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Current HP is reduced in the field every time someone enters in the map.

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    Current HP is reduced in the field every time someone enters in the map.

    Note: I understand this bug is inconsequential and be easily remedied through the use of consumables. I explored the issue because of curiosity and initially posted in hopes of ideas to go off of. Probably fairly pointless, thus not going to bump it in note of my own changes.

    The Harmony Festival Buff (Heat of the Festival) reduces your current HP by a small percentage when it forcibly refreshes, although it cannot kill you. This can be caused whenever you or someone else enters the field. Going back to town from the dungeon or field will not show that your Max HP is back to being reduced, as you're still hurt (or in the case of the event dungeon (and sometimes in normal dungeons), at the results screen itself).

    Here is an example in the field to demonstrate, take note that the buff can be seen refreshing in the corner:

    With enough repetitive occurrences it begins to look something like this:

    And after approximately 55 repetitions (excuse the awful quality):
    I died. So my max HP couldn't have increased with each repetition of the buff.

    • The actual Max HP percent increase is 15% as the site advertised, even if it shows "x11" as the stack number (the first stack is 5%, the latter ten stacks are 1% each). This is additive with the Heroes Assemble (queue) buff.
    • To prove this, I used my Bluhen. Neither the Heat of the Festival or Heroes Assemble appear to be calculated in the UI total, since it hasn't changed post-patch. Blatt Blume Rein gives 6% HP per second and displays it, so I figured it'd be a decent way to check.
      • UI Total HP: 243477
      • BB HP Recovery with Heat of the Festival (+15%)(115% UI HP): 16799
      • BB HP Recovery with Heroes Assemble Lv. 4 (+39%) on top of that (154% UI HP): 22497
      • 6% of Total UI HP: 14608.62
      • 6% of 115% UI HP: 16799.913
      • 6% of 154% UI HP: 22497.2748
      • Refreshed stacks did not increase my heal amount in anyway, thus the buff is not stacking.
    • Applications may occur twice in the field, regardless if there are people there concurrently or not. Only applies once in dungeons regardless of player count. However, a single application seems too small to be a 15% HP increase, while adding second application seems too large.
    • Unlike Illipia's Aura (which also oddly does reduce your current HP by a marginal amount with repetitive removal and application) reapplication doesn't signify your max HP is changing, probably because it's instantaneous.
    • I would guess it's registering your current HP as your Max HP post-application, thus refreshing causes it to remove what was "gained" because the percentage removed diminishes if it considered your actual max HP. Using your current HP you will find that the HP loss is consistently proportionate.
    • I concede that it's similar to the Heroes Assemble (queue) buff. Both do not show status changes in the UI. Entering or retrying the dungeon causes a reapplication of the buff. However there are differences:
      • Returning to town or the field causes the Heat of the Festival to reapply (and you'll lose HP), Heroes Assemble does not (as it does not retain).
      • While the Heroes Assemble buff can reduce your HP at the results screen, it generally doesn't if you're under 50%. Instead it actually shows your Max HP properly reducing (but I don't have enough instances to confirm this is always the case). The Heat of the Festival does not do this, it will always decrease your HP.
      • If the Heroes Assemble Buff refreshes randomly, nothing happens as far as I've observed.
      • On the other hand, the Heat of the Festival buff appear to reapply and cause HP loss, as Tsugumari states.
    • When the Heat of the Festival buff refreshes, you will notice it with an "x1" and then "x11" besides it, from a visual standpoint. This may be relevant.

    Crappy possible explanation of what's going on, which no one cares for:
    The Heat of the Festival, again has 11 stacks.
    • The first stack "x1" is the 5% HP buff.
    • The remaining ten stacks consist of an additional 1% HP buff per stack that is applied on top the first stack.
    • This results in the final product "x11" being a 15% HP buff.
    You likely visually see the x1 to x11 because only the remaining 10 stacks are refreshing and reapplying itself.

    I'm actually going to guess that the buff actually applies while you are in town. While there's no way to confirm this, the buff does have "x11" stacks if you're standing around town.

    Either way, the initial HP loss when you enter a dungeon is not a 15% increase of HP. Your HP bar is approximately 91% full instead of 86.9565% (visually, at least). So, something has to be going on with the remaining 10 stacks:
    1. Either the additional ten stacks apply later, after your 5% additional HP, giving you more max HP.
    2. Or it's refreshing and is additive from the base amount of HP, thus reducing your max HP to give the max HP you already had, with zero HP refund.
    There's no way to see our actual HP as far as I'm aware, so let's do it in this roundabout method of...measuring pixels on the visual HP bar. Which only works to an extent, because the method turns useless towards the end for obvious reasons. Stupid? Yeah, I agree, but it works. And I don't know how else to support my argument. Feel free to criticize and tell me a better way. Then again, this is pretty pointless.

    Regardless of the situation, my crappy data is decently within range of both theories.

    Here is an image of 5 HP bars, with 4 applications of the Heat of the Festival Buff consecutively (because there's not a lot of reason to keep going for something like this):
    Yellow: Total pixel count of HP bar before application (from the first red square to the last red square).
    White: Total pixel count remaining HP after application
    Blue: Total pixel count of HP loss after application
    Remaining HP%: White/Yellow = %
    HP Loss %: Blue/Yellow = %

    Theoretical Percentages (if remaining ten stacks are applied after entering):
    Remaining HP %: 105/115.5 = 10/11 ≈ 90.9091
    HP Loss %: 10.5/115.5 = 1/11 ≈ 9.0909

    Theoretical Percentages (if stacks are refreshed):
    Remaining HP %: 105/115 ≈ 1.3043
    HP Loss %: 0/115 ≈ 8.6957

    Bar 1 to Bar 2:
    Remaining HP %: 258/283 ≈ 91.1661
    HP Loss %: 25/283 ≈ 8.8339

    Bar 2 to Bar 3:
    Remaining HP %: 236/258 ≈ 91.4729
    HP Loss %: 22/258 ≈ 8.5271

    Bar 3 to Bar 4:
    Remaining HP %: 215/236 ≈ 91.1017
    HP Loss %: 21/236 ≈ 8.8983

    Bar 4 to Bar 5:
    Remaining HP %: 196/215 ≈ 91.1628
    HP Loss %:19/215 ≈ 8.8372

    Edit (10/6/18): Decided to rewrite this entirely, similar information, except I also added my own explanation and removed a couple of things. May as well before it's over, I suppose.
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    Though it doesn't affect things too much due to Fever from the Closed Space title and consumables... reminded that Drabaki's raid area is actually considered a field, not a dungeon. I saw HP bars decreasing as people entered the raid area earlier today.
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      Yeah, I do noticed for just as you said that (HP reduce). Don't bother it. At least, it not reduce until 50% HP.
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        I assume it's actually the opposite. Your MAX HP gets increased, your current HP stays the same.
        I noticed in dungeons that I sometimes suddenly lack HP, although I just used an consumable. Probably a similar issue.


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          I considered that, however Illpia's aura doesn't have the same effect when repetitively applied and removed; it actually gives HP back (ignoring the HP healed from the skill itself), although it does reduce it slightly. However, this doesn't give any HP back, which is throwing me off. I have no idea if the fact that one's much more instantaneous would affect this. You could be right, though.
          Considered the possibility of it stacking multiple times as well. Blatt Blume does not show any difference in the amount it heals.
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        That is a thing for dungeon queue too, the queue buff increase your max HP, so that's probably a similar thing to field.


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          Lot's of edits up there.Yes it is undoubtful the stacks of the harmony festival buffs that get applied.

          Be aware that what you see is not what you get when it comes to computer programs.The UI just shows an internal state, the internal state gets changed first and the UI updated afterwards. The refreshing probably takes milliseconds, no way you could catch that with Blütenblatt (Blatt Blume).

          It also randomly reapplies the stacks in a dungeon, making you lose HP in the progress.

          It will fix itself in one week, so... the more you know guess? Well, I think it's the first time we get HP from stacks and it seems that causes "issues".
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            Sorry, I have a tendency to get excessively thorough, without much reservation when I'm tired. Though failing to realize that is a bit embarrassing, admittedly. Thank you for that correction.

            Honestly, just wanted to make sense of why I was half dead on the field. Guess the curiosity is a bit awkward. But, yeah, this is the first time HP Buff stacks has been used as far as I'm aware, and yup...the new mechanic came with

          • Tsugumari-solace-
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            Bering curious is actually a good character trait. Naturally makes you smarter. There was also nothing excessively, embarrassing or awkward in any of your post. No need to worry about that.
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