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    Area Sets - Wardrobe Exchange

    So it's great that area sets such as Elder Mercenary, Black Crow, etc have finally been added to the Magic Wardrobe.

    The problem is that this happened nearly a year after these sets got discontinued. Unfortunately for those of us who liked the look of those old sets, unless we deliberately held onto them it's not going to be easy to find these old goods. We can't upgrade pieces any more, either.

    There is a silver lining, however: Equipment stored in the MW is still tradable. If I wardrobe a friend's piece, I can still return it to them afterwards.

    So here's my proposition: Those of us who still have or would like to have old area sets registered to our Wardrobes can come here to lend or borrow equipment for others to wardrobe. Leave a post with what you have and/or what you'd like, and hopefully someone will see it who can lend you theirs. Sound cool?

    I'll start us off.
    I'm currently looking to borrow an Advanced Altera spear and Velder Militia spear.

    I have
    Advanced Black Crow 4/5 set (armor) and Spear, plus Black Crow Top
    Hidden Flare Spear, Claymore, Dynamo, and Shoes
    Glitter Hunter top (x2)
    Altera's Pendulum

    SPOILERArea sets have an icon with a checkered background and an S in the top-left corner, like this:

    The items that can currently be obtained from dungeons and Adventurer's cubes lack these features, and also cannot be stored in the wardrobe. However, it is still possible to obtain these old area sets from boxes/cubes from before the revamp. Note that it is currently impossible to obtain Advanced area items, as they cannot be pulled from boxes, their upgrade items do not drop, and blacksmiths no longer upgrade them. Listed below are the different box grades and what sets can be obtained from them:

    - Wooden: Ruben/Elder: Red Giant, Bandit, Elder Mercenary, and Ample Bravery
    - Copper: Bethma/Altera: Red Rock Chief, Nasod Miner, Black Crow, and Sudden Attack
    - Iron: Altera: Black Crow, Altera's, and Wild Tracker
    - Silver: Velder: Velder Militia, Glitter Hunter, and Mystic Soul
    - Gold: Hamel: Tempest, Fire Flower, Twisted Wind, Bizarre Chaos, and Exploding Distorted Element
    - Jeweled: Sander: Mysterious Aspirations
    - Rune: Lanox: Hidden Flare, Roaring Berserker, and Elemental Chaos
    - Dicetium: Atlas/Elysion: Enchanted Diceon, Hernacyd Guard, and Transcendent Key Code
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    You can hunt them normally from drops too, last time I went to elder/bethma/altera dungeon.


    • Honohomurano-solace-
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      When was your "last time" if Im allowed to ask, because the patch hit quite recently
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    Got fire flower dual wep, I'm looking for fallen behemoth top bot and shoes if anyone in INT has it!


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      So last night I saw a guy on the megas offering 200M a piece for Elsword's Advanced Bandit Sword/Top/Bottom....

      I guess they really do seem that hard to find right now, huh.

      I've discovered a stash of cubes on an alt character that I'd forgotten about. I opened... more than I should have, honestly. Got a few new pieces, those have been added to my listing in the OP.


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        This is exactly what I need, a good idea on how to get them

        Can someone borrow me Adv. Red Rock Chief Top Piece;
        Thank you and I was crying in Game suggestion/feedback about this, didn't know it was still tradeable and this idea on forum!

        Reply below if have and willing
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        • Quacks-solace-
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          Apparently I have an Advanced Red Rock Chief top, that I don't mind letting you borrow, but uh...apparently the Advanced Tempest armor needs to be sealed. So, doubt you'd really want to do that.

        • Honohomurano-solace-
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          Quacks Ooo! That is great, i'll send you a dm
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        they discontinued area sets?



        ♥♥ kog.

        i have a few sets and set pieces. bandit, altera i think i have to check, and a few others.

        <---My Rune Master/Elsword Suggestions

        #fixPhoenix Talon

        <---Request log from kog regarding changes from balance patches


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          I'd still like to point out at a certain point Elite sets require seals (Advanced Feita Royal Knight and beyond (?)). You also have to repair your gear to 100% before trading, go figure.

          Anyway, here's my list of things people can borrow (listing ones that don't require a seal only):

          • Red Giant Armor Set
          • Elder Mercenary (1/4) (Shoes) + Staff
          • Red Rock Chief's (1/4) (Shoes) + Staff
          • Nasod Miner's Dynamo
          • Black Crow's (2/4) (Top, Gloves) Cannon
          • Altera's (2/4) (Gloves, Shoes) + Drones
          • Feita Knight's Drone
          • Velder Millita (1/4) (Bottom)
          • Fire Flower Armor Set + Spear
          • Tempest (2/4) (Glove, Shoes)
          • Twisted Wind (1/4) (Bottom) + Dual Weapon
          • Bizzare Chaos (2/4) (Bottom, Shoes)
          • Black Rock (1/4) (Shoes)
          • Desert Storm Sword
          • Hidden Flare (2/4) (Top, Shoes)
          • Enchanted Diecon (2/4) (Bottom, Shoes) + Dynamo

          Elite(Things prior to Feita Sets):SPOILER
          • Advanced Red Giant Armor Set + Sword + Cannon + Dual Weapon
          • Advanced Bandit Armor Set + Claymore
          • Advanced Elder Mercenary Armor Set + Staff + Claymore
          • Advanced Red Rock Chief Armor Set + Claymore + Dual Weapon
          • Advanced Nasod Miner Armor Set + Claymore + Dynamo
          • Advanced Black Crow Armor Set + Claymore + Dual Weapon + Pendulum
          • Advanced Altera Dual Weapon

          • Ample Bravery Bow

          Just comment below/PM if you're interested (because I prefer a heads up), and then feel free to message me in-game if I happen to be on (otherwise, I'll ignore you).

          I might take a while to find it, since I'm not organized right now.

          Edit: ...I meant the Hidden Flare top, not bottom, sorry qq;.
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          • MiyomoChan-solace-
            MiyomoChan-solace- commented
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            May I borrow just these if you still have them ; v;
            Advanced Nasod Miner Amor set
            Advanced Elder Mercenary Set
            Advanced Black Crow Armor Set
            And Velder Militia Bottom.

          • Quacks-solace-
            Quacks-solace- commented
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            MiyomoChan-solace- I still have them and wouldn't mind lending them to you, but it might be a couple days for me to really be available to do so. Just let me know when is a good time for you (in PST/Server Time).

          • MiyomoChan-solace-
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            Quacks-solace- Honestly if you're going to be busy you should let me know when you're ready c: i don't mind waiting, i am available at any time besides 1AM-11AM PST which is 4AM-2PM EST
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          I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates these sets looks. Too bad the only set I have out of them all is the Advanced Altera set. I'd love to borrow (or even buy actually) someone's set of Black Crow and Advanced Black Crow gear. I'd be incredibly grateful xD


          • Myuriette-solace-
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            I have both Black Crow armor sets minus the gloves for the Adv version. I'd love to exchange pieces since I'm also looking for Adv Altera. ' v '

          • GrimJudge-solace-
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            Sound's great! I can send you a message in-game o/ I'm easy to catch when it begins to get late.
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          Thread has been moved to the Elsword Fashion subsection. Hope nobody minds.


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            I only have hidden flare top [Rare]...

            What I'm looking for :
            • Velder militia top [Rare]
            • Roaring berserker 4/5 no weapon [Rare]
            • Red rock chief top [Rare]

              Thanks to Ketsuraku for his glitter hunter top & V0ltage for his glitter hunter 3/5 && Feita's knight set! ♥
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            • V0ltage-solace-
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              I have all three Glitter Hunter parts you're missing. Do you still need them?

            • Chickitta-solace-
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              Yes! I still need then, but I won't be home until 7PM EST (maybe earlier but I'm not sure). So I'll message you when I get home so we can trade : D

            • V0ltage-solace-
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              All right, sounds good!
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            Great idea!

            I have:
            Red Giant Top/Bot/Gloves/Shoes
            Bandit Top/Gloves/Shoes (Plus Dynamo)
            Elder's Mercenary Top (+Cannon)
            Advanced Elder's Mercenary Bot
            Nasod Miner Top
            Black Crow Gloves/Shoes
            Altera's Top/Bot/Shoes (+Bow)
            Advanced Altera's Gloves
            Feita's Royal Knight Top/Bot/Gloves/Shoes
            Velder Militia Bot
            Tempest Shoes (+Drones)
            Advanced Tempest Top/Bottom/Gloves/Shoes (Plus the cannon, I think. I actually have 2 4/4s, but they'd need seals.)
            Fire Flower Shoes (+Cannon)
            Twisted Wind Bot (+Cannon)
            Bizzare Chaos Bot/Gloves/Shoes
            Desert Storm Gloves
            Fallen Behemoth Gloves
            Hidden Flare Top/Bot/Gloves/Shoes (+Bow)
            Diceon Top/Shoes
            Advanced Diceon Top/Bot/Gloves/Shoes

            Looking as hard as I can for a Tempest Sword
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              I have 4/5 for:
              Advanced Red Giant Armor
              Advanced Elder Mercenary Armor
              Advanced Red Rock Chief Armor
              Advanced Nasod Miner Armor
              Advanced Black Crow Armor
              Altera Armor

              I can let people borrow any of them but I would end up needing them back. I would like to pick up the Advanced Bandit set's appearance if somebody had it and doesn't mind letting me borrow it for a few minutes.


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                I'm actually looking to sell my pieces; I've hoarded a lot of them over the years to sell whenever I have free space on my sales agent. If you guys are interested in owning the pieces instead of borrowing, let me know and I'll work on posting a list of them here or in a separate post. Otherwise they'll end up on the board eventually!


                • Geministical-solace-
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                  I'm interested in the pieces ^^;

                • Toramaru-solace-
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                  ok, i'll work on a list and inbox you
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                I really don't like how they added these to the MW only after they removed them as story rewards. I'm not 100% sure but I think they also removed them from dungeon drop table because I haven't seen a single one of the pieces from these set drop ever since the 2nd QoL update this year. Though it's possible they might just be REALLY rare or have put in specific dungeons.


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                  So I opened a lot of old boxes and this is what I RNG'd from them. I haven't finished opening them all yet @____@

                  • Fallen Behemoth Bottom
                  • Roaring Berserker Gloves
                  • Roaring Berserker Blade (Raven)
                  • Hidden Flare Sword (Elsword)
                  • Hidden Flare Spear (Ara)
                  • Advanced Red Giant 4/5
                  • Advanced Red Giant Pendulum (Ain)
                  • Advanced Bandit 4/5
                  • Advanced Bandit Pendulum (Ain)
                  • Advanced Black Crow Pendulum (Ain)

                  Just comment below if you wanna borrow these o/

                  only the truly unfortunate will understand


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