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Road to Maximum Speed

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    Road to Maximum Speed

    This is just...such a new and interesting way to play the game nowadays. Raid? Blech, just fly to the top and be done with it. SD's? Nah, the stage is too small that I hit the skybox and beyond. This isn't even the top speed you can go.

    My current setup: (Also most of the time they were activated at different times, not all at once)

    +28% Moving Speed
    +10% Movement Speed from ST awakening buff
    +30% Movement Speed from Acceleration Aura
    +20% All Speed from MEL Crown
    +20% Movement Speed from Tenacious Will
    +20% All Speed from Airelinna
    Premiere Ventus' Wing
    Twister Andromeda Apple

    And if this wasn't enough, multiply all of these by 1.9x from Hyper Acceleration and you have yourself a demon among Elrios.

    Will eventually incorporate my mount into this, and upgrade Hyper Acceleration to Unique. But until then this is as far as I can go.
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    And you still got MVP, nice.



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      Have you considered bringing RaS for her speed buff? Or does it get overwritten by one of the other buffs?


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        We considered it but didnt have one available at the time. I can confirm that it does stack and it makes me go slightly faster than in the video.
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      Nice, and I thought I was fast as a DB with unique hyper acceleration + D/D 5/5 (+10% movement speed) + awakened will: lunatic psyker (+6% all speeds) + blood boil (+10% all speeds) + psychic storm buff (+50% movement speed) + ventus pot + twister apple + the speed buffers in game. I demand a speed race >:c.

      No idea how fast that looks in perspective, cos I've only ever used unique hyper acceleration with all my speed buffs in raid. I can jump up to the other platforms in 12-5 phase 3 without the jump pads there, from the bottom. Although it requires triple jumping.
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