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Can't remove the "annoying" system chat

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    Can't remove the "annoying" system chat

    i just make a new acc recently (and my friend too) and i want to remove the EXP chat, ED chat, and system chat
    i can right click like usually
    SC_ 2018-10-07 19-27-21-532.png
    (in my main char its already turned off)
    but when i hover my mouse there the bubble just gone and i tried it for several times and can't turn that checkmark off
    SC_ 2018-10-07 19-27-27-836.png
    (i tried to record it but the forum wont accept Avi file)

    can u fix this? this is really annoying XD
    Thank You
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    Have you tried this?

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      The issue here is that it doesn't apply only to the text box, but for the special slot as well. In characters like EE/AP or Rose you can't select the arrows button because of how big the slot is, so it deselects and the option isn't available anymore


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        U actually can move AP special slot but not with EE and rose, just go to any field/training and use the skill that make the eye in special slot gone, but u need to be quick cuz the buff only last for 5(?) sec
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      I didn't even know this feature existed orz

      That work around Aqua mentioned works however, thankfully


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