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Elrios Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sult

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    Elrios Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sult

    In case you may experience reading this thread as déjà vu, it's not, because this is a remade of the old thread on the old forums which I made and now can't bump anymore.

    I first posted it nearly 2 years ago, now with some fixes and hoping to contribute to the lore of Elsword. Source:

    So when researching Norse mythologies I found something interesting and noteworthy, wanting to share with y'all.

    On one side we have demon god Sult in Ranox:

    1) The name Sult.

    2) Leader of the demons and enemy of the gods.

    3) A giant.

    4) Having blacker than ink skin.

    5) Crawling out of a volcano when resurrected.

    6) Residing in the land of volcanoes, fire and ruins.

    7) Demons from demon realm were his underling.

    8) His minions were lava monsters with the same element as him.

    9) Having the power to scorch and destroy Elrios.

    10) A title you can gain in Ranox, Dancing Flame Weapon (title), illustrated with a bright sword made of flame. Functioning by invoking natural disasters like meteors and firestorms.

    On other side we have Surt, a key character who set Ragnarok into motion:

    1) The name Surt. Only one different letter in the name compared to Sult.

    2) Leader of the forces which attacking and slain most of the Nordic gods.

    3) Surt is a fire giant.

    4) Having black and charred skin. Surt literally means "black" in Old Norse laguage.

    5) God of volcanoes. He was thought to be the driving forces of erupting volcanoes by Nordic people in the past. Unsurprisingly because his realm was...

    6) Muspelheim, homeworld of the fire giants ( aka
    jötunn) - main enemies of Norse gods. A world littered with fiery things like fire, volcanoes, lava...

    7) He also leads the residences of Hel - Nordic realm of the death, to Ragnarok to battle the Nordic gods.

    8) Like I said, he is a fire giant, he leads other fire giants who are also his kin.

    9) Surt engulfs the whole world and that's how the world is destroyed after Ragnarok. Everyone dies.

    10) Unsurprisingly, Surt bearing a flaming sword as his weapon. And his abilities including scorching the whole world in fire.

    Lu mentioned a particular flaming sword in the demon realm.


    Extra: the altar used to resurrect Sult incorporated multiple symbols which greatly resembling Nordic Elder Fulthark runes on its pillars: and and , among the others if any.

    So it led me to the inevitable conclusion that Sult in Elsword was inspired by Surtr in Nordic Mythologies.

    I predict he already destroyed Elrios (the name is misleading, Elrios was only named after the El Crystal landed on the dead continent), rendering the land a death world and killed most of gods, with Henir as one of the survivors. Ishmael butted in, decided to send El Crystal to resurrect the broken world, but Henir had other plans for the world and so Henir fanatics kept undermining the El Crystal and harming El Lady in process.
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