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    Road to Maximum Speed

    This is just...such a new and interesting way to play the game nowadays. Raid? Blech, just fly to the top and be done with it. SD's? Nah, the stage is too small that I hit the skybox and beyond. This isn't even the top speed you can go.

    My current setup: (Also most of the time they were activated at different times, not all at once)

    +28% Moving Speed
    +10% Movement Speed from ST awakening buff
    +30% Movement Speed from Acceleration Aura
    +20% All Speed from MEL Crown
    +20% Movement Speed from Tenacious Will
    +20% All Speed from Airelinna
    Premiere Ventus' Wing
    Twister Andromeda Apple

    And if this wasn't enough, multiply all of these by 1.9x from Hyper Acceleration and you have yourself a demon among Elrios.

    Will eventually incorporate my mount into this, and upgrade Hyper Acceleration to Unique. But until then this is as far as I can go.
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    And you still got MVP, nice.



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      Have you considered bringing RaS for her speed buff? Or does it get overwritten by one of the other buffs?


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        We considered it but didnt have one available at the time. I can confirm that it does stack and it makes me go slightly faster than in the video.
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      Nice, and I thought I was fast as a DB with unique hyper acceleration + D/D 5/5 (+10% movement speed) + awakened will: lunatic psyker (+6% all speeds) + blood boil (+10% all speeds) + psychic storm buff (+50% movement speed) + ventus pot + twister apple + the speed buffers in game. I demand a speed race >:c.

      No idea how fast that looks in perspective, cos I've only ever used unique hyper acceleration with all my speed buffs in raid. I can jump up to the other platforms in 12-5 phase 3 without the jump pads there, from the bottom. Although it requires triple jumping.
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      • Sirenesse-solace-
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        Lol I'd race if I could consistently keep these buffs up. Usually there's one or two that aren't active with the others, so achieving maximum is rather difficult.

        Apparently I've gotten slightly faster with the guild skill that turns ED into speed, and I've noticed that there's a speed cap, since invisible walls stop you if you move too fast around corners, so that kinda sucks. Will see how much faster I can go once I get the unique version of HA and add a mount to it.
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