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Server is like rejecting my ip

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    Server is like rejecting my ip

    Hello, I've already make a thread before about RTO issue, but got no repplies and I bet GM or staff didn't saw that.
    So I will make a new thread and reintroduce myself.
    I'm Indonesian player and playing with Telkomsel ISP.
    Internet speed have no problem, can watch youtube 4K without any buffer and play another international online games fluently.
    The only problem is Elsword delayed so hard and I checked the ping have many RTO on it.
    Listen, it was smooth before, but after the 15/7 update patch it got pretty [Removed] up.

    Why I conclude the server rejecting IP in telkomsel ISP?
    coz I've tried checked using US VPN and it got really smooth without RTO, here the Screenshot.

    After I disconnected from VPN, bam it becomes RTOing again.

    Yeah I know, playing with VPN can make me got Banned.
    So please, fix this problem dear GM and Developer :')
    Because not only me dealing with this problem, all my friend with Telkomsel ISP also like this.

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    • Skyress
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      Unfortunately I don't know.

    • Janehoho-gaia-
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      So, any methods to contact a GM? or a staff that managing the server?
      I know this is not an easy case, but this is a major problem for me.
      Since I've spent a lot amount of money in this game, I demand this issue got fixed so I can play this game again comfortly.

      If me as a player can't contact a GM or staff, maybe you can, so please Im begging you a help.

    • Skyress
      Skyress commented
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      Have you tried to send a ticket to Customer Support? That's probably your best bet.
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