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Game conflicting with other services

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    Game conflicting with other services

    So, as of right now an issue has been pointed out if (for some reason) your PC is running a Team Viewer service, the game will terminate itself after some minutes or even seconds and the quick fix was to just terminate the mentioned service. It was all working well until today when I tried doing some daily runs and even after terminating the TW service the game kept loosing connection.
    I didn't know exactly what was the cause of this and the issue just appeared after being a whole week playing normally. Then I remembered that I recently installed the Xbox beta App and uninstalled it to check if it was the source of the issue. Turns out it was, because after that the game didn't lost connection even once.
    I'm really asking to myself why does this kind of issues are even a thing, how an external application can influence exclusively Elsword when they have nothing in relation with it.
    I just hope there is a real fix for this, because who know what else might cause problems in the future just for only having it installed on your PC.
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    There was a whole announcement on the website mainpage for TeamViewer. Supposedly it was done because in KR it was used to get on unsuspecting people account and steal/delete stuff.
    so since people can’t read what a software do, we all get punished for it.

    As for the Xbox App. I dunno. I guess a conflict with the anti cheat system.

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