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Mana: Is it Significant?

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    Mana: Is it Significant?

    This is something I've been trying to wrap my head around for a couple weeks now, and I'm still iffy on it.

    What do I mean by is mana significant?

    Gameplay-wise, it is a resource that every character uses to activate skills, ranging from explosive magical displays to flashy swordplay, even really hard punches! Historically, mana is used as a regulator to prevent players from throwing out spells and abilities willy-nilly, even if cooldowns are applied. But that isn't what I'm talking about

    I'm talking about mana's purpose in the grand design of Elsword's world. Let's take a moment to examine other examples of mana in a fantasy setting and how they impact the worlds it is a part of.

    First, Magic The Gathering. In the world of MTG, mana is not only the fuel that powers spells for mages and planeswalkers alike, but it is also the source of life on the countless planes, produced by leylines embedded throughout each one. Regions that are mana starved are desolate, barren places where life cannot flourish. So in the world of MTG, mana is pretty much the end-all-be-all.

    Next, I want to examine Tales of Vesperia. In the world of ToV, life is possible because of an energy called Aer. Similarly to mana in MTG, Aer is neccessary to cast spells and produce life, and Aer is distributed into the world through Aer Krenes, the ToV equivalent of MTG's leylines. However, Aer can be dangerous in high concentrations, causing living things caught in these high density zones to mutate, animate and become incredibly violent, attacking anything that crosses their path. It is later discovered that Aer can be condensed and converted into a form more resembling matter, and this is dubbed mana. Mana is more stable than Aer and seems to serve similar functions to its precursor as well. So in ToV, mana is a product of stabilizing condensed Aer, a source of life and power.

    Now what about Elsword? Well, let's start with El. El seems to have parallels with MTG's mana and ToV's Aer, with El crystals being an equivalent to the leylines and Krenes. It is because of El that life on Elrios is possible. Then we have mana, which seems to be a type of energy that individuals of all races use to perform feats of strength and magic. This last bit is important, so remember it. It is mentioned in one of the old skill notes that instructs the reader to interrupt the flow of mana in a target, so perhaps mana is something that is generated within individuals. Mana is used for a variety of different effects, ranging from explosive meteors to energy cannons. It is also consumed when characters capable of ranged attacks use them. To my knowledge, mana has never really been touched on in any in-game conversation, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Alright, with all that out of the way, let's get to theory crafting, assuming it hasn't been canonically established yet. I have two ideas on how mana interacts with El and vice versa.

    My first idea was that mana was not directly responsible for producing these kinds of phenomena. Rather it was something of a "translator" between the caster and the El, which would actually produce the desired phenomena. However, this doesn't really work with characters like Eve and Add. When they use mana it is used to power weapons, such as Eve's Dimension Links and Add's dynamos. These characters themselves are not producing these phenomena, their weapons are. Also, what consequences does this have for Elrians and Debrians. Supposedly, Debrians, such as Adrian Nasod, are unable to manipulate El like Elrians. Does this mean that Elrians can use mana and Debrians cannot? Unlikely, seeing that Eve, a machine, is capable of using mana. Also - going out on a limb here - Add is most likely of Debrian descent himself. I assume this because he always uses his dynamos to produce his desired effects. The explanation I can come up with this - literally as I wrote this post - is that the mana is stored in the equipment that are programmed to respond to their wielder's commands. But this theory, honestly, adds several layers of complexity that are unnecessary.

    This brings me to my second theory. Mana is something like ToV's Aer, where it is a product of El conversion. El is naturally converted into mana by the caster and is then used to produce the effects desired by the caster. Seems simpler than my first idea and can be the issue that prevents Debrians from using El. Eve could be a contentious point here, however it is possible that Adrian built here with a mechanism that performs the mana conversion for her. If this is present throughout all nasods, it could be a potential explanation of why the nasods required so much El; they needed it to convert to mana to do... stuff. I find this a bit shaky, however, so take this with a grain of salt, or maybe a few million shakers of it. Also, if Add is indeed a Debrian, how can he have mana? Is it stored in his dynamos? But he also has Dynamo Points, which I am assuming are stored in his dynamos. So, are dynamos just really good at storing energy?

    All the above theories are tinfoil hat explanations at best, but I'd like to hear what you all think. Please share your own ideas if you have any!

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    Short answer:
    • Aisha: Well, all energy is Elrios is based on the El. What we magicians call mana or magic, in the end originates from the El as well. So really, there isn't any other way other than using the power of El, right?
    Source: Chapter 33: In the Demon Realm, Pieces Coming Together.
    "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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      @Coronax gameplay and story segregation, because of balance, ingame you see Luciel being affected by debuff does not mean in lore it would be the same.

    • Jochira-solace-
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      yeah, Lu and Ciel are the only ones that shows no sign of being weakened in the story, most likely due to the contract that makes Lu share her power with Ciel

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      Brynhildar-solace- I don't think they have "reserves" or else they wouldn't be completely out of power near the end (at least, except Add - who doesn't have any El Energy to speak of being a Debrian, and Lu/Ciel, being demons. Probably Rose too since she's not even from Elrios). They use what they came to the demon realm with. Luckily, everyone mostly fights with their own strengths and tools so they'll only slowly deplete their mana, being more likely to physically fatigue, but Eve, Aisha and Ain directly use El Energy instead, and thus, not surprisingly, Eve and Aisha are the most visibly tired out in the end of Rigomor's quests, Aisha even straight running out of mana entirely. (Ain probably has some inner generation of El Energy through his creation powers due to being an Angel and all, similar to how Demons have a form of magic through the use of demonic energy)

      Add's lack of el energy even comes into play in the end: He is incredibly obviously the only one not tired out from running out of energy (Ignoring Rose because KoG would never make her plot-relevant, and Lu/Ciel who'd be more concerned about how long they can fight for rather than *if* they can fight, given the entire army is coming their way) because he's lived his entire life without it. He takes the communication device from Eve telling her not to overwork, and commands everyone during the events of 13-5 (while noticeably annoyed - conflicting feelings helping others out I suppose, since it is pretty OOC for him), even agreeing to putting in the space-time coords for Elrianode ahead of time in case of emergency despite his distrust of Winster, knowing full well the team is in no condition to have a prolonged fight anymore. Safety before his pride.
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