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i lost my yellowstage 1 disk?

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    i lost my yellowstage 1 disk?

    crafted the disk after spending around 100m for remaining shards, wanted to equip instead of the current one, pressed equip then i got some option about idk, effects will not apply or something, im cancelled, kept asking me pressed ok, nothing changed and my old shining yellow stone is still equipped, and my yellow stage 1 disk is gone... lol
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    Well, that's your own fault for not knowing today's update

    Now the mystic enchant has a slight change: there's a new "apply" button in place of the old auto equip button; after you click the "Equip" button, the new effect will be shown but not applied yet, and the "Apply" button will be clickable. If you want the new effect, click the "Apply" button; if you don't, don't click it. And it will also ask if you really want to replace the old effect or not if you click "apply", and warn you that you haven't applied the new effect if you try to turn off the enchant window

    I tested the change after the update, and that's what i've seen
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    • Armageddon97-gaia-
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      I think because this would make players feel a bit better when they try to change stage effect as they can choose whether to keep it or change it. The drop rate of mystic stones is not very high imo, their price is pretty high. How would you feel when you spent a ton of mystic stones to change a decent effect into a better one but ran out of stones midway, and end up with a ****** one instead? Not about mystic enchant, but i did tried to change my 10% maxi in my weapon to a 12% before, but didn't got it and ran out of sage magic stone midway, and end up with a ****** stat.

      But still, letting you get back the stone/disk you used is a bit unreasonable. If it is as you say, then the price of mystic stones will drop tremendously as they can just reuse the stones to get better stats. And that will upset a hell lot of people, not just a few. About the disks, they already have a fixed stat, so there's no reason getting them back after you have equipped it, because you've already known the stat it would give, so you wouldn't have equipped it if you don't want it. And there is also a pop up that ask if you really want to equip it or not, so it's unlikely that anyone would accidently equip the stones/disk.

      Nevertheless, it's still your own fault for not paying attension to the notices/options that showed up ( '-') Just pay more attention next time so you won't make mistake again <(")

      Tbh i also neglected quite a few stuffs before and messed up quite a few things as a result, so i've become a little more careful afterward :v
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    • WeissritterX-solace-
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      If I'm understanding correctly, this makes sense with mystic stones as their effects and percentages are random.

      However, disks have a set effect. You know exactly what the stat and the exact increase of that stat will be before you ever socket them. It makes no sense for a disk to be destroyed if the player doesn't end up applying it.

    • Kaveh-solace-
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      i wanted to apply it but something pops up and i dont even understand what it means so i pressed cancel and esc so i can do it again,but it popped up again, pressed ok,thought it applied diskeffect but it didnt and it was gone...sick kog.
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