria forbid I looked at it. Those that did before adapting were lucky to not be blinded permanently. I remember how the air felt like swallowing foxtails and the water tasting like blood. But over time, I adapted. I was one of the lucky ones. Most who are brought here from Elrios die before their skin even begins to darken.

    But I survived. I adapted. And with the pain gone, I am now free to see this world with open eyes. I can go on an adventure. But when I look to the dark plains and the Crowned Mountain, I cannot move a step. In Elrios, everyone was always willing to help. Here, everyone is looking for their next victim. Every gaze is filled with fear or hunger. Edith is a rare case, she actually reminds me of Branwen-nim. But she can’t protect me. Or anyone else. And after all this time adapting and surviving, I look out from these dying trees and realize…

    I’m scared…

    I want to go home…

    I… I-I don’t want to be here…

    I want to see my family again…

    I want to… to…

    See my friend again…

    I… I want to see... Rena again…

    Talk to her. Tell her everything. My envy. My hate. My fear.

    Because I know she will understand. She always did. And she always will…


    I want to see you again…


    I like this subplot. Sue me. Thanks for your time!
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    Got another teaser!

    I write this now of my own volition, free of duress. It hasn't even been a year since that night; the night the Crows were… removed. That's what they called it, pest removal. That's what I called it. If I was to achieve my ambitions, I couldn't be held down by scavengers, I had to be rid of them.

    And so, with surprising ease, I turned my back on them.

    I crafted the allegations against Raven, and led the militia to him. I knew the schedule, postings, everything, to make it work. I had to catch him alone so word of my involvement would remain unsaid. Raven was incarcerated without issue. No one was the wiser. Next, I had to ensure the Crows, all of them, would rally to Raven's aid. I had to remain standing at the end, so I couldn't be the one to calling them to action.

    It had to be Seris.

    Despite my position as deputy commander, I do not have the charisma she and Raven possessed. She would be able to rally the Crows, and I could remove myself from the spotlight. I found her at the room she and Raven shared, already worried about her fiance’s absence. I told her of his arrest and his scheduled execution.

    But, more importantly, I lied to her.

    I told her that I would use my connections to delay any retribution from our “enemies.” And she believed me. Trusted me. When she left to gather the Crows, I was struck by a terrible realization: That was the last time I’d see her. I remember purposely avoiding any route that’d risk encountering a Crow on my way to the palace.

    The bait had been set and the Crows were eager to take it. All that was left was to retire to my new chambers in the palace to begin my new life. The life I wanted.

    The following night, it was all over. They Crows were exterminated and left to rot in the forest just outside the prison, like the scavengers they were. According to the report, Raven was the last to fall, his arm severed and left to bleed out with Seris’ corpse.

    I remember feeling… nothing at that moment. Perhaps I was too concerned with my new duties in the palace to care. Perhaps I never thought of the Crows as the comrades we were meant to be. I had achieved my ambition. Their blood paved the way for me. That was what they wanted, and they thanked me for my assistance.

    The first couple of months were a dream come true. I would pour over reports from the militia, advise martial actions, and disseminate reports during the day. At night I would rub shoulders with the social elite over drinks and fine cuisine. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Never did it cross my mind that I only stood there because of the rotting Crows.

    And then I met… him.

    Alex Avido. He and two other noble elites, Tanas and Reckard, would spend their days by the throne alongside the king. They were his… “advisors.” I knew then that the king was merely a talking head, and they were pulling the strings. Alex thanked me for the part I played in the Crow extermination. I graciously accepted them. Those were the only words we shared.

    And those few words sent chills up my spine. I thought nothing of it at first.

    Over the next two months, I began to hear whispers. Rumors, that there used to be five of those men by the throne. Yet now there were only three. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I began to dig deeper. Hushed meetings, golden silence, and persistence led me to a terrible truth.

    Those two missing nobles… were dead. But no one missed them. Shortly before they passed away, they had been the subject of scandal. Inappropriate conduct, racketeering, molestation, the list went on and on. And then they died. No one knew why or how nor did they care. They were shameful wastes of air by the time death came for them.

    It didn’t take long for new rumors to spread. Rumors that Reckard was unclean. Undesirable. He apparently had… unsavory fetishes that made even the most twisted men and women cringe. I dare not even restate them here. Naturally, he was slowly alienated from the rest of the court. And when he was socially isolated…

    He died.

    And like the two before him, no one knew why or how nor did they care. But I did. Not for Reckard himself, no, but about the circumstances leading to his death. It was no coincidence his fall from social grace was like that of those before him. So, once more, I began to peck away. But the trail went cold.

    Until I saw him, Alex, leaving the throne room. As the doors closed behind him, I saw him turn and gaze at the throne, and saw… ambition. No. That was not ambition. I know ambition. This man… he was not ambitious.

    He was… greedy. I could see the voracity in his eyes as he stared at the throne, I could
    feel it. This was a man who would not share his desires. He would rather see the world burn than give even a piece of what he coveted. I know it.

    This man… is dangerous. This man was responsible for all of this, the corruption, the suffering, the rumors, the deaths… the Crows extermination. He was the center of it all.

    What followed this revelation was something- no, not something. Nothing. The work, the drink, the food, the women. It gave me nothing. I felt… nothing. Every sip of wine was tasteless, every kiss and caress boring. And then the memories returned, of when I flew with the Crows.

    And I… missed them. I began to realize that, even if it wasn’t glorious, my time with them was fulfilling. I felt like I belonged somewhere, that I was important. That my life mattered.

    Now here, in these walls, I feel… alone. Crows are very social, despite being birds. They form entire groups and interact with one another on a level that is incredible for avians. They look out for one another, fly together, eat together.

    I know what this sounds like; like I am regretting my decision based solely on the protection the Crows gave me. That couldn't be any farther from the truth. If they were still here, I wouldn't be in these walls, I'd be out there with them, laughing, fighting, living. Even if Alex came after us then, the numbers say we're all dead anyways. But at least we would die surrounded by our friends and comrades, not indifferent nobles.

    I deserve no mercy in Purgatory. When I pass on, I know what I have done will be repaid in kind.

    And I fear that suffering isn't too far off...

    - The Last Crow


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