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    I have the Sudden Attack set (+ Dynamo) if anyone wants to borrow it.


    • MiyomoChan-solace-
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      May I borrow this set?

    • RoscoeXVIII-solace-
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      I too would like to borrow just the gloves, if I may?
      I'll attempt to find you in-game, kind adventurer!
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    I have: Tempest top piece, i think i have the gloves and shoes too.

    Looking For:
    Bethma: Advanced Nasod Miner 4/4 or normal
    Velder: Velder Militia 4/4 Glitter Hunter 4/4
    Hamel: Advanced and normal Temptest 4/4 Advanced and Normal Twisted Wind 4/4
    Sander: Advanced Fallen Behemoth Armor 4/4
    Pls and thank yu ; v;
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    • Beeble-solace-
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      Hi! Just replying from your comment above. You're more than welcome to borrow my Sudden Attack set, just let me know when you'll be online. :>

      (Apologies for the late reply by the way!)

    • TenkaiKen-solace-
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      sorry if i necro this, but from the Feita Knight onwads it need to be sealed in order to be traded.

    • CuteDivinity-solace-
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      Hiii, is this still available? ; X ; I'm late af it be 4 months eee
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    12/5) @Mods I realize Miyomo's reply is technically a necro but I'd like this thread to remain open, please and thanks. o/

    1/8) Did some fiddling in the wardrobe and figured the Velder Militia spear (rare) actually looked pretty good with one of my outfits. If anyone has one they can lend me, just let me know (in-game mail is probably more effective). I'll add it to my seeking list in the OP, too.


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      I'm looking for:

      (Advanced) Bandit's Claymore

      Black Crow Bot/Glove/Shoe

      I have:

      Feita Set/(A)Altera Set/Altera Bow/Altera Blade/Altera Cannon/ Nasod Top/Bot
      Red Rock Guns/Staff/Cannon
      Bandit Set (no wep)
      Glitter Hunter Top

      Advanced Glitter Hunter (no weapon, might have cannon)
      Tempest Top/Shoe
      Bizarre Chaos (no weapon)
      Fire Flower Glove/Shoe

      Black Crow Top

      Black Crow Bow

      Bandit Spear

      (Rant below, don't read if you are tired of seeing salty posts from me.)

      I can't believe this is actually something we have to do to access these armors. I figured those sets would be on the game forever...seriously hate KoG for doing this WITHOUT WARNING among other things. The IM reduction and now the area set gear consolidation? This game is really starting to lose my interest (more-so than before). Give it long enough and we'll all be forced to wear the same exact outfits and gear (already have to wear the same gear to even compete) and when Black Mesa comes I assure you that if you don't have that costume you will be at a huge disadvantage. Just look at the stats on it. Hopefully they redo some stats for older IBs.

      Might have more, I'll check later but I'm really ticked off after finding out that I couldn't go back to farm for that Advanced Bandit's Claymore. I was just browsing the MW when I came across it. Seriously about to just uninstall. Might seem like an overreaction but it's not just this, it's the accumulation of constant and blatant disregard for player satisfaction. They SO BLATANTLY don't care AT ALL about us. We're literally just numbers and money tree's to them. Minimal community engagement, complete re-hauls of 'not broke, don't fix it' systems/mechanics/UIs/QoL/etc. I'm sick of playing a game where those in charge obviously don't care at all about the game itself but instead the money they can pull from it.

      It's a beginner set for petes sake, let us farm for it! Is it really that game breaking?


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        Hello, all!
        Looking to borrow Sudden Attack Gloves for set completion. If you happen to have 'em, please whisper me in-game!


        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class394753}}
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          Just going to bump this thread since it dipped into Necro-range.


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            It's been a while, but I have found some more old sets and pieces

            - Advanced Black Crow's top/bot/shoes/gloves
            - Advanced Altera's top/bot/shoes/gloves
            - Fire Flower shoes
            - Sudden Attack top/bot/shoes/gloves

            I'm also currently looking for an Advanced Altera's Bow, if anyone has it... qq


            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class394951}}
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              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild394951}}

              So I just uploaded 5 vids on YouTube that have some area sets(most are the rare grade but also some advanced grade ones.
              Let me know if you need them for the MW.
              Here are the links:







              • CuteDivinity-solace-
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                Hi, I'm interested in the sets you have so I can put them in MW!!

                Nasod Miner Set
                Red Rock Chief Shoes
                Elder Mercenary

                Also, your first link doesn't work for me. You can feel free to PM me if you'd like
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              Been a while since I've done much on here. Oops.

              Just going to hit this with a Necro-bypass bump.


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                This is what I have:

                Twisted Wind (Top/Shoes) Rare
                Hidden Flare (Top/Bot) Rare
                Bizarre Chaos (Bot) Rare
                3 Fire Flower (Shoes) Rare
                Tempest (Shoes) Rare
                Advanced Tempest (Bot/Shoes) Elite
                Feita's Royal Knight (Shoes) Rare
                Advanced Red Giant (Drone) Elite
                Advanced Elder's Mercenary (Staff) Elite
                Black Rock (Top) Rare
                Demon Guard (Bottom) Rare
                Desert Storm (Gloves) Rare
                Fallen Behemoth (Shoes) Rare
                Advanced Roaring Berserk (Top/Bot/Shoes/Blade) Elite [Needs Seals]
                Fire Flower (Blade) Rare
                Advanced Altera (Blade) Elite

                This is what I'm looking for:
                (Advanced or not) Desert Storm Shoes
                (Advanced or not) Bandit's Bottom


                • XlVA-solace-
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                  I've checked in with @G123u-Solace: she has a Bandit's Bottom you can borrow.

                • EXtoryer-solace-
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                  Could i borrow your Hidden flare top
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