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Aren and Ran

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    Aren and Ran

    Confusing for me. Maybe it's because I didn't pay much attention to the story..

    In the story, it seems like Ran is a demon that take over Aren body and control him but Aren still have some consious (One reason why Ran can't kill Ara).
    But somehow when Ara call him "Big brother" or other thing related to her village, he do respond to it and actually act like he was Aren but still Ran?

    So did they fuse their memory together or just I was missing something?

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    ran doesnt know ara but assumes she was important to aren

    ain finds memories of aren inside of ran (iirc) but ran doesnt know much about her- if you could show me an example of when ran responds to her, we'd have more context
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      As far as I'm aware from the stuff I've read through, as people, Ran and Aren tend to be completely two different being despite sharing the same body. Ran's control is supposed to be absolute, meaning there is supposed to be no Aren left, but it seems Aren's own strength allows him to linger. There is even some dialogue in Ain's story quest which actually show Ran and Aren fighting within their head.

      In the case of the bit we saw in Ara's webcomic, Ran decided to strike down Ara not because any memory related to Aren himself, but just based on context clues of Ara calling him her brother. But the reason Ran hesitated was because Aren did still have some control over his body, though slight. They don't share memories or even minds, only their body.
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        Thanks. It explained a lot. I do have an Ain but never read his story so I didn't know about that.
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