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Mob "Corpse" Blocking?

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    Fingers crossed that this'll magically be fixed tomorrow, though I doubt it with everything being added.
    Still, fingers crossed.
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      This issue's still out in force. I really want to see it tackled, especially since it's apparent that an update introduced this - we haven't had this problem until recently.

      Also, I've noticed no video evidence of the problem is in this thread yet... for those who haven't seen what this bug does to you, here's an example of what it does to Elrianode City runs. (This is an especially frustrating dungeon to get it in, because it constantly feels like the corpses still on your screen prevent you from having new mobs spawn in, which will bring down your kill count... for Pierce the Heavens, where you need as high a kill count as possible to get as many minibosses as you can, this is horrendous.)

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        I always thought the mobs not spawning right away was a latency thing, maybe it is tied to this as well, especially if the area has a limit to the amount of "enemies" (dead or alive) in the area at once.
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