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Trade Function is restricted

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    Trade Function is restricted

    i get this message when i try opening the board...
    i already sent ticket to KOG but no respond
    its started on 1st jan 2019 and until now
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    It's 1st job and 3 days ban. Otherwise if that's not it, I heard that someone else in my old guild had a similar issue of being trade banned but he never specified what caused it.

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      yes its not 3 days ban because my account is about 3 month age..... and my character already 3rd job.. and asking KOG via ticket is futile because they always just say to wait... and its already 10th day and they keep telling me to wait...


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        If your character was newly created then it should be trade-blocked for 3 days no matter how much you progressed on that character in the game.

        Either way, if the ticket tells you to wait then you'll have to do that. Trade blocks on accounts is an account issue so unfortunately there's not much we can do here.
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          yes but i know some people who get trade ban 2-3 days after me and the already can do trade...


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