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A 'Monstrous' Fanfiction Contest

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    A 'Monstrous' Fanfiction Contest

    Greetings, Adventurers!

    Gather 'round the campfire, 'cause it's time to unleash your inner monster!

    Okay, don't actually set loose your inner demons for us all to see, but rather the monsters that exist in your imagination. Creatures that stalk your mind when the light fades and silence falls. Fiends that strike terror into your hearts, or tricksters that steal your left sock. Surely, such monsters exist if not in your own world, so come, come! Share with us these creatures of the night!



    • Your entry must include your preferred IGN. Unfortunately, this contest is only for the NA server. Sorry!
    • Your entry must be at least 4000 words long. There is no max word count, so feel free to make your tale as long as you want!
    • Your entry must include a monster of some sort and any member(s) of the El Search Party as a central plot element. Whether our beloved heroes encounter a terrifying beast in Ruben forest or they befriend a gentle creature in the Sander desert, this monster and the El Search Party must be the center of it all!
    • The monster can be anything from Elsword itself, from another form of media such as Frankenstein or The Witcher, or even completely made up!
    • Entries must have a separate thread under the Fan Art and Fiction topic linked to this thread. So, make a thread with your entry and link it in a post here.
    • Do NOT use alternate accounts to enter multiple times. If I even get that spidey sense that someone is doing this, the contest WILL close.
    • Low effort and troll entries will be ignored.
    • Deadline for entries is 11/02/2018 @ 12:00AM! Mark your calendars!
    • All content must adhere to the phorum Code of Conduct.

    1st Place: 2000 KChing
    2nd Place: 1000 KChing
    Honorable Mention: 500 KChing

    Note: All KChing prizes will be giftable IM items ONLY!

    In addition, every entry will be rewarded with a small prize just for entering! Winners will NOT receive this prize.
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    A question that might sound stupid, what would constitute as a "monster"? Would you be okay with us writers giving our own interpretation on what a "monster" might be? Or would you rather give some kind of ground definition, and we can check with you to see whether our idea is a "monster"?
    Code of Conduct


    • GirgeFE-solace-
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      You, as the writer, have the freedom to dictate what a monster is. So something like Freddy Kreuger or a serial killer, or even the Cookie Monster, can be considered a monster.

      I personally think of things like The Witcher 3's fiend, see image above, as monsters because they are dangerous and are the things that go bump in the night. However, for the sake of the contest, I'm putting that perception aside to allow more creative freedom for the participants. I didn't want to shoehorn everyone into writing just horror.

      As long as it is clear as to what, or who, the monster is it is good!

    • Skyress
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      Thanks for the speedy response.
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    Ooh, nice! I'll try and write something for this one
    the last one was very fun I'm glad you hosted another contest and thank you so much for taking the time to do so!


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      Hmmm.... do ghosts count?


      • GirgeFE-solace-
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        They most certainly do!
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      When you mean: 11/02/2018, does that mean November on the 2nd? How do we input an entry, or where?
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      • Tyrannicide-solace-
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        He meant 11th February 2018, obviously.

      • GirgeFE-solace-
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        It means November 2nd. This is pretty much a halloween themed contest. When making an entry, create a separate thread for it under Fan art and Fiction. Once you've done that, make a post in this thread with a link to your entry. I hope this answers your questions.
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      Another question, considering that the minimum word count is 4000 words, would you like us to include a word count at the beginning or end of our entry?
      Code of Conduct


      • GirgeFE-solace-
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        Anywhere is fine
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      Hey storytellers!

      Just a reminder that the deadline for the contest is @ 12:00 AM on November 2nd, 2018. We are about halfway there, so get started on your entries if you haven't done so already!


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        Question: does this have to take place in the same universe as Elsword? For example could I write in a fantasy au or does it have to be the actual universe?


        • GirgeFE-solace-
          GirgeFE-solace- commented
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          I didn't consider that, but since there is no requirement for place, you may put it in whatever setting you wish!
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        A small bump! Less than a month away til the deadline!

        I myself am working on a story for halloween, so don't wait!


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          Question! Can the 'monster' be the narrator perceiving themselves as one even though the rest of the cast do not treat them as such?
          did i save hoya or did hoya save me


          • GirgeFE-solace-
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            Yes, they certainly can!