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Characters ALL Reset to Elder Village & No ED

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    Characters ALL Reset to Elder Village & No ED

    So, earlier today (7/19/2020) I had Elsword open and left it on while fishing. I came back an hour or two later and the game had closed - alright, no big deal. I open it up again and my character list has been reset in a random order, and the character I most recently had open (snowcloaked) is on the second page near the bottom. Hm, that's strange, but still fine? I open snowcloaked, and do a secret dungeon, and then leave the guild hall. I'm in Elder village, but before the game crashed I was in the Lanox hot springs. Strange. Then I check the inventory, and I have 425,346 ED (probably earned from the secret dungeon I did)... on my level 99 final job character that I have not purchased anything with in days. Before the crash I had at least 35,000,000 ED on this character.

    I log into my other characters. All of them are in Elder village, where they were not left, and have lost all or almost all of their ED (think 40 mil to literally 0).

    Is there anything that can be done about this? I'm really upset and frustrated.
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    All I can tell you is to reset your password to something else more secure, because this doesn't sound like a "glitch" or "reset back to Elder" but more like someone else accessed your account, which is entirely possible in the time frame you said you left your PC for. I also assume you don't live with anyone that has access to your PC besides you that would be interested in stealing your money.

    Sorry for your loss I suppose. At least it was only ED and no items were destroyed.


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      Sorry to heard what happen, it's sounds like you were hacked. All you can really do is reach out to customer service.


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        7/22, I'm in your situation. immediately went to make a new character. checked bank, no ED in the bank, checked my other characters, and not a SINGLE ED there as well. didn't let a single person besides myself use my account and last time i was on elsword before today was last week.

        I'd like to assume this is just a crazy bug. and their might be a fix(hopes are pretty low) but if there was a widespread server hack with this , then ♥♥♥♥. that sucks(skeptical on this part)

        wish i could check my login history especially IP Adresss source from logins too.

        Other info:
        No one has access to my PC physically.
        my info isn't shared with anyone at all.
        I've done no trades between the weeks of 7/14 to now.
        I've sold items on the board, and that's the only thing pertaining to ED excluding ED drops.

        i'd like to think there's a few more having a problem similar to this too.
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          7/27 same thing with me, stayed logged in after doing the lvl up event, I switch back into my main and they were In elder when I swore I log out at Lanox, all of my ED gone and my BK IB set gone, all of my other items are still there, so im hoping its just a bad bug that came with the patch, opened a support ticket as well, I feel the frustration
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            31 July; I learned that I was hacked. I don't know what might have been lost because I cannot access with the current PIN anymore but I do know that I've lost 425 for apparently buying a hanger item (I'm not even sure what the heck is it in for anyways). I have contacted the support.

            They need to reply immediately- I want to get my account back ASAP.
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