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    Oh I have been forgetting this, but today I can recall it now. I used to predict the plot behind El Master Solace and El Lady as far back as... 2015, when I can relate it to MKR's most memorable plot twist involving Sol Zagato (real subtle, KoG) and Princess Emeraude:

    Anyway, the point I'm going to demonstrate here today is that the plot regarding Master Solace and El Lady was anything but new, even consider the limit of inside this game's lore, in-universe. Rather, what if I tell you this plot has already been foreshadowed before no less than twice ingame in two different examples, just that it seemed like almost no one realized it.

    Also I mentioned this discovery of mine somewhere before, but since we're having a thread specifically for this subject, I will state it again:

    The prototype versions of this Solace/El Lady plot were the Ran/Sasha plot and King Nasod/Eve plot.

    The backbone of this plot is basically the story about a girl who suffered a tragic fate, and a male who because wanting to save that girl having to commit villainous and unethical atrocities (well strictly speaking those males could already be considered villainous/capable of evil (to different degrees) before even trying to save the girls, more like they found some "justifications" for their actions for the sake of saving the girls).

    + Let's start with Ran and Sasha plot first, as this is easier to relate. Sasha is a Priestess, who is easily relatable to El Lady. Their backstories were tragic, were forced to become Priestess/El Lady against their own wills (not sure in the case of Sasha but implied so), having to sacrifice something, causing them to transform compared to their former selves, having shorterned life expectancy etc.

    Then Ran, who met Sasha before she became Priestess and wanted to save her, was implied to be in love (?) with Sasha. Earl Ran also kidnapped Sasha similar to how Master Solace kidnapped El Lady, in process committed many atrocities.

    + The relation between Solace/El Lady plot and King Nasod/Eve plot is more obscure compared to Ran/Sasha plot. But King Nasod's agenda was similar to Solace in the sense that they needed El Shard/El Crystal to wake a person from coma. Yeah, King Nasod sought for Ruben's El to use it as alternative energy source in place of Eve, who was in hibernation capsule to provide energy for Altera Core, similar to Master Solace who wanted to use the Diceon he stole in his plan to liberate El Lady from her bond with the shattered El Crystal to wake her up from coma.

    They then commited many atrocities in process, King Nasod killed ponggos, humans and even nasods, and didn’t care that the environment around Ruben would be ruined after losing Ruben El, so that he could acquire the El shard and waking Eve up from her hibernation chamber. The fact that the event happened in Elysion which involving the usage of Debrian/Nasod technologies and personnel, and the similarities of ingame stage of Solace's Fortress also did wonder to pay homage to Altera arc and Altera Core stage, respectively.

    To sum it up, I will quote King Solomon's Ecclesiastes 1:9 "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun".


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      Added small detail regarding El Master Rosso's title/epithet which was mentioned as the "Master of Fire" according to the newly released ingame story of Rigomor region, revealed in a 2nafish's video.


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        Added some information, for example weapons which Rosso and Gaia wield.

        Also note that the teaching combat techniques ability of 5 El Masters and tutoring ability of 2 Master are deliberately listed as separate abilities here. El Masters only train El gang members to a limited extent, it can't be compared to the process which Denif taught Gaia to become El Master for example.


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