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    No response from the server

    Well, i know that the message "no response from server" i'ts a common problem that usually happens, but today it has been so annoying that i haven't played that much today, every time i try to get in, i can only play less than 10 minutes or even 5 because it appears even on the login screen and kicks me out of the game, so i want to know if there's a possible solution because it is the first time this happens like this, since i even played many hours yesterday without any problem...
    I would appreciate the help
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    check ur internet , most of the times it's the players' internet , maybe its speed got lower or something , try restarting ur router , pc , stuff like that
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      a few nights ago i was with my friends on elsword and i kept dc'ing randomly lfksjdlkf

      Servers seem to have been like this since the x3 exp days
      quite a few people have been complaining on the official discord that this has been happening to them as well for the past week or so

      sadly theres i dont think theres much to do besides making sure things are well on your end and hope KOG fixes this if it is a server problem

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        Moved to the Bug Reporting section as it is more appropriate there.
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