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unable to move parts of UI

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    unable to move parts of UI

    The tool-tip that appears seems to be completely blocking the arrow and thus preventing me from moving my special slot
    I think someone mentioned that other characters also experience this same issue.

    Plus depending on where you dump your quick slot, the arrow gets blocked too. (Yes I know you can just reset it's position then move it back again, but before it wasn't necessary, you could just drag it straight away)
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    For those slots u put under the Hp/MP bar u still can move it, just keep doing the mouse hovering till u can click on the arrow, its not blocked only dissapear XD

    for the special slot for ain Bluhen line yeah sure they need fix it, that slot is critical for me cuz i dont want to look down just for that slot, also for Rose special slot.


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      That actually sounds like another problem on it's own XD

      I really regret resetting my Bluhen's special slot (I couldn't move it so I thought resetting would do the trick) and now it's stuck all the way at the bottom..
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    It's pretty finicky. You just have to keep clicking till you find it's sweet spot. I have the same issue my slots at times...

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