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Game won't start

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    Game won't start

    So yeah, just downloaded Elsword on my PC, first time I launched it it was going pretty well. Though, I wasn't able to move with my arrow keys so I tried going back to character select and went back into Elrionode(?) server. The map loaded, but my character wasn't loading and it was as if the game wasn't responding. I couldn't exit nor do anything so I decided to shut it down with task manager. I tried launching it again and it won't launch, no matter how many times I click "yes" asking me if I wanted to launch Elsword it wasn't doing so. I tried restarting my PC and it still won't launch.
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    Maybe try to reinstall might help.


    • RedHoomanPH-gaia-
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      I already reinstalled it, was able to play it once but now it wont launch again.. would be pretty terrible if I have to keep reinstalling it every day.
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    • Chunghie-gaia-
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      I used to face that problem too few days ago, the game won't launch after close it and try to relaunch after disconnected.
      All I do is delete anything in Temp File that can be deleted. After that, game can be launch it again smoothly. I hope this help out.

      Link how to find Temp file :
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