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Who is each character's rival?

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    Who is each character's rival?

    Who is/was the boss that each member of the El Search Party has the most connection to? The one that they have interacted with the most and/or have sworn to defeat?

    For Elsword it has to be Berthe. He was the first boss he's ever fought and the instigator of Elsword's entire quest for the El shard.

    For Aisha it's Hennon, the one who stole her powers.

    I don't remember any boss that Rena's interacted with that much, but it's probably Chloe or Sentinel Commander.

    Raven is his own rival.

    King Nasod is this for Eve.

    Chung has interacted with Helputt the most, given that Helputt is his father.

    Ara's rival is Ran. Technically Ran is Chung's rival too, but Ara had more interactions with Ran than him.

    Elesis' entire reason for leaving Ruben early is because of Scar.

    I don't have anyone in mind that might be Add's rival, but he will have a beef with Haivan when that guy becomes a boss.

    The boss that Lu's sworn to defeat is Izellon, the titan in 13-5, because it contains the soul of her fellow lord and comrade.

    For Ciel it's Karis.

    One might think Rose doesn't have a rival but she actually has some unique dialogue with Solace of all people, along with a symbol given to her by the El Lady to help her in Elrianode.

    I can't think of any boss that Ain has been very interactive with, but he's had the most character development during Debrian Lab so it's going to be Nasod Carrier.

    For Laby it's Nenya where she got a lot of character development. Courtesy of Chouenn-solace- , Chrysalis, or rather Forgotten Elrian Sanctum, is the place where Laby finally realized the nature of her connection with Nisha.
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    I don't think this should be limited to just bosses.

    Elsword - Berthe
    Aisha - The Henir Order as a whole, rather than just Hennon. They represent the bad side of an organization her family were leading figures of.
    Rena - Chloe
    Raven - Owen (We've got no word on him being killed at any point - I bet you anything he'll be brought up at some point again)
    Eve - Adam before, no one in particular currently.
    Chung - I wouldn't say Helputt is a rival force to Chung really. I'd definitely say Ran much more.
    Ara - Ran
    Eun - Stirbargen (Hey, no excluding party members! smh)
    Elesis - Scar before, no one in particular currently.
    Add - In terms of actual rivalry in skill rather than antagonistically, Adrian Nasod. Antagonistically, certainly Haivan.
    Lu - Barkat, still above all else.
    Ciel - On friendly terms, Raven, but otherwise, no one in particular, mostly following Lu.
    Rose - No one really.
    Ain - On friendly terms, Lu (and they banter pretty often too now that he's getting more used to not hating every demon in existence), but otherwise again, no one in particular, although I feel like we might end up with a 'going against the creator' type thing where Ishmael becomes his rivaling force, with how much about her is being put into question recently.
    Laby - Eh, I don't think she even thinks of anyone in a truly hateful fashion, she's too pure for it. She called Nenya a bully at most. If we see more of Mao she might become a friendly rival with her (Mao definitely has some fighting skills, Laby didn't do all the work while sneaking into the palace), but currently, no one really.


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      Originally posted by DreamKR-solace- View Post
      I don't think this should be limited to just bosses.

      Rena - Chloe
      Elesis - Scar before, no one in particular currently.
      Ciel - On friendly terms, Raven, but otherwise, no one in particular, mostly following Lu.
      Rena: That reminded me of Lua. Rena's webcomic certainly painted her in a sinister light.

      Elesis: She and Chloe had met sometime prior to Elesis joining up with the gang in Velder. Might not be a rival in an antagonistic sense but still someone Elesis has a debt to.

      Ciel: I'd argue that Karis is still his rival. She was the one who killed him and from his dungeon clear quotes all throughout Sander, it's clear that he was itching to repay the favor.



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        Elsword - Berthe.

        Aisha - Hennon, Henir Cult.

        Rena - Lua, maybe.

        Raven - Owen Felford.

        Eve - entire human race.

        Chung - Ran.

        Ara - Ran.

        Elesis - Scar.

        Add - Asker Grenore - his father. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that yet. The Nasod Ruler as well.

        Lu - Barkat.

        Ciel - same as Lu.

        Rose - can’t think of one.

        Ain - demons.

        Laby - Nenya.
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          haivan 4 next playable char pls

          I'd say that, with how the story stands right now, Elsword's personal boss is definitely Berthe.

          Aisha is mainly preoccupied with the ring of mimir, so the henir cult.

          Rena... right now she doesn't have anybody, but I admit Lua's introduction in the side story kinda creeped me out. It looked like she was jealous and could explode any time on her would be dramatic if she went like Chloe and joined some organization. One more elf boss.

          Raven finally moved on with his arm and his regrets. Now to see if any improbable characters come by to chew him out...

          Eve learned most of her abilities with Adam nearby.

          Chung is... his father. Though if we take a villain, it's Ran.

          Ara and Eun got their backstories with both Ran and Stir, respectively.

          Elesis got her tutorial with Scar.

          Add most character development moment...
          as much as i hate to say this, it's Haivan (doesn't he count as a boss already technically since he's the one ordering around the Colossus until phase 3?). Let's not forget the master line of "If you like the past so much, go back to it!", where add will take it literally next chapter, probably

          Lu/Ciel are both on Karis, since they had the tutorial with her. Once we reach the demon legion, probably Barkat. Lu got Stir as well, but it's mostly friendly... We'll probably get more interaction with the only left to meet Demon Lord too.

          Rose got the weirdest interaction ever with El Lady, who deems her as trustworthy, send her to Elrianode while saying "Yeah I trust you, go help them" so... probably Solace if we only count bosses?

          Ain is obviously any demons that seem demonic enough. He doesn't have a special one specifically. Though he does get a spooky moment with the Elder Lord to show how much Ain does not understand humans' emotions very well until he moves to Bluhen path. (or in Feita where he leaves and tries to start a demon hunting by HIMSELF due to the overall bad energy in the temple)

          Laby's boss rival, that's Orbis obviously! it's with that corrupted memory she finally understood what exactly is Nisha to her.You could argue that since it's her own dungeons, any bosses important to the story would count for her though.


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            Orbis is a good one.

            Just to add, Lu and Stir are NOT on friendly terms. The only reasons she hadn't killed him were because she wasn't a trigger-happy as before, and because he was holding valuable information for them.
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            Ohh my bad. Then Stir is definitely one for Lu, not counting the Demon Lord setting, since he's linked to her past.
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