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Mob "Corpse" Blocking?

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    Mob "Corpse" Blocking?

    Every since the most recent update (the one with the 3 raids), I've been noticing something strange with dungeons. When mobs die sometimes (not by freeze/petrify, that's totally different), their bodies do not do the death animation, nor despawn correctly. Now if this was just a visual problem, I'd have no issues. However, the "corpse" is still an active object, and will prevent you from going past them, and will also block skills that push/damage at first object/wall hit. It's EXTREMELY annoying, and in some places, like Elrianode City, very hazardous. I know this can be a latency thing (it's NEVER been this bad before, and I see it even sometimes when running dungeons SOLO), but a lot of my friends are also noticing this happening. Is anyone else noticing this happening and/or having this issue?

    @Mods If this deserves to be in the "Bug" Forum, I don't mind it being moved, but I'd really like to know if this is happening to anyone else, thus my post in this area.
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    yea it happens to me too. I get screwed over in 11-3 as well. When running away fails ;w;


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      Same with me, also the day of the 3rd job event my client wont show my characters location when you log in.


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        Yeah I've also noticed that too. Same with my friends.
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      Bugsword NA got revived with the Raid update lmao


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        This has been happening to me for the past few days


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          same here, they despawn after 5 seconds


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            I was wondering if someone else had the same problem.

            So far I can tell that it doesn't happen if you are the host. Elrianode City was the most noticeable. Didn't have the problem in El Tower Defense. I guess there is some problem with networking and despawning of mobs. Did they try to "improve" latency issues?


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              For raid purposes? Maybe. But it feels like they broke it more. XD

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              Exact same experience. When running 11-3 as a party member, I got tons of 'invalid' mobs clogging up the area. The problems vanished when I hosted the party. The problem didn't happen at all when I ran Lanox SD.
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            Sometimes I wonder what they are doing in the emergency maintenances. Isn't this isssue worth of doing one ? It's been like that since few days...


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              I've been getting this as well, my Character location came back when the server reset last night but the mob issue is still going on. I get an idea that this all began after the raid update, a lot of bugs suddenly showed up after that.


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                I have had the same thing happen to me. I thought it was just my connection, but I guess this proves otherwise.


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                  To my knowledge, this isn't a new issue,I'm pretty sure I've seen it happening before in the past, usually when dealing with heavy lag in 11-3.

                  However, it's reached an all time high recently, and now, there's no 11-3 run where I don't see this particular problem occurring in some form or another. It's very troublesome, because it slows down my runs and lowers my kill count unnecessarily because I have to keep dodging these random obstacles that appear when I least expect them too.

                  All things considered, this issue is also likely related to the fact that the servers have been experiencing a much heavier load than usual.

                  Unfortunately, I doubt that there's anything software wise that could completely resolve this particular issue. Elsword NA's servers have been bad to the point where I could use any numbered of censored words to describe them without exaggerating even once. They need a hardware upgrade if they really want to keep up, a noticeable one, otherwise, these problems are only going to get worse.
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                    Yes! I thought I had connectivity issues for the day but it's been constant ever since the patch was done. It also no longer shows the character location in the character select screen and no longer shows the correct pose there as well, along with eye customizations and other things overall just not making it to character select.
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                      So you all having that too? It's happened just few days ago. I thought it's net problem at begin and glad not lagging while running when see those mod just freeze at there


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                        Oh, I thought it was just my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ internet.


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                          I SWEAR I thought I was just lagging out the woodwork. Now the question is: How soon is this gonna be fixed?


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