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laby's surprise code

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    laby's surprise code

    i'm trying to put in the code i got in my email for laby's surprise but when i redeem it, nothing happens.
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    Did you remove the dashes that are in the code?

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      Originally posted by Kirinodere-solace- View Post
      Did you remove the dashes that are in the code?
      yes, so i'm confused. i click redeem and it disappears but there's nothing in my IM inventory.


      • Kirinodere-solace-
        Kirinodere-solace- commented
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        The code should be linked only to the account that the email is linked to I think but haven't tested that. Also turn on Caps Lock when you are entering the code.

        If those possible solutions still fail, you may need to contact CS about this issue.

      • KauIitz-solace-
        KauIitz-solace- commented
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        well it's the same email so i don't know... i guess i'll need to contact.
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