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What kind of future story beats would you like to see?

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    What kind of future story beats would you like to see?

    With KR getting a new region on the 18th. I just wanted to ask, what kind of story beats would you want to see in the future?

    Doesn't have to be for the impending region, could be for stuff in the far future. Could be main story, could be side story.

    Things you want to see happen, things you want elaborated or expanded upon, things you want to get wrapped up, conspiracy theories and hypothetical scenarios, etc.

    I'll even throw in what types of future regions if you want. Pretty much any type of want out of the Elsword world itself.
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    I want Ain to jump in either Ciel or Lu's defence to prove the former he can always rely on El Search Party, in turn recognising the entire ESP is his family and not just Lu.

    Once the El Search Party finds the Dark El or another suitable source, I need Add to attempt time travel, causing dire consequences, and the ESP saving him, making him realize what's important to him is here and now. Alternatively it could be the bonds with ESP discouraging him from returning to the past, but that's a bit more boring.

    Waiting on Ain and Add identity reveals, as well as Laby's identity reveal; hoping she's directly connected to the Dark El.

    I hope the parallel universes will become relevant to the main story, and for Empyrean to become significant.


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      It's funny that before, in the end of 2016 when the last dungeons of Elysion was released, many people thought that was the end of the ingame story.

      But I predicted that it would not just end there, it would progress, and I felt hopeful that it did.

      Why? Because I can't accept that the story would end there. It simply did not make a satisfying and complete ending, like at all...

      I have been waiting for years, biding my time, hoping for KoG to complete their promise.

      What promise you ask?

      This is a scene in KoG's "Elsword Official - Raven Tribute Trailer", by the way.

      And nearly every day I ask myself...

      "Where is his everything?"

      That is the exact reason why the story cannot end there!

      And at this point honestly I can't hide my utter disappointment regarding how KoG has resolved Raven's story thus far.

      Or more accurately, the lack thereof of it...
      "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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        More stories of the el search party members. We heard about some past about Luciel and Eun between Stirbargen, i'd like more of that esspecially about laby since she is a demon too. Alongside that, Chloe made a return in varnimyr, so i'd like to see maybe Ran or Solace make a return again too. Maybe make one of them a raid boss in the future even if it's a long time from now (1 Year)


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          It's been stated she almost is guaranteed to have come from the demon realm as stated by Rosso. So in the broadest sense, she's probably is a demon.

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          That's what he thought. Moreover the dark elf, glitter and nephilim races for example are in Demon Realm too, so demon is not the only race that exists in Demon Realm.

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          At this point, I don't really see demon as a race, it's almost more of an ethnicity. To in a broad sense, anything from the Demon Realm is a demon, but within those are the various races of "demons". Your beasts, your succubi, shadows, glitters, etc. With the current prevailing theory about Laby, she would be some type of existence in the Demon Realm.
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        Things that I myself want to see.

        Them to take advantage of Henir's Order as an antagonistic force who plays for the shadows. Hennon himself already revealed that the order itself was a high council which already lends itself to having a multitude of larger players. Then we get the small tease with the Drabaki raid, Henir's Order would be amazing as a cunning antagonist, the type that always have an edge or are playing with the larger deck.


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          So many questions left unanswered.
          1. The disappearance of the Demon King. Lu mentioned it back during Lanox, but it hasn't been brought up since.
          2. Whatever Karis wanted to get revenge on.
          3. Add's quest to return to the past (and undo the future that is Aku). I like to imagine that Add will eventually try to go back, Glave saves him, something goes wrong, and he is split into two: one who stays sane and the other who turns into Mad Paradox.
          4. Rena's friend.
          5. Raven's murderer.
          6. Rose's princess.
          7. Which woman will Raven end up with? I know for a fact that she will be blonde, busty, primarily fights at long range but also loves kicks, and is a high-ranking member of her society. I just don't know who.
          8. Elesis' connection with Chloe.
          9. Why did Ain's patron goddess change from Ishmael to Elria? Aside from "Elsword did it", we were never given any other explanation.
          10. Laby's entire existence, of course. I have a feeling either Ain, the Nephilim Lord, or Lu will know who or what she is. If even they don't, then only the Henir cult will.
          11. Aisha's connection with Seven Tower. This will be touched again as the Henir cult and Seven Tower were attempting the same thing.
          12. The Ring of Mimir. Way back in Feita, Aisha mentions that she'd have trouble with one of the bosses even if she had her full powers. It's going to be hilarious if/when she puts it on and only gains a minuscule power boost because of how powerful she's gotten after she found the ring.
          13. For that matter, Elsword's role in the grand scheme of things. His role in the story should have ended with the restoration of the El, but Ain's comment above implies this isn't the case.
          14. Zero to be taken apart by Add and Eve.
          15. What the heck was Rosso doing in the Demon Realm again?
          16. Lu's bet with Stir.
          17. When will Elsword and Aisha finally go on a date?



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            I used to predict that we would get Oriental themed region or in particular El gang going to Northern Empire, and another prediction that El gang would go to Demon World. Granted that these regions didn't/haven't played out as how I envisioned them to be, for example it was only Laby who went to Northern Empire, and in lore the motivations for El gang to go to Demon World were different compared to how I thought it would be.

            I thought that the motivation for going to Demon World would be a full scale invasion of the Demon World, by people from the "human world", which would mirror the demon invasion of Elrios and Northern Empire.

            Why, you ask? Because it's the rational thing to do so, according to military science.

            Because demons had invaded and laid waste to the human world (technically humans haven't even won yet, Velder and Northern Empire are still fighting), killed a large percentage of its people, soldiers and civilians alike, while the loss of demons was smaller and they lost only soldiers. That would take a long time to rebuild and restoring things to the pre-invasion status. Loss of properties was easier to restore, but a human can't be replaced that easily when they died.

            So what would be the most rational thing to do in that situation? Wouldn't it be to bring the fight to the demons, razing Demon World, disarming and destroying their capacity to wage such a destructive war in the near future?

            Anyway, that's what the humans in Quake 2 and Quake 4 did when previously Earth was invaded by the Strogg race and even though human won, their losses were so severe and they knew they wouldn't be able to withstand another invasion, so they launched two invasions to homeworld of the Strogg - Stroggos instead of waiting for the enemies to strike first again... That, or another example would be Ender's Game when human invaded Formic's planets after Earth was invaded by them.

            So yeah, you got the idea. I think invading Demon World and making sure they wouldn't be able to launch another invasion of human world, otherwise human would still be at a disadvantage and the demons had the head start when their world and nations weren't damaged compared to human world, and when they invade the second time mankind will be on its last legs.

            I think that's a rational, logical and strategic motivation all its own, compared to El gang main motivation in lore was finding a way to fix the El Crystal and the real reason is KoG needs new regions for business purpose. Yeah simple as that, what did you expect?
            "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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              Those remnants, however little there are, have absolutely no back up though - the Earth El is gone, merged back into the El, and there definitely wasn't anyone opening up any additional gates of darkness as either an El or a very close connection to the demon realm (like the Dark Forest where Laby lived near Feita, or the Henir Maze the ESP uses) is required - or just knowing EXACTLY where it is, and considering even Lu didn't, and Stirbargen makes a point to brag about it, it's unlikely just any demon (even Ran, who probably came through an active demon portal near the Moon El, which is likely shut down now too) knows about it, or they wouldn't have had to resort to using the El shards to accomplish their goals.

              Velder is pretty much safe by now.

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              Wait, was there a retcon somewhere? I thought Berthe merely retreated back when he was defeated. Pretty much everyone in the last Feita quest mentioned that Berthe fled back to the Demon World with his tail between his legs.

              Elsword: Big talk from a Thief who tried to steal the El Shard from my town! Go back to whatever demon world you came from!
              Chung: I won't let any demon roam this land! Be gone!
              Ara: Berthe! You won't dare look at Elrios as long as I am here!
              Elesis: You talk big for someone who's running away! Don't ever think about coming back!
              Add: Big mouth for someone who is running away! Kuku, if you are ever confident come back adn fight me! Kuahahah!
              Lu: Wait there, Berthe! Grrrr, next time I'll have your head!

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              Base on their end dungeon dialaogue it would seem Berthe did flee. That is indeed correct. Though admittedly the story quests themselves really do not say much about it and the Clear Video really doesn't point in that direction. So most probably assume he is dead, even I did for the longest time till a person on the wiki corrected me when I listed him as dead on the Demon Army page.
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            Given what the new region looks like, i'mma drop in my two cents before patch in slightly over a day.

            - Water themed dungeons = Helputt will be involved
            - The hardest 500k CP dungeon is a boss mini raid similar to ETD but against Helputt
            - Final dungeon is a story dungeon that involves Ran (as the one that cause Helputt to be converted in the first place) in a similar role to Stirbargen. He'll show up but not be fought, and they'll just have a totally friendly conversation as they discuss about how to un-convert a demon-converted person (ignoring the fact that just beating the demon out of Helputt was enough in hamel SD LUL, because that doesn't seem very canon anymore now)
            - Chung, Ara and Laby will be the focus of this arc, but especially Chung as he's the most proficient around any water areas.
            - Lu, Ain and Eun will discuss about Laby's nature in depth
            - Laby will notice "something familiar" about Ain due to both his connection to the El and his Henir mark (it's cleared up, yes, but it's not 100% gone, even as Bluhen.
            - There will be a gag with everyone fake-drowning in the ocean before Aisha brags about how they'd be long dead without her magic.
            - Someone is going to mention the fact that there's a sea on the ocean floor (really, just look at the map LOL).


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              I would like to see KoG resolving the hints that Raven knew of Banthus in the past, which may mean Banthus was a surviving member of Crow Mercenary Knights before he worked for Wally and stole Ruben's El shard.

              What happened to Elkashu? I usually have a feeling that only I alone remember this character and virtually only I myself mentioning and wanting to know what happened to him since even back at the time of the old forums, which is already something.

              More info of House Cronwell, their situations after demon invasion.
              "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                Ciel and Lu did mention meeting Raven before, which makes me wonder how long they've been traveling, and why they went back to Lanox in the first place.

                For that matter, Emirate, who was also a former mercenary. While I doubt he was part of the Crow Knights, it's possible he may have met Raven before too.
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              In general I would like to see more serious and heartbreaking notes, since those give better opportunities for character growth and development. Probably one of the more specific things I would like to see is something tragic involving Rena's friend Lua so they they can finally develop Rena's character. Something else that would also be interesting and a great opportunity for character growth is, if there's some form of necromancy in the game, for Raven's fiancee to be revived/reanimated only for him to be forced to fight her. We need more sadness and tragedy to help flesh out our characters.

              Youtube: Stratagem


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                Still holding out to see Lua reappear. Her plot thread was left way too vague in Crossroads to be left alone.
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