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    Elsword Alternate Universes

    (Yes i don't have anything better to do)

    there is a famous now old indie game on the internet called undertale, fans created aus(alternate universes) for it, changing stuff, etc

    based on 4 of the most famous AU types, i tried to play around with Elsword boys, girls and Chung

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    Commander universe: Knight Emperor, Metamorphy, Twilight, Nova Imperator, Code: Esencia, Centurion, Apsara, Empire Sword, Dominator, Catastrophe, Prime Operator, Richter and Nisha Labyrinth.

    Everyone basically becomes the job which resembling commanding officers the most among all of their known jobs, if not having jobs which are formally “count as” commanders then the next criteria of “summoners/operators” would be taken into consideration (Code:Esencia, Dominator and Nisha Labyrinth fall into this category). Metamorphy, Apsara and Richter are not commanders, moreover Aisha, Ara and Ain having no commander jobs, they were chosen according to my personal preferences instead.
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      AU: every1 being 3rd job, Rose doesn't exist cuz of all that's happening

      my own version of the canon verse: Ain being either Apo or HR, before changing to his canon class
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        GlitchEls: Elsword gains extra power by abusing Glitches in the timeline, resulting in the adventure taking less time, in exchange for his own body becoming Glitched. Eventually Elsword disappears from the Timeline completely, erasing everyone's memories of him except for Ain, who begins looking for ways to restore Elsword through the power of the El. Elsword never reached 3rd Job in this AU, because he disappeared in Lanox.

        Eventually Ain gives up and creates a "Mirage" (Clone/Fake Memory) of Elsword, modifying everyone's Memories and bringing Elsword "back". Elsword witnesses this and reaches a path even darker than Immortal, giving him intense powers, enough to even breach the limit and re-enter the Timeline...


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          What if all the characters had all of their classes at the same time?

          Elsword: Starts as Sword Knight, he later learns some fire magic from Aisha, then stumbles upon Conwell at Feita. At Velder he does more training, learns about runes from Vanessa, and notices that Conwell absorbs dark energy, which only strengthens his resolve.

          Aisha: First advances into a High Magician, learns to fight at close quarters from Elsword along with a magic pendant, then dabbles into black magic. In between she would study more advanced forms of magic. Come Feita she learns of moonstones, then later at Velder she makes contact with Angkor.

          Rena: Already a high ranking elf from the start, she trains both her close combat skills and her archery before she meets with the Night Savers.

          Raven: Hates Nasods at first and resolves to use only his skills with the blade, but as he spends time with the gang (especially Eve) he ends up having to use his Nasod hand more and more. He tries to control the power at first by trying out a rage limiter then later on adding parts onto the hand to make it more powerful while suppressing its influence. When he finally learns to accept his arm, Eve offers to modify it to look more human while still adding even more parts. With his mind no longer clouded, he can finally focus on his swordplay to reach the very pinnacle of swordsmanship.

          Eve: Switches codes as needed. I don't think the Exotic and Architecture codes are incompatible within her system. The Electra code and its upgrades, however, are only a last resort.

          Chung: First advances down the Fury Guardian line, he will latter stumble across his father's workshop and take the blueprints for the Disfrozen Portal to Echo. Later on he will craft his own pistols to supplement his cannon.

          Ara: Advances and ends with the Little Hsien line, but along the way gains different worldviews (Devi path) and insights from Eun (Shakti path).

          Elesis: Was already a Grand Master at the start of the story, little did everyone know she's hiding her insanity after she absorbed a Dark El out of desperation. With help from the gang, she manages to overcome her hatred by fully releasing the blazing power of her bloodline.

          Add: I see him starting as an Arc Tracer, before he finds out how fun it is to punch people in the face as Psychic Tracer. He would later go mad as a Diabolic Esper, but the other Add (the one living happily with his parents) realizes the situation and enters the library to find a way to stop him, resulting in this Add becoming Dominator.

          Ciel: He at first becomes fine with being called a Royal Guard, but as the battles get tougher he begins to hone his assassin skills even more. Lu ends up becoming mad with power later down the line, but he manages to retain just enough sanity (thanks to his assassin training) to pull her and him from the brink.

          Lu: Talking with Ciel brings out her old memories as Chilliach. They later get attacked by assassins where her powers end up going haywire and her going insane. Luckily Ciel manages to hang on to sanity long enough for her to get a rein on her powers and become Noblesse.

          Rose: The good thing about Rose is that her abilities center pretty much around technology, aside from the Dark El she inserted into herself in the Bloodia path. She could have simply built everything at different points in time then switched them out as needed.

          Ain: No idea. His power sources and outlook in life differ with each path drastically and none of them connect in any way.

          Laby: Starts out as Twinkle Child, but gets a massive dose of reality causing her to become depressed and withdrawn into the mirror. But just before the final moment of despair she finds her resolve to tackle her problems with her own hands. She and Nisha will eventually share everything together, as Nisha Labyrinth and Radiant Soul.
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            AU: IdolEls (the obvious one i know lol)

            Elsword: His sister is Elesis, the Leader of a popular Idol group known as "The Red Knights". He eventually trains hard and is able to get into an agency, just like her. However, by the time he's able to debut as a part of Trinity Ace, Elesis as left The Red Knights (with Penensio now their Leader) and debuted as a part of Alter Crown. He finds Idol Life difficult but enjoyable.

            Aisha: A talented performer who severely injured her ankle during a dance practice during her Trainee days, which crippled her career speed, although her singing abilities remained intact, and she eventually made a speedy recovery and was able to debut as a part of Mega Cake. She finds Elsword's approach to Idol Life as non-serious and berates him constantly for it, although mostly playfully.

            Rena: Rena comes from a long line of performers and was eventually sent out by her Grandma to enter a Trainee program. Unconfident in her abilities at first, she hesitated. In fact, this caused her to not even make first cuts. However, she met Elsword and Aisha and vented, gaining the confidence she needed, competing in Produce ELS, and was accepted as part of the "Royal GirlGroup Project", becoming a part of Alter Crown.

            Raven: Had a severe burn from cooking and decided to change his course in life as a result. He uses Idolhood to escape his (forced) breakup with Seris (who moved away due to her family having to move). He is a talented performer and his hardworking effort and toned body easily landed him a spot in Maze. His (adopted) father cheers him on always, even in eternal sleep.

            Eve: Eve was raised as part of a family whose status resembled royalty. As a result, she received extensive training at home and was easily accepted into the Trainee program, albeit having to conceal her true identity. She takes mainly a visual and supporting vocal position in Mega Cake, and constantly worries for the health of her boyfriend, Adam. She can come off as kind of cold, but she means well.

            Chung: Chung was also raised in a higher class. However, his family was specifically dedicated to music. As a result, Chung chose to follow his family's footsteps, despite his constant health-based setbacks. He's skilled in playing the cello and has a soft but firm singing voice. He and Elsword get along very well and share similar goals in Idolhood (attempting to meet family standards). They're both great friends with Rena.

            Ara: After her brother went out of tradition and went down the path of a businessman, Ara was torn, but decided to continue with her Idol Life. She's proficient with dance, although she's a little shy being recorded and having her pictures taken.

            Elesis: Left The Red Knights after learning that her brother had gotten into her label, in hopes that they would debut together. However, she was also looking for a change in her image, and got one after debuting as a part of Alter Crown.

            Add: His father shut him and his mother out after he pursued performing rather than science and business (his mother supported him in his career choice, which made them drift apart). Add's mother eventually passed away due to failing health and he kept living by himself. He trained rigorously and learned how to have a charismatic personality, and this helped land him a spot in Trinity Ace. While he finds his bandmates a bit immature, he somewhat enjoys their company.

            Lu/Ciel: Lu has a... strange family history. Her mother Karis was also an Idol, however, she strongly detested her daughter Luciela becoming an Idol 1.) Because it's hard work but moreso 2.) Because she didn't want Lu surpassing her legacy. Lu eventually moved out and tried out for the Trainee program, alongside her brother Ciel. Ciel had been orphaned as a young child, and after his sister died of food poisoning, had been taken in by Wolvernian early on. After his father died in a car accident, he was taken in by the Sourcreams. He is older than Lu, often catering to her whims, although he does this out of love, not servitude. He's also talented and was able to land a spot in Maze.

            Rose: Anna Testarossa's father is a retired Idol and inspired his daughter to do the same. However, she is actually a foreigner to Elrios (she's Empyrean) and is more known for her model work. However, this led to her debuting with a big surprise with singing talent when she became a part of Alter Crown. She's not used to the sharp, pristine, high-class image that it presents, but her friend Erze is often giving her tips on how to uphold such an image.

            Ain: Is a street performer who was accepted into the "Lost Boys" Trainee program. His mother Ishmael is famous for her philosophical preaching, and Ainchase was raised on the same kind of content. However, he gave it up for something he loved much more: Music. His mother is completely fine with this though, as she ever only meant for him to do what he loved, not what she taught him to do. At first, he came off as kind of cold, but later learns to cherish Raven and Ciel.

            Laby: Is from a run-down area of the city known as "The Black Forest". She lived in an orphanage for most of her life until famous military General (and current Idol recruiter) Bellonde Gaia adopted her. She and him get along very well, and while she's still constantly learning about the outside world, she instantly knew that she wasn't shooting for Idol Life, at least, not yet. She became a popular ElTuber, doing a little bit of everything from makeup tutorials to food and toy reviews, to singing. Her song covers were eventually found by Gaia and she was taken in as a last-minute edition to Mega Cake. While her bandmates aren't 100% sure of her abilities (aside from Lu because she can see Laby's potential), they love her 4D personality and are happy to have her on the team.


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              There is also the official High school AU from last year's April Fools as well.
              "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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                My "AU (s)"
                1) All of the job classes exist in a larger "multiverse"
                2) It goes: Canon, Transform, The Rest
                3) Elboy and a few select others (Herrscher, the other Ains via HR, Mad Paradox, Metamorphy, maybe a few others) know about the other universes due. (Elboy has seen them all through his experiance with the Great El)

                IM is incredibly bitter/jealous towards the other 2 since in the transform universe the party fell apart super early, particularly due to an encounter with Crimson Avenger. was pretty much just him, Metamorphy, Rose (idk which one tbh) and Shakti in the party when they reached Elrianode, with NI, Cent, TW, CS showing up every now and then. The other 3rd jobs that involved the great El involved either a raid/seige/sneaking in/showing up for guidance and powering up.

                Centurion stayed in Hamel to protect it from further demon attacks, and decided that protecting Hamel was more important than petty revenge. He's got a well paying job and spends a lot of his time reading. He went to visit the gang in Elrianode after hearing about it and powered up there.

                In the transform universe, Velder is pretty much in ruins because Elesis didn't save the party, and Ain didn't go back to clear the demons out.

                Nova Imperator is a full time mercenary, but he's a nice guy. He and the rest of the Crow Mercenaries helped clear out the demons from Velder after the Elgang was forced to retreat. It took a while and there wasn't too much left, they are gone. Since he's nice, he just asks for free food whenever they're in town. They insisted on giving him ED anyways.

                Herrscher goes and visits the other Ains occasionally. Richter tries to kill him on sight and Bluhen makes conversation.

                Richter doesn't talk to Bluhen because BL is friends with Lu/Ciel (Richter only tolerates them because RM thinks they're neato, and would "disappear" them if they acted sus). It's super petty and they both know it, but Richter is stubborn.

                The reason why RM is Fire + Runes rather than general magic + runes is because Aisha was the one who taught him magic, and her specialty was Fire. She said she was going to teach him some other magic some day, but then she contracted Angkor, and RM (Magic Knight at the time) met Penensio. OS is secretly relieved because she's super rusty (read: bad) at other elemental magic. (Elboy in general also has a natural affinity for fire so it would've been difficult either way).

                IM doesn't talk to Rosso because he reminds him of Elesis, and that makes him sad.
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                  Some of you need to think out of the box, for example you don’t need to lump all of the 3rd paths of characters into the same continuity, srsly.

                  More importantly, note that "canon" and "transform" paths are completely fan-made classifications. At the first place I’m pretty sure KoG itself has never used the words such as “canon” or “non-canon” to classify any of character’s jobs, and “transformation” is the name of the release (not jobs) which applied to 6 characters only, not as a way to classify those jobs as belonging to a set of their own or anything. So yeah, I refuse to use “canon” word in the same senses as the people who misuse that word.

                  This matter is very simple, at here I only explain the canon word with the right definition of the word, not the fanon interpretations of it: when determiming a thing as canon or not, that thing does not necessarily having to belong to a certain specific part of lore and a paticular timeline - for example under the manner of Elsword’s ingame epic quest storyline - to be considered canon. It’s simply because things from alternate universes/parallel timelines… are still inside the limit of a franchise’s canonicity, which is not limited to any timeline/continuity.

                  Definition of canon:

                  In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction. The alternative terms mythology, timeline, universe and continuity are often used, with the first of these being used especially to refer to a richly detailed fictional canon requiring a large degree of suspension of disbelief (e.g. an entire imaginary world and history), while the latter two typically refer to a single arc where all events are directly connected chronologically.

                  Other times, the word can mean "to be acknowledged by the creator(s)". When there are multiple "official" works or original media, the question of what is canonical can be unclear. This is resolved either by explicitly excluding certain media from the status of canon (as in the case of Star Trek and Star Wars), by assigning different levels of canonicity to different media (as was in the case of Star Wars before the franchise was purchased by Disney), by considering different but licensed media treatments official and equally canonical to the series timeline within their own continuities universe, but not across them, or not resolved at all. The use of canon is of particular importance with regard to reboots or re-imaginings of established franchises, such as the Star Trek remake (2009), because of the ways in which it influences the viewer experience.

                  Let that sink in for a moment. As you all can see above, all parallel/alternate versions of timelines/universes/continuities can be canon at the same time, simple as that. All paths already having lores and stories of their own, they don’t need to be parts of a story beyond themselves to be canon, and they don’t have to exclude each other either.

                  In fact compared to the ingame story which doesn’t create monies by itself, rather it’s the characters and their classes which are the true moneymakers. Hence the importance of job paths far outweight the epic main quest storyline’s, since it’s the job paths are the ones creating all the funds to develop such story to begin with. And the players who playing as them are the ones who having stakes in this game, hence for a start we are more than entitled for something as trivial as equal recognitions for the jobs we play as, I hope.
                  "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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