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    El Master 101 thread & FAQ archive

    This is a thread in which I explaining El Masters to you. You can ask me questions about this subject and I will answer.

    Who are they:

    The El Masters are the ones who were said to be the master of one of the (six) Elements: Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Light and Dark.

    The titles (?) of El Masters and the corresponding element they were said to be the master of:

    Fire - Rosso.
    Water - Denif.
    Nature - Gaia.
    Wind - Ventus.
    Light (aka Master of the Sun) - Solace.
    Dark - Ebalon.

    The current set of El Masters:

    Fire El Master: Rosso.
    Water El Master: Denif.
    Earth El Master: Bellonde Gaia.
    Wind El Master: Soran Ventus.
    Sun El Master: Perrihart Solace.
    Moon El Master: Ebalon.

    What they do:

    The main roles which they are expected to perform including protecting the El Lady and helping her in maintaining and stabilizing the original El Crystal. Though it should be noted that they were more honed for the security duty than maintaining and stabilizing El Crystal.

    Later on when the El Crystal was broken into many parts, they (excluding Solace) poured their El energy into the El Shards and from that point the El Shards having elements. The original El Crystal and Ruben El (which was said to be the core of the original El Crystal) originally were supposed to have no elemental attribute.

    After El Explosion incident which left most people dead and they had to move to near the biggest El Shards which could still sustain life around them. And the new nations, which sprang from these survivors and the location the El Shards ended up, are including "modern day" nations: Velder, Senace... The El Shard which would later be known as Moon El (Dark elemental) ended up at Isshin village, in the Northern Empire, which had existed indepedently from Elrios continent (was split into Lurensia and Fluonne because of El Explosion).

    This is my speculation: Evidently as least some El Masters and their followers played an instrumental role in founding the nations from the El Explosion's survivors and refugees. Denif's emblem and Gaia's symbol which he sported on his clothes resembling the national symbols of Senace and Velder, respectively. Gaia having a sister who was a Nature elemental Priestess named "Verdel", which could be what Velder nation took its namesake from, given that Verdel was Nature Priestess and Velder possessing the Earth (Nature) El shard.

    How El Masters were chosen:

    Since in Solace's story it was revealed his "Solace" title was also his family name - name of the whole Solace clan, I speculate that if you want to become a Light El Master, one of the requisite is that you need to be a member of that Solace clan, either being born into it, or adopted by it, so you would bear the Solace family name.

    I speculate that there were other clans such as Denif clan, Gaia clan, Ventus clan... beside Solace clan.

    The other requisites including your abilities to manipulate the elements, and combat prowess.

    Also since all El Masters are males, I think you need to be a male to qualify for El Master as well.

    Then you would be chosen/applying for the El Master position through an organization which supposedly managing the El Crystal and the personnel needed to maintain it. You would be tested and then officially becoming one of El Masters and introduced to the El Lady who you would serve under.

    Next post would introduce the biography of the current set of El Masters themselves.
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    Biography of El Masters.

    Rosso - Fire El master:


    For some reasons he was stuck in Demon World. Before that he made a deal with the demon sovereign Stirbagen and gained a devil eye and its power, which he transplanted into his right eye socket. Then he was imprisoned in a tower in Varnimyr region, in Demon World. Experiments were made on him when he was imprisoned there, which corrupted him. Then after El Crystal restoration, it triggered something inside him and gave him the strength he lost after El Explosion because of the broken El Crystal.

    Then when the player characters came to the tower, they encountered him in his corrupted form. He couldn't control himself and attacked them. Then Elsword could telepathically communicate with him, and after El Search Party fought against him, he was able to regain his memories and sanity.

    He was escorted by Ventus (who came all the way there by himself) back to Elrianode.

    There he could meet some El Masters and all of the Priestesses.

    Rosso sported several inhuman chracteristics such as pointy ears and most of his hands were red which was different from the skin color of him, so I suspect he may not be a human.

    Known abilities:

    _ Fighting.

    _ Manipulating El energy, especially Fire element.

    _ Stabilizing El crystal.

    _ Making use of Stirbagen's Crimson Eye.

    Personalities and agendas:

    He is arrogance, blunt, skeptical and grumpy. He didn't hesitate to call Ignia (Fire Priestess) out and arguing with her, going so far as threatening to fire her (no pun intended) after having roasted her because he suspected she couldn't get the job done. He helped stabilizing the El with great success.

    It should be noted that Rosso's mentality stems from a philosophy of self-reliance and a desire to spare others from carrying the burden of the Fire El, taking the burden upon himself.

    He didn't explain why he came all the way to Demon World and literally made a deal with the devil, bargaining for the power inside Stirbagen's Crimson Eye.

    Denif - Water El Master:


    Is a dragon in humanoid form. The longest living member of El Masters (Rosso called him grandpa iirc). He's also treated as the most senior El Master by his peers. In fact Master Gaia was Denif's student, so Denif tutored as least one El Master - he's literally a Master's master!

    In the night which El Crystal would overload and explode, he encountered Perrihart Solace who was storming the place where El Lady lived to kidnap her. He and the guards tried to stop Solace but were defeated.

    After El Explosion, he was the last El Master to go into hibernation, because he needed to sort something out before they slept.

    After El Crystal was restored, he was met by El Search Party at Elrianode. He gave them instructions when they entered Hall of El (the world inside the El Crystal) to rescue Elsword who sacrificed himself.

    Then he participated in defending Elrianode from the attack of Henir cult. Then Solace and El Lady came to Elrianode and he "fired" them - relieved them of their duties and positions or whatever.

    After Gaia and Laby came to Elrianode, he gave some insights into deducing what Laby truly is.

    Known abilities:

    _ Fighting (Solace 1:0 him tho).

    _ Manipulating El energy, especially Water element.

    _ Tutoring (Gaia was his student).

    Personalities and agendas:

    He's cool, calm and collected. Was the ones who most oftenly decided and directed the other El Master's courses of actions. He's also very smart and resourceful, given that he's a member of a long lived race so he had time to accumulate knowledge and experiences.

    Gaia - Earth El Master:


    Is a human, who was Denif's student. He had 3 sisters, one of which became Earth Priestess who was named Verdel. After El Crystal restoration he woke up, and when Gaia was visiting his sister Verdel's grave, he met a savage girl. He gave her a name (Nisha Labyrinth) and they travelled together. On the way they fought and defeated many monsters. Gaia and Laby travelled on a ship, intended to travel from East Lurensia to Elrianode.

    However the vessel carrying them was stuck in a storm, boarded by monsters and then a giant octopus attacked it. The hull of the ship was breached and it was sinking, Gaia used his power to raise the ground from the seabed to keep the ship from sinking. Gaia requested Laby to finish off the giant octopus to save everyone on the ship. He lost her there, after having wandered around to find her with no result.

    Then he went alone to near Elrianode, where he met Laby again. They crossed the barrier surrounding the place to reach Elrianode, where he was reunited with his El Master fellows.

    Known abilities:

    _ Fighting.

    _ Manipulating El energy, especially Nature element.

    _ Tutoring (Laby was his protégé).

    _ Manipulating the ground around him (when he raised the ground far away from him).

    Personalities and agendas:

    Most of the people I have seen speaking of him as an all-loving, warm and mature man who is simply a very kind guy. Well, they mostly got it right. However if you have examined more thoroughly, you would discover small details which exposed much about the underlying depth of the character, the other side of someone which normally doesn't surface:

    He was completely aware that there was a high chance that Laby wouldn't survive when he requested his beloved protégé to charge at the octopus. But he did it anyway. Even though he mourned her very much, he also considered it... acceptable. He reasoned that if sacrificing one person (even though it was a loved one) so that many others may live, it would be justified.

    The game's dialogue:

    • Bellonde: ... Laby.
    • Laby: Huh?
    • Bellonde: ... Do you... Don't you blame me?
    • Laby: ... Eh?
    • Bellonde: We met at the forest, and I promised that I'd help you. But... I wasn't able to protect you at all. Even though you've barely learned how to fight, I pushed you into dangerous situations instead of keeping you safe. Even though you are alright... Which makes me so glad... But I ignored your fears of being left alone by telling myself I had a duty to protect other people... I decided at that moment... To give you up, for the 'greater good'.
    • Laby: Teacher...
    • Bellonde: Long ago, I made a mistake that cost the lives of many others...
    • Laby: A... Mistake...? Did teacher try to hurt other people?
    • Bellonde: No, but my duty to protect Elrios... And stop anything from causing it harm. However, I was unable to meet up with everyone's expectations, and as a result, this world was brought to the brink of extinction.
    • Laby: ...!!
    • Bellonde: I questioned my goal, my power, and everything that I have ever stood for. Even after a long slumber, I was still not certain of myself, but there was no one who could ease my doubts. When I went to where my sister rested, I was seeking for answers. I... wasn't sure I should go back to Elrianode...... That's where I met you.
    • Laby: (Teacher's sister...? Then where we met was...)
    • Bellonde: You may think I guided you, but actually it's the opposite. Laby, you were the one who gave me strength, a reason to hold on to my beliefs again. Although saving other people on the ship seemed to align with my goal to save others... I felt lost. Perhaps it was a given that I would feel that way. I claimed that my power was for protecting others, yet I wasn't able to protect you who I've promised to help. I haven't changed at all since my mistake. If something happens, I will end up making the same mistake. I have no reason to go back to Elrianode in my state... I was... blaming myself, while searching for you that I have let go.
    This is the side of Gaia which most people overlooked. To sum it up:

    This personality and agenda of him made him the opposite of Solace - who didn't hesitate to jeopardize the wellbeing of the whole world to save a person, his lover.

    Ventus - Wind El Master:


    Is an elf. He was able to wake up even before El Restoration because of the help from Lincy - the fairy who formed a contract with him. He went around doing something, then arrived at Elrianode after it re-emerged. He covertly jacked the primodial El before Hennon could take it, and helped El Search Party, somewhat.

    When Solace went to Elrianode to help defend it against Henir Order's attack, after the attack was over, Ventus attacked Solace. On the surface Ventus was supposed to punish Solace after he betrayed other El Masters, but Denif perceived it as a ploy so that he wouldn't be able to reprimand Solace and El Lady any further.

    Later he travelled to Varnimyr to escort Rosso back to Elrianode.

    Known abilities:

    _ Fighting.

    _ Manipulating El energy, especially Wind element.

    _ Stealth.

    _ Flirting.

    Personalities and agendas:

    Is a laid back and relaxed man, who filled the Casanova wannabe niche which this setting used to lack. Though he can be serious at times, for example when he attacked Solace.

    This is my speculation, but in fictional works there are people who wore the "Casanova wannabe" facade, deliberately wanting to be underestimated, to hide their "hidden depths" and talents, e.g Doctor Shamal in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Maybe Ventus was this archetype.

    Solace - Sun El Master:


    ...Spoiler alert: Have you ever read Magic Knights Rayearth? My advice: read it before reading this game plots involving him and El Lady so that it wouldn't spoil your experiences when reading MKR later.

    This will be long. Perrihart was a child of clan Solace. He was a half Rubenian and half Solace. His clan later adopted Harnier, who had Rubenian ethnicity. He and his big brother Sigmund hating each other. Sigmund bullied Harnier, and Perrihart would clash with him to protect Harnier. Then later on Sigmund wanted to drain energy from Harnier which would result in killing her, so that he could become the strongest El power user in the nation.

    Perrihart fought Sigmund, ended up killing his blood brother in process. Perrihart and Harnier, who loved each other, intended to abandon the Solace clan and went away by their own. But in Ishamel's night, Harnier was chosen as El Lady, and was forced to serve as El Lady. Perrihart wanted to meet Harnier again, so he trained and then applied for El Master position. He qualified and became Solace Sun El Master.

    He felt hurt after having met Harnier again, but she had forgotten him and lost her memories. In one Ishamel's Night the El Crystal was destabilized sooner than anticipated, it became overloaded and could be shattered. So Harnier wanted to sacrifice herself, by merging with the El Crystal and that may save the El.

    Solace stopped her from doing that, but El Lady felt into coma, then he kidnapped her and escaped to Elysion. There he did many things to take control of the place, stealing Dicetium, hijacking the Nasod armies so they would fight for him, taking over a fortress... He slowly carried out the plan over hundreds of years to restore the El Crystal so that El Lady could wake up from her coma.

    Then El Search party followed his tracks and encountered him at Elysion. They and the loyal Nasod army fought against Solace who was corrupted, Nasod turncoats and rogue Nasod army. After Solace had fought against the player characters, Elsword learned about Solace's past and chose to sacrificed himself instead of choosing the options offered by corrupted Solace. The El Crystal was restored, El Lady woke up.

    Then he went to Elrianode to help combating the Henir Order. He was later attacked by Ventus as punishment. Then Denif told him and El Lady to go away, as they were not needed anymore.

    Known abilities:

    _ Fighting. Is also a left-handed sword wielder.

    _ Manipulating El energy, especially Light element.

    _ Commanding.

    _ Regime change.

    _ Finding a way to restore the El Crystal.

    Personalities and agendas:

    Was a stoic person, even since he was young was rarely seen having fun or smiling, and he only became increasingly so over the time. An arrogance and cold blooded man to most people, considering what he had went through and the price it cost just to achieve his agenda. In his corrupted form, he was also shown to be broody all of the times and not just stoic, and was absolutely obssessed with the El Lady.

    His agenda conflicted with most people, which included wanting to resume his affairs with El Lady even after Hernia became El Lady and lost memories, then kidnapping her. He didn't hesitate to betray the others and demolishing anything stood between himself and Harnier, whether those were friends or foes.

    That made him as the main foil for Gaia, the one who was ready to sacrifice even someone he loved, if that sacrifice could result in more people being saved.

    Ebalon - Moon El Master:


    So far Ebalon is the one we know the least about. He appeared in Solace's memories in the past, in which he informed Solace of the ultimately tragic fate of the El Ladies: beside losing their memories and emotions, they would eventually become a component of the El Crystal and merged with it.

    Known abilities:


    Personalities and agendas:

    He was a soft spoken bishonen. He said he sympathized with the tragedies which the El Ladies had to go through.

    It was implied that he was a closet traitor, destabilizing the El Crystal so later on it would explode and Solace would kidnap El Lady, as he gave Solace the information regarding the El Lady's sacrifice.

    His color scheme contrasts with Solace (in Solace El Master form, not counting his corrupted form): white hair, blue colored eyes and wearing in blue who appeared to be frail and intellectual, contrasted with Solace who was having black hair, red colored eyes and wearing in red with a muscular body build.
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      1) I would like the new playable character to be [insert El Master name(s) here]:

      How about no? They already had their hands full of works regarding protecting the El Crystal, the Priestesses and Elrianode. The Henir cultists used to wound the first El Lady and even the first set of El Masters weren't able to stop them. They simply can't afford to leave their works at Elrianode in a prolonged period of time. That would be suicidal, especially after so much efforts and sacrifices were paid just to restore the El Crystal. The El Crystal was also not completely restored to its former glory, in fact everyone was still finding a way to stabilize and restoring it fully.

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        Okay you can post your comments below.
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          Thank you for making this thread. I love reading lore!


          • Tyrannicide-solace-
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            Thank you for your support as well.
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          Interesting that Harnier submitted to Denif's decision. Shouldn't she be ranked higher than him?



          • ErillePurrle-solace-
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            Well, the order of the El Lady and El Master by the time of Elsword time is had already fall apart already so maybe all that is left is the seniority between what is remained between the El Masters and the El Lady. If there's no society power in play, considering the characters trait, and how Harnier seems to feel guilt about failing her duty, she might just accept it as a thing for a senior.

          • Gunz224-solace-
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            Not exactly. While Hernia is the El Lady and she is very important. Her position in the whole thing is more of an oracle than one of inherent systematic rank. As the El Lady, most of her concern would be in regards to the El itself and not much else. The Masters would likely be the ones to hold other systematic powers. So it is wrong to say one necessarily outranks the other.
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          correct me if i'm wrong, but the whole dialogue regarding Gaia being prepared to sacrifice Laby... if i'm not mistaken so did it take place inside Henir barrier, in which Henir showed Laby glimpses of what Nisha have experienced

          remember that, while Laby and Nisha was always together, they each was in different realities. Laby was in the reality where she managed to help every1 and (possibly) Gaia was confident enough to trust her to defeat the octopus while, in Nisha's case, so did she fail to save Mao and Gaia had absolutely no confidence in Nisha being able to survive
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          • Tyrannicide-solace-
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            No no, that dialogue happended before they went inside Henir barrier. They were fighting against the sandworms at Corrupted Dune instead. Gaia said it for real.

          • Jochira-solace-
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            oh, forget that part than
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          You're missing Soran's ability of "being whacked by Lincy". This is pretty accurate, except all those sarcasm that newcomers might not get.

          I'm still wondering that Solace's appearances in the present is due to his power being deteriorated over time due to his mind being in pain or something else?

          Also, Gaia is basically Kiritsugu (who is someone I abhor), lost 3 sisters (Kiri's case being...his adopted mother, his assistant and his wife) and trying to play the saving more people than what is more important to himself, albeit in a kinda brighter theme.

          Soran is the one who is currently lacking the most in his background, almost nothing is said about him. Rena's webtoon was only about Lincy. I'm pretty sure he and Ebalon will be quite a show to behold as their faces basically spell the same archetype.


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            Would point out that Rosso's mentality stems from a philosophy of self-reliance and a desire to spar other from carrying the burden of the Fire El, taken the burden upon himself.


            • Tyrannicide-solace-
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              Thank you, already added your contribution to Rosso's personalities and agendas section.
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            Okay, It was quite complete. I also added some details which I forgot to add to the sections which I wrote before, such as speculation that the El Masters had to be males, or Rosso may not be a human...

            Please ask me and I would reply if I know the answer. You're free to discuss as well. My FAQ section is quite vacant because I'm trying to remember recurring misconceptions of people regarding El Masters.
            "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


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              Perrihart or Ferniart Fenriart?
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            • Tyrannicide-solace-
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              I think both are acceptable. The US and JP servers went with Fe(n)riart while KR, GER, FR, Spanish and Polish went with Per(r)ihart. I also preferred Harnier to Hernia.

            • Coronax-gaia-
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              I'm indifferent to Solace's name but I too prefer Harnier to Hernia.
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            He didn't hesitate to call Ignia (Fire Priestess) out and arguing with her, going so far as threatening to fire her (no pun intended)...
            He says, before adding "roasted." lol

            This thread is pretty lit. Thanks.
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              I have a theory regarding the meanings behind the El Master titles:

              + Rosso: means "red" in Italian, self-explanatory.

              + Gaia: the name of "Gaia" has been used over and over again in so many instances, I think it's the most well-known and least obscure among the El Master's titles. The origin of Gaia is the name of a significant Greek primordial deity, "mother Earth", who gave birth to the Titans - who in turn gave birth to the Greek gods (Olympians). The equivalent/version of Gaia in Roman religion is Terra.

              + Ventus: singular form of wind deities in Roman religion - the Venti.

              + Solace: "solace" means "help and comfort when you're feeling sad or worried" - Cambridge dictionary. Which is (ironically) exact opposite of what Perrihart Solace actually gave everyone, frankly speaking. Here is what I actually came up by myself when interpreting the meaning behind the name Solace and how does it can possibly involving title of Light El Master/name of a clan:

              You can't pronounce "Solace" without "Sol", right? Sol is literally the sun in Latin, and a god in Roman religion. The sun is a major source of light, hence that's how it is related to Light El Master and Light element, and the epithet "Master of the Sun".

              That left Denif and Ebalon unaccounted for, as I haven't found the meanings behind these titles, or if they had any meaning to begin with. The pattern thus far is that the titles/names are based on stuffs from ancient Greek's beliefs, ancient Roman's beliefs and Italian language. "Salvatore" in the IB set's names is also (unsurprisingly) Italian for "savior".

              So do you have any idea? Feel free to share it and discuss here.
              "I hereby declare:...the remnants of the high nobility who plan to reverse the flow of history and steal by force the rights that the people have established will receive a suitable repayment for this atrocity." - Reinhard von Lohengramm.


              • ErillePurrle-solace-
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                The first thing I thought of is denim for "Denif" simply because it's blue but that wouldn't be that obvious...right?

              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                @Erille yeah for some reasons I thought about "denim" when considering the meaning behind Denif. I thought it was just me.
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              Thank you for this!
              I find calling Ebalon a Dark El Master puzzling. I understand what you were going for; There are six elements in Elsword, one of them being Dark, not Moon. However, the Dark El in the Demon Realm is different from the Moon El in Elrios. Solace is also called a Sun Master, but at least the Light element appears to be directly related to him.


              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                @Gunz224 okay I corrected them to Earth, Sun and Monn El Masters in according to your advice.

              • Shirenn-solace-
                Shirenn-solace- commented
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                Gunz224 is correct. Thank you for changing their titles.

                The Moon El comes from the Primordial El and possesses healing properties. The Dark El in the Demon Realm is a shadow and direct opposite of the Primordial El. Therefore, I doubt they are related. It's confusing enough that there are the corrupted-by-demons El shards and the real Dark El in the Demon Realm.

                I am interested to see what properties the real Dark El has (and whether it's connected to Laby)... However, that's irrelevant to the current discussion.

              • LeafRena2-solace-
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                I believe that the reason Solace is the Sun Master is because he uses a lot of fire techniques in addition to light techniques. The only actual light attacks he uses that can think of are the infamous Flash of Death and presumably the beam of light Solace killed his brother with. If I recall Dark Solace uses exclusively fire element attacks while the guards of House Solace in Halted Sun's memory use fire element attacks as well.

                For the Moon master it is presumed to involve the Shadow/Darkness element because of the descriptions of the Salvatore Ebalon Ice Burner talking about how Ebalon believes that for the world to be in balance Darkness is needed (it also mentions that the IB was used by Dark Knights who followed Ebalon) as well as the Haan Family (who is associated with the Moon El) Secret Exorcism Art that Shadows to attack & bind the enemy. It's also possible that the Moon El could embody both Light AND Darkness element working together for balance which make make sense given that the moon is associated with both light and darkness. There is also a chance that the moon may even have something to do with water because of how the moon controls the tides but until we actually get to see Moon El users more extensively (assuming ever do) we won't know.

                As for Earth/Nature Element Elsword seems to use these more or less interchangeably though I personally hate when games (or any other type of fictional medium) lump them together partly because Nature (also known as Wood in some fictional medium) is my favorite element while Earth is my least favorite. The other reason I don't like it is because while Nature does depend on Earth (usually in the form of soil) it is also just as dependent on Water, Wind (in the form of air since the carbon from CO2 is where plants get Most of the mass they need to grow) and Light (in the form of Sunlight).
                The only Time Gaia was ever officially referred to as the "Master of Nature" was in the IB description and I'm not sure if that translation is accurate.

                In the case of the Water El I'm assuming Denif uses both Water and Ice (which is another instance of lumping two elements together that don't really care for) since in these Elements are usually used interchangeably in Elsword.

                I'm not entirely sure where Lightning would fit in all of this but it is usually lumped in with other Elements such as Wind or Light, or sometimes Fire

                My apologies if it seems like I'm rambling. I'm just someone who find Elements and their classifications to be very interesting as Elemental attacks are in my opinion one of the coolest things about the fantasy genre.
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              The El explosion happened about 500 years ago. Why is Gaia still haven't dead? Did ''sleeping'' prevent him from ageing?

              I'd love to change my IGN


              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                When the El Masters channeled their energy into the El shards, they felt asleep and apparently were stuck inside the El shards. I guess that prevented them from aging as well.

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                @Tyrannicide It's still weird for Solace to be still alive. He didn't ''sleep''. Isn't that he is a human?

              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                At Elysion, Solace asked Adrian to supply him a hibernation capsule which can preserve people and preventing aging, the same type of hibernation device which Adrian Nasod used to sleep for hundreds of years and not aging while sleeping.

                I guess Solace used the same type of hibernation capsule which El Lady and Adrian already used. He didn’t have to stay awake the whole time, rather he slept most of the time while Science Dekal - a Nasod collaborator, the one who worked under the orders of Solace - did most of the things through the centuries.
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              Nothing new but bump this in case someone posting in this to ask something and it becomes necro. I'm going to update it when there are new lores concerning the El Masters.
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                Since this thread can serve as a lore database for the El Masters outside of Elwiki and a great forum reference thread for later Lore discussions here, we can ask a mod to stick this Thread so that it won't be treated like all other threads in terms of activity.
                What do you think?

              • Tyrannicide-solace-
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                No I don’t think this needs to be sticky, it only covers matters regarding the El Masters - a small part of Elsword lore. Some of the things I mentioned here are my speculations and there is nothing ensuring that they will ever be verified in the future.

                Also most of the information you see here can be found on Elwiki, which went into greater details but can be hard to comprehend. It should be noted that the Elwiki page of Gaia is vacant so my thread having more details regarding Gaia lore.

                It should be noted that Elwiki is not runned by KoG.
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